Double the Holy Shit with Adria Rae & Jaye Summers in Double Trouble from WankzVR!

Double Trouble Featuring Jaye Summers and Adria Rae from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"Double Trouble"

Double Trouble is an October 7th release from WankzVR starring Jaye Summers and Adria Rae.  Running an epic 58 minutes—yes, thats fucking right— WankzVR continues to serve up the best bang for the buck in VR porn, 2 times a week on the regular.  Double Trouble, I am just going to say up front, is another Casting Couch VR caliber release from WankzVR, and one that shows they are clearly ahead of everyone else shooting VR porn at the moment, in terms of doing this shit consistently.  The kissing in this movie from Adria, is, I think, like the best shit I have seen so far in VR porn in respect to kissing.  She fucking nails them, and over, and over and over again throughout the movie.  You just want to crawl up on a couch with this girl somewhere.  Jaye Summers is no slouch in this scene either, and once again, WankzVR delivers the 2 girl VR goods like no one else.

1 wankzvr double trouble

Bad Girls

Bad Girls

Double Trouble finds you in the shoes of school principle and two very bad, and very hot girls, played by Adria Rae and Jaye Summers are in your office and in a bit of hot water.  Adria and Jaye both look amazing and kill the opening dialog equally, Adria playing the more reserved of the two, Jaye the more forward.  And Jaye has ideas.

2 double trouble

Sneak peek

"I know how this works, we can figure something out right?"

The predictable ensues and Jaye is the first to propose a better solution to this whole mess making some advances at you and giving you a pantie shot while seated. Adria in the meanwhile, plays innocent.  Jaye starts rubbin her pussy through her panties some while Adria WTF's, and the sexy is here in this scene from the beginning.  Both girls sell the part really well, and there is no problem getting swept away with the setup.

Your perspective is standing up against the front of your desk here, and this feels pretty solid for the opening section. Jaye is the first to come in for a kiss, and it's a really good one, and this movie for me, especially with Adria, may set the gold standard for on point VR kissing buy a good margin.  Adria has the shit on lock down and flat kills em in Double Trouble.

Hey now...

The titties come out after a bit of coaxing from Jaye and Adria approaches the camera next, where I had a holy fuck this girl is amazingly hot moment that never really let up the rest of the movie.  Not to take a thing away from Jaye Summers, she is beautiful, but Adria pretty much rings my bell and her performance in particular just had me captivated in this movie. Totally engaging and present.

3 double trouble wankzvr

"Do you want a kiss from me too?"

Adria leans in and plants a bullseye on the Kiss-o-meter and her flavor of kissing in VR is just the shit if you ask me.  Adria brings every bit of her style to her kissing in this movie and it was just top shelf in that department for me in VR effect. 

4 wankzvr double trouble

Some good 3 way kissing in Double Trouble

Very slow, natural feeling kissing

And when you are going, well that was fucking killer, the girls join in some stereo 3 way kissing this is right on the money as well. Everything feels nice and girly, not like, oversold and watching 2 hound dogs go at it...naw, this shit is all super feminine, soft and sensual feeling, nothing is rushed or overplayed. It feels NATURAL rather than contrived.

5 adria rae jaye summers

"So, are we done now?"

Adria asks and Jaye is like pffffftttt, we still gots work to do. We are 8 minutes in here and this is already light years ahead of other studios and you ain't even popped your stunt dick out yet. It's a lesson in effective pacing and a reason why Wankz can fill up a 1 hour VR movie no problemo with the right talent on board.

6 adria jaye

Decent perspective

It's about 10 minutes in when both girls drop to their knees before you and this perspective works pretty well here for the oral opening while both girls suck you off and caress your chest from below.

7 adria rae

Keeping the action spread out

It's good footage, and it's fucking Wankz shooting two girls, so before long, Adria is up in your face givin ya some good luvin while Jaye is busy below. Depth bitches!

Oral goes on for a nice stretch with Jaye standin up and forcing Adria's head down onto your cock while she struggles with your length and the kisses from Jaye are also really great here.

8 jaye summers

"I think I want to fuck it now"

....says Jaye after both girls have got your dick soaking wet with slobber, and she hikes up her skirt, pulls her g-string aside and lets Adria guide your cock inside her from behind.

The fucking feels nice here, your head is a bit forward, but otherwise the distance down to your dick seems right and the girls are where you expect them to be in the space. Jaye's ass and tight pussy look fantastic below here and Adria is right beside, keeping up the eye contact and leaning in for more of those amazing kisses.

9 adria rae virtual

Adria bends over

Some PTM next by both girls and it's roll reversal with Adria pulling her shit to the side and bending over for you next while Jaye keeps it spicy up top.  Adria is a tad off center here, but is clearly getting into it fully and it's about in here, I kind of started having a hard time keeping my eyes off her as the first drops of sweat started to pop out visibly on her skin.

11 wankzvr adria jaye

Great position/shot

10 adria jaye wankzvr

One of the best moments for me

Awesome raised up/standing doggie

And when Adria raises up in front of you so you can get a good look at that sweaty face while you are behind her....Amazing. Like, holy goddam fuck this girl is hot amazing.

12 wankzvr virtual reality

"That pussy taste so good"

Jaye samples Adria's goodness from your dipstick while Adria shoots you some killer looks before joining her for one last suck in this position before moving on to the girls laying back and using the desk for a killer prop in the next section.

13 jaye summers virtual feet

Feet felt cool

A bone for the feet guys

Jaye is first on the desk and the shot feels pretty good here perspective wise, with both girls filling the frame nicely and there is a fun moment where Jaye sticks her feet up into your face, which felt pretty cool in virtual space.

