Dance Lesson Virtual Asian Anal

Dance Lesson from VirtualRealPorn

Dance Lessson: A Virtual Asian Anal Movie from VirtualRealPorn!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with VRP Player

Review Score 7/10

Dance Lesson Starring Pussykat!

Our review tonight will be for Dance Lesson from VirtualRealPorn, a 24 min video starring Pussykat. Pussykat has some other fine movies in the VRP catalog and had the distinction of being both the first Asian and anal themed videos that were released in VR.  As a matter of fact, I think Pussykat one of the only Asian's you can find in VR porn right now.

As a fan of both anal vids and Pussykat's tight little Asian body, I was excited to see this one, and the preview looked hot so the last time I renewed my sub at VRP, this was the first video I downloaded.

Awesome Setting

The scene opens in this crazy room that has a patterned ceiling and dark colored walls and the way you find yourself oriented in the space is really cool and adds much to the vibe. The patterned ceiling I thought works well in VR, and I would rank this as one of the cooler sets I have encountered in a VR porn video thus far.

Pussykat walks in to catch you surfing pics of her on your laptop and starts ramblin on with some porno talk about her "dance lesson". The scale of everything is dead on and she looks very convincing as she comes in closer and between that and the ambiance of the room, this immediately has the feel of being one of VRPs choice cuts.

Pussykat behind view

Pussykat shows you her tight n tiny ass

Ms. Pussykat has on an adorable outfit, and takes a few minutes to show off in various stages of undress, giving you glimpses of her tight little ass and ample breasts.

Pussykat oral

Pussykat sucks your milk dispenser

Suckie Suckie​

You get some nice oral action in this section and Pussykat has skills in this department for sure, giving a nice sensual blowjob with lots of eye contact.  She wastes no time though and is shortly climbing aboard and pulling her panties to the side in order to place you inside her.

Pussykat on top

These shots are nice and close

The action is up close and intimate here, and Pussykat looks amazing and she fucks up and down on your dick in front of you. She climbs off and tastes herself off your cock before ditching the bra and giving a short titty fuck.  You get some great shots of her sweet little ass her as she alternates sucking your dick and showing off her body, before she asks "you like to thing?"

In Through the Out Door

Pussykat turns around and puts her ass in your face, removes her panties and starts to grease up her backdoor with spit and the view is grand as she sits that tight hole down on your cock.  You get about 1:30 of smokin hot anal before Pussykat tells you she wants you to fuck her on the floor!

Pussykat anal

Getting inside Pussykat's ass!

​Store Your Boner for a Moment

You cut to the floor and expect to get back to fucking some ass....but noOOoooo.  The scene pretty much stalls out here in a big way. You get some more suckin, more suckin and a bit more suckin, at which point a big bottle of baby oil shows up and about 3 mins into this, you are going, wtf...lets get back to the fuckin already, foreplay is over!

Pussykat oils up, which does look sexy and then goes through some really stunted motions, all of which are like short position cuts, that play pretty awkwardly.  You do get some awesome views of her ass again here.....but you are like hell, it was 5 mins since I was fucking that shit! It's hot,... but not at the same time.  Especially as she is not done fiddle fartin around quite yet.

She climbs over to the side and starts giving you a footjob, which at that point, I'm sorry, ain't gonna cut it!  More fucking around her with a super half ass footsie sequence that just feels clumsy and is far from being hot, but she does pull a nice move where she sucks you off while between her feet for a second.  It is just the way she is quickly going from change to change here, it lacked any sort of natural rhythm to it for me.  Foot lovers may beg to differ.

Remember That Wood You Were Whittling On?

Alright, you can pull your shit back out now, as mercifully, you finally get back to some fuckin.  There is an awesome shot here where she asks if you would like to lick her pussy and she puts it right on your nose while you can see her sucking your cock below and this was one of my favorite moments.  Finally, some 5 mins after taking you out of her ass, Pussykat gets back to some tasty anal action, which lasts about 2 minutes before you get what I believe to be the first VR anal creampie I can think of, and it looks great running down your cock!

pussykat creampie

Anal creampie for Pussykat!

But Wait...There's More!

VRP, in a breaking move here, extends the video beyond the cumshot and Pussykat turns around and for a split second shows her creamed hole to you before there is a quick cut edit in which she is cleaned up.  But next, you get a really hot fingering sequence with her ass right in your face, that goes on for a couple mins and is a welcome break from cumshot...3...2...1...fade to black.  I really enjoyed this part of the movie and wish other movies would feature a bit more after the cumshot.

Overall, this one was a letdown for me, despite having some really great sections and potential to be a classic VRP anal title.  The problem was, there was about a total of 5 minutes of fucking, and a whole lot of momentum lost in the transition to the floor scene.  For me, that ultimately killed the scene and in terms of working one up, it was a close call.

I would recommend to all Asian lovers, anal lovers and those who don't need long time to rub one out! It is a sexy video, it just could have been much more with straight ass fucking the whole way through, instead of a lengthy break in the middle imo.  7/10.   Find our full VirtualRealPorn Review here.


Dance Lesson from VirtualRealPorn!

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