Czech VR Tech Continues to Shine with Sweet Cat’s Hardcore Feature!

Czech VR 093 Hardcore Featuring Sweet Cat!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Czech VR
Release date:  10/1/2016
Running time: 18:00
Starring:  Sweet Cat
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  At end of review or Czech VR 093 Preview
Notables:  Awesome image, moving camera, missionary, standing oral, great from behind action  
Negatives:  No popcorn? 🙂
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Really Fucking Cool VR Porn

Sweet Cat in Czech VR 093

Catching up on Czech VR's release from a couple weeks back featuring Sweet Cat tonight.  I had this one downloaded, but it had fallen back in the stack and looking for some flavor this weekend, I decided to roll Czech VR as they have not been disappointing in that department lately.  Czech VR 093, despite it's fully robotic name, is anything but a robotic presentation and this movie turned out to be another great showing from Czech VR, who are clearly ahead of the game right now in VR porn production, technically speaking.  Yo.....wut up USA?

1 sweet cat czech vr

Moving Camera and Awesome Colors

The scene gets going and you are in like, this outdoor, covered fireplace, enclosed gazebo type thing?  It is a sunny day, but shaded in the structure and as the cam moves in to greet Sweet Cat, you are like, holy fuck.... this place looks fucking great for VR!

2 sweet cat 093

Real looking skin tones

The dark wood ceiling looks rich and warm and the bright red dust broom and pan set Cat is using are screaming with vibrance. The bright sunlit areas outside of the boundaries of the enclosure are overexposed as can be expected, but the interior looks awesome and as you close on Sweet Cat, she looks amazing, with rich skin shades and you just go fuck!  Wish WankzVR looked like this!

3 093 czech vr

Cleaning up

As you close on Cat, she begins talking about how she is cleaning up after the previous party and she has more than adequate English skills.  While you can tell it is not her native tongue, she speaks English fluidly enough to come across perfectly.  Cat has a cheery personality, striking eyes and quickly dispenses with the chit chat in favor of busting out her perky tits.  She feels quite present here and the accompanying audio is crisp and clean with some nice stereo definition.

4 czech vr 093 sweet cat

New fan of the moving cam

Not to mention, the whole moving cam thing in the intro is fucking cool.  When Czech VR first introduced the moving cam, it was fucking with me a bit, getting me motion sick as I am prone to easily, but in recent implementations, the movements are super fluid and gradual, nothing jerky or haphazard in direction, and I have to say, it is pretty fucking artful camerawork from production that fucks with my motion sickness not in the least.

3 sweet cat
1 czech vr 093
2 czech vr sweet cat

Moving backward with Cat walking towards you

There is a fantastic backwards walking shot next as Sweet Cat comes toward you and moves around to the table where the fucking is going to go down, and you will be able to see from the screens, how the camera moves here, or at least get a sense. And this kind of thing feels refreshing when we have been getting nothing but static shots over the last 2 years.

5 sweet cat vr

Kat is down to fuck

Sweet Cat tells you she has been itchin to get her fuck on and removes her pants, then panties and gives you a great ass spread before laying back on the table.

6 sweet cat hardcore

"My pussy's so horny"

Cat goes to work on her box for a quick second before you come in and lay down and top of her for some tasty simulated missionary.  It is an effective looking and feeling shot with nothing more than her face in view,  and Sweet Cat gets right into it below you.

7 sweet cat virtual missionary

Dick shows up

After a couple minutes of missionary, Sweet Cat tells you she wants to suck your cock, which introduces a stunt dick into the picture for the first time and Cat lays down in a seldom seen position on the table to blow you from below.

9 czech vr hardcore 093

Great position for oral action

It is not a view we get very often for oral and I am sure many other bros will be digging this position like I was. The perspective feels honest, perhaps just a tad forward on the male body, but an otherwise solid feeling shot offering some awesome views of Cat sucking your cock, even throating it a couple of times.

10 sweet cat czech vr
11 sweet cat 093 virtual fuck

That's what I'm talking about

Really strong from behind shot

Oral runs a nice couple of minutes before Cat swings around for my favorite position of the movie, and one that will make the ass guys cheer for sure as she spreads her cheeks for you and invites you in.

12 sweet cat hardcore 093

The fucking is hard and Cat keeps her hands on her ass while you fuck her making for a formidable from behind VR shot when combined with a solid camera perspective.

13 czech vr 093 hardcore cat

Standing Missionary

Next is standing missionary and other than the table threatening to tip under Cat's weight, this section feels sweet.

14 sweet cat czech vr porn
15 czech vr sweet cat hardcore 093

Some post cum time in the pussy

Missionary goes for around 4 or 5 minutes till you jerk your load off on Cat's stomach and get the rare VR treat of being able to dip your wick back in the honey hole after blowing, and you spend the cool down with some hands free insertions while milking the last of your load inside of Sweet Cat.  Bravo.

Really Cool Fucking Movie 10/10

So I went looking for some flavor tonight with Czech VR and certainly got it! From awesome looking visual quality, to some stellar moving zooming and panning camera moves, the entire movie was entertaining and felt like a new VR experience.  Sweet Cat turned in a feisty fuck, and really, I can't poke a hole in this video.  The male legs perhaps felt a tad forward in standup, but pretty finicky there. Loved the standing blowjob and spread ass fuck from behind as well as the unique over the chest/face missionary perspective that gets the fucking started. The whole thing was brought together with some masterful camera work, and I would wholeheartedly recommend this one for anyone that finds Sweet Cat even a tiny bit their type, as well as those looking for cutting edge VR porn on the production side and awesome clarity/ image quality. 10/10. Czech VR is raising the bar.  View our full Czech VR Review.

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Czech VR 093 with Sweet Cat!

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