14 wankzvr double trouble movie review

Thankz Wankz!

More Casting Couch style desk epicness

The section with Jaye is really solid and then Adria gets up on the desk and provides one of the holy fuck angles of the production, sticking her pussy above Jaye for her to lick, and shot is just a killer.  Truly one of my favorite VR shots, just the lines and everything are awesome and the girls are killin it.

15 adria rae virtual reality

VR goodness

Wankz ain't done blowing yer shit yet

It gets even better as Adria turns around and comes in for more kissing while Jaye chows her shit below, and holy god....who else is doing it folks???

16 adria rae virtual fuck

Adria came to play

Adria turns one in

Adria lays back next and gets fucking into it.  Just fucking, hot, sweaty, and natural as fuck and I just found myself going, "this is one of the hottest performances I have seen in VR yet", much the same as I thought when watching Casting Couch with Leah Gotti.

17 adria rae vr fuck

Whomever decided to bust this move....cheers!

Amazing VR shot/effect

And THEN.....Adria fucking leans up and wraps her arms around your neck and hangs off you!!!!! PFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTT. /CheckPlease. Fucking AMAZING VR shot and effect.  Just, round of applause to all, if Adria did it herself, fuckin A, if direction called for it, fuckin A. Either way, next bowl's on me.

18 adria rae wankzvr double trouble


Adria is standout here

I can't overemphasize this here...Adria is likely going to fuck your shit up in this movie. She is fucking nuts. I dunno, i must've seen 500 or more VR porn movies at this point.  And Adria Rae stands the fuck out.

19 jaye summers adria rae wankzvr

Just a fucking awesome first 40 minutes

"Fuck my tight little pussy baby, give me that big fucking cock"

Both girls get right in your face again at the end of this section and Adria is laying on the dirty talk while you fuck her and it's not short either, you get to soak in this fucking goodness.  Jaye is amazing but I had a serious case of tunnel vision going on at this point with Adria.  Just nuts.

"We want to ride your cock till it explodes"

The girls want you to lay back so they can ride at about the 37 minute mark....and up until there, I am going to say, that shit was just about perfection. Anything that was not, was overridden by pure goodness and lots of it.

Bit low and flat on the next laying down perspective to my eye

The laying on your back shot next, I was not a huge fan of, finding it a bit low and horizontal, not a particularly great perspective, but even though we are going to ride this one for a bit, the action is first class making it pretty easy to focus on the girls, and they do spend much of the time up around  your head which is perfect for the mostly upward view you would have there.

20 wankzvr double trouble movie

"You're going to let us off the hook right?"

A nice profile stereo sucking section is next and both girl look spectacular.  Some sexy chest kissing and more smooching from Adria and Jaye is soon climbing aboard.

21 double trouble movie review

Some great fucking by Jaye

Jaye puts in a great fuck here while Adria licks at her nip from the side with things getting really close featuring both girls leaning in toward the end of her ride.  Jaye doesn't fuck around here either and lays on the heat.

23 double trouble virtual

"Let me taste your pussy"

Jaye gets off and Adria mounts up on your slick shit as Jaye comes in close by your shoulder to watch the action which goes on for a good stretch.

24 WankzVR Virtual Reality Porn

Sorry Jaye, tried to fit it all in!

Another really nice shot

The next holy shit moment features Jaye stepping up for a pussy show, while you watch Adria ride in reverse through her legs and again, another great example of how Wankz will fill up a shot for us with the good stuff in VR.

25 jaye summers virtual reality

This worked out nicely

This morphs into a very nice pussy to mouth bend and suck by Jaye and was a great use of the position.

26 jaye summers wankzvr virtual fuck

Cool shot with Adria by your heat/chest here

Reverse cowgirl with Jaye is next in this unending train of VR goodness which features Adria laying her head on your chest for a birds eye view of the action.

29 wankz vr movie review double trouble

Loved the end

Stereo blowjobs sets up one of the best cumshots I can think of in VR, with some stellar up close kissing and sharing, with cum dribblin everywhere.

28 adria rae jaye summers cumswap

Double Trouble was good to the last drop

"I don't think you're getting rid of the two sluttiest girls on campus"

Slow wind down at the end features more cummy kissing and amazing smiles from the girls before one final close up, a direction line that sneaks in, and the girls say goodbye.

27 two sluttiest girls in school

You can't get rid of the two sluttiest girls in school

1 hour of prime VR goodness.  10/10

So that was some hot VR shit folks. This is top shelf Wankz stash for me and features a whole lot of what makes WankzVR productions stand head and shoulders above the rest right now.  Other than what I thought felt like a not so great laying down perspective down the homestretch, it's hard not to gush about how much I enjoyed this scene, the performances of both ladies, Joe stuntcock (sorry bro, didn't recognize ya) and the scene story and direction. Editing was nice too.  Both girls were amazing but I have to confess I am going to leave this one with huge crush on Adria, who for my money, turned in one of the VR performances of the year, and was just really fucking engaging and present in this scene. I just couldn't get my eyes off her after awhile.  Jaye Summers is beautiful and definitely shined here as well. The kissing from Adria was rockstar for VR.  Just, hit the fucking mark almost every time, and kept it totally real feeling.  Too many cool shots to name, but the squat over Jaye on the desk, and the cumshot endings were two of my favorites, and the hang off your neck shit from Adria was the creme de la creme.  Amazing shot. I am so thankful WankzVR relaxed the 30 minute time restrictions that were in place for a bit and allowed production to make the most of some of these awesome shoots like Double Trouble here.  Fucking great scene. 10/10.  Find our full WankzVR Review here

"Double Trouble" from WankzVR!

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