Like to Watch? Bored of Stationary 1st Person POV? Czech This Antonia Sainz Movie Out!

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Czech VR 095 Hardcore Featuring Antonia Sainz in Their First 3rd Person POV!

Review by DirtyD

"Antonia Sainz in Czech VR 095"

Taking a look at the latest Czech VR movie today.  This new Antonia Sainz Hardcore feature marks the first time Czech VR have broken with 1st person POV, and to me, it really seems like the totally logical next step for them to take. Czech VR have been pushing the boundaries of VR porn production this year with a moving rig that enables them to shoot things that other studios can only dream of doing on stationary rigs and it totally follows that Czech VR would break into this obviously popular niche in porn with the flexibility offered by their camera system.  While there have been some other 3rd person shoots in VR up to this point, this particular movie feels like perhaps the start of a brand new type of VR experience, making the other past efforts feel somewhat primitive in one fell swoop.

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Czech VR
Release date:  10/10/2016
Running time: 19:00
Starring:  Antonia Sainz
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Found at end of review or here
Notables:  3rd person perspective, moving camera  
Negatives:  None
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Fresh VR!
1 czech vr antonia sainz 3rd person

3rd Person POV

Setup for the scene finds you as the camera pretty much, without a body, and you slowly approach the couple before you on the couch.  Antonia seems to know you and seems to enjoy you watching her as she acknowledges you.

2 antonia sainz non pov

Awesome Moving Sequences

She gets up and slowly walks toward you as you back up in a really cool moving shot, and sits down on the end of the couch for a second, before removing her panties and laying back for you, where you come in and start fucking her in simulated missionary position.

3 antonia sainz hardcore
4 antonia sainz czech vr

Seamless Transition

The whole transition plays out really well with the camera movements, and comes off as fluid and seamless as you lay down to begin fucking Antonia.

5 antonia sainz czech vr virtual reality

Bodyless 3rd Person

There is no "you" in the shot in this case, but you can see Antonia is being fucked as you look at her face, and overall the effect is really strong, proving you don't need to always see the dick in hole show in VR.  Just the proximity and the sensation of her moving as if being fucked below you is enough to sell the illusion.

6 czech vr hardcore antonia

Dude Comes Into the Picture

About this time, I found myself thinking, dude should come over here and stick his dick in her mouth, and sho nuff, that's what happens next. 

7 antonia czech vr

You fuck Antonia for a few and then back off while bro comes in and snacks on the pussy.

8 czech vr antonia saniz non pov

More Moving Camerawork

Again the camera moves back and the guy lays back on the couch while Antonia removes the rest of her clothing and leans over to start sucking his cock, which you watch from a close up vantage point.

9 third person virtual reality czech vr

Lots of Facetime

Antonia begins fucking bro in cowgirl while facing you, and the camera work is really quite solid, with a nice focus on her face while she is getting fucked for an extended time, before she lays back and the camera moves in on the action below for a few.

11 antonia sainz vr

The couple then reposition so Antonia is being fucked from behind in doggie and again the focus here is whats going on with her face, and watching her reactions as she's being fucked.

12 antonia sainz czech vr

Moving Cam is the Shit

The final five minutes has the couple getting up and moving across to the far end of the couch again, and in a look-what-our-rig-can-do-and-yours-can't- moment, the camera smoothly traverses the distance and has a "seat" next to the couple as they start fucking again in spoon.

13 third person pov czech vr

And I have to say...the whole thing on the tech side is pretty impressive here.  No need for a reset, they stick with the one-shot and just move the shit around.  This is one area where we will be headed in VR in the future and it's exciting to get a peek at some of the first stuff filmed like this.

Again, some masterful camera work here, and where you think like the normal porno shot is going to drop you immediately to the action, they stay with a perspective shot here, that encapsulates much more of the vibe.  Just tastefully done, and well shot.  It kind of struck me as footage that might be appealing for either a man or a women to view in VR.

14 antonia sainz virtual

Cool Cumshot Vantage

The cam follows with a zoom in as bro pulls out and dumps his load on Antonia's stomach and then makes one more seemingly impossible turn and zoom move, bringing you almost in front of Antonia's pussy before the scene winds to an end.

antonia sainz czech vr movie review

A Breath of Fresh VR Air from Czech VR. 10/10

Wrappin up, I was diggin this one. Totally a breath of fresh VR air at this point, and I am excited to see more stuff like this in the future, there are many ways a scene like this can go once you have a moving camera in play.  While this kind of thing may not appeal to everyone, there may be bro's that are totally down for a 2 girl scenario without a dude, or by the same token others that might enjoy a 3rd guy in the picture.  The only negative I could see here if you are down with the premise would be if the moving camera bothers you, but for me, I had no issues with it and I would place myself on the easily car sickened end of things.  Antonia looked hot, the tech looked fantastic and it was a pretty awesome first attempt at something like this from Czech VR I thought. 10/10.  They have Czech Fetish and Czech Casting already, perhaps in the future we will see something like Czech Voyeur!  Find our full Czech VR Review here.

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Czech VR 095 with Antonia Sainz!

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