Double Derriere Daydream – Best VR Anal Evarr?! Jennifer White, Adriana Chechik and Naughty America VR!

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"A Double Derriere Daydream" Featuring Jennifer White and Adriana Chechik from Naughty America VR

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"A Double Derriere Daydream"

When Double Derriere Daydream featuring Jennifer White and Adriana Chechik was released almost a week ago in late May 2016, it featured an alignment glitch that needed to be patched in post production that rendered the initial version too hard to watch for this viewer.  Thankfully, Naughty America VR  has posted an updated clip with a fix for this issue!  I looooove Jennifer White, and had not seen Adriana before who looked quite tastey, and loving the anal porn, was hoping perhaps Naughty America could really deliver a smokin double girl anal video, ...and boy the fuck did they!

VR Anal Lovers Wet Dream

​This 44 minute movie is pretty much a VR anal lovers dream, and if you are into either of these fine ladies, you should be totally happy with this one.  Other past attempts that come to mind such as last months Jasmine Jae scene or Superhero's Part 2, both from VirtualRealPorn just did not have NEAR the sauce as this one, and I am just going to go ahead and say this is the best 2 girl VR anal video that I have seen in VR Porn so, by a good fucking leap too.  Angel and Danger is the only one to come close imo, and it was too short to compete with this one. 

You start off as one of 2 couples seated on a couch watching some anal porn, and you drift off to sleep when a transition finds you alone with Jennifer and Adriana for your anal fantasy.  Scale here on Oculus Rift was a bit larger than the last few Naughty America movies I have seen, but within the size you would expect from NA and the movie looked great in Whirligig on all merits.

Straight to the A!

OK, so you know how about half the Virtual Anal movies out there right now are like 50% anal in the scene...if that?  Ya, NA said fuck that shit, give em straight anal!  From beads, to plugs, to dildo's, to a big cock, you get to see the girls work them all in their tight little assholes, and it's assmans delight.  No vag in this at all, straight to the A!

So when you wake up, Adriana is before you with Jennifer tugging on a set of pink Anal beads hanging from her ass and the action is up front and center.  I never felt like shit was too far back in this one and by the time the girls grab a large black dildo after removing the anal beads, Adriana has her ass in your face while Jennifer feeds it to her from your side.

You get to watch Adriana handle the big black dildo for a few minutes before Jennifer turns around to reveal the butt plug she has stored in her ass, and she gets up where Adriana was just positioned for the plug removal and some nice fingering from Adriana, who is soon putting yet another toy up Jennifer's backdoor and has lots of dirty shit to say while she is doing so, as well as giving you lots of steamy eye contact.

Adriana next grabs another long, glass dildo and shoves that up her ass before climbing on top of Jennifer for a double stacked anal dildo show, that is pretty great.  At one point, Adriana pulls the dildo from her ass, stows it in her mouth, grabs the plug from Jennifer's ass and puts it in her own shitter, before reversing the whole process!

More awesome dual dildoing before both girls take turns slobbin on your knob for a couple minutes, getting it nice and wet for Adriana's waiting asshole.  Adriana climbs up next, and this section is really hot, with her being supported by Jennifer from the back while she fucks you, allowing for some angles that she could not get into otherwise, and you really get a great view here.

Adriana reverses position and you get a few more minutes in her ass before Jennifer takes her turn and she does not fuck around, taking every inch as deep as she can.

Change of View

At around 29 minutes into the movie, you get a perspective change to standing butterfly and find yourself plowing Jennifer's ass from above for several minutes before she turns around for some nice doggie action, finally winding up with one leg up on the couch for one of my favorite shots in the movie.

Cumshot and Cumswap

You get to fuck Adriana in butterfly next while Jennifer rubs her pussy above her, and this all looks awesome.  The last position of the movie finds you fucking Adriana doggie and blowing a huge load on her back that Jennifer then licks up and the girls come in close for some hot cumswapping in the end.

Best VR Double Anal Evarrr!  10/10

So fuck....what was not to love about this one if you like anal vids!  This is the first wall to wall virtual anal video that I am aware of, from the first sex scene to the last, all booty action all the time.  Other double anal scenes mentioned above flat out don't hold a candle to this one, and as far as I am concerned as an anal aficionado, this one sets the bar for now!  Jennifer and Adriana are both super sexy, and Naughty America dead center eye contact is second to none in my book.  Beads, plugs, dildo's, cumswapping....what the fuck else do you want?  Well, maybe a creampie 😉  If you like these girls and like anal vids and don't mind NA scale....derp!  10/10 all fucking day long.  This one will get revisited by me a lot 🙂  Read our full Naughty America VR Review.  Double Derriere Daydream also made our Best VR Porn Movies of Fall 2016 list!

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"A Double Derriere Daydream" from Naughty America VR

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