Simulated VR Missionary Sex with Rachel Evans in Czech VR 082!

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Czech VR 082 Featuring Rachel Evans!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"Rachel Evans Czech VR 082"

Today, I will be taking a look at the Rachel Evans hardcore scene released at Czech VR a couple weeks back on 7/30/16.  Looking for some new flavor lately, I have been watching some Czech VR stuff and it's all pretty tight these days as opposed to when they first opened the doors, and there is no doubt, Czech VR is an industry leader in VR Porn production.  What they miss out on with snazzy locations and A-list talent, they more than make up with on cutting edge tech and a high quality VR experience.  This movie had a couple tricks up its sleeve, and turned out to be a pleasure to watch, as did sexy Rachel.

Rachel Evans Czech VR 1

Beautiful Rachel Evans

Lovely Rachel Evans

The 25 minute scene starts with Rachel Evans on a bed, dressed in a delicate pink lace top and jean shorts with lace fringe, and there initially is no male present in the shot; just Rachel and the Camera.  She takes her time, slowly removing her top to reveal a splendid rack and nothing feels porny or forced, everything feels pretty natural in this scene. Rachel speaks here in her native tongue and that also helps keep the vibe real.

Czech VR 082 1

Some slow moving cam shots in the beginning

Rachel slowly removes her shorts and the cam starts to move a bit here to reposition itself, and where some of the early CzechVR moving cam shots bothered me a bit in the motion sickness sense, the shots here pan very slowly and at no point were uncomfortable. 

When Rachel gets her shorts off fully, the camera then moves in close to her face, and you get the first kiss of the movie.   All of the kisses here play well and land pretty much on target with nothing gimmicky or forced about them; they genuinely feel like a woman leaning in to give a you soft kiss.

Virtual Missionary 3

Panning in to join Rachel on the bed

Some nice simulated missionary action

After a bit of close-up face time, Rachel removes her g-string and lays back on the bed, while the camera follows her in a rather smooth and natural motion, as if you were coming in to lay on top of her.

Rachel Evans 082 112

Rachel's tight little box

The cam next pans all the way back out again so that you can see her pussy nicely, which Rachel then butterflys for you, and the moving cam shots here work really well.

The camera next pans back in as if you were laying back down on Rachel, and you get the sensation that she has been entered as you see her start to react to being fucked and, viola! Simulated VR missionary!

Rachel Evans Czech VR 4

Pretty close to some virtual missionary action

The whole sequence plays out like she lays down, you lay down on her, go down on her (not quite close enough to air chow) and then come back up again and slip your shit in, or in other words, a pretty cool approximation of a more realistic situation than what we get in many cases.

The cam works up a bit closer yet to Rachel's face, and while it is a bit odd to reconcile the downward view while seated, if seated, it is otherwise a really decent taste of simulated VR missionary. I would have liked to have been able to get all the way up in kissing distance here, but overall, really cool effect and a bit of some fresh air.

The camera backs off again at about 7 minutes in where there is a fade and you find yourself laying back on the bed with Rachel between your legs before she leans up for some more kissing.

Rachel Evans 5

Oil is good...

Oil always good in my book

She eventually produces a small bottle of oil, and pours it down her chest running all the way down to her pussy and this introduces one of my personal favorite elements into the scene, as oil really seems to help with limited VR resolution, it just makes things pop with highlights and looks awesome.

Czech VR 082 Rachel 6

Oil on pussy is better!

Rachel gives a nice oily titty show for a bit, and then lays back so you can get a spectacular look at her oiled up pussy, looking wet and inviting and you will definitely be thinking about hitting that shit.

Rachel Evans 082 Czech VR 9


You get the rear view next, accompanied by more tasty spreads from Rachel before she drops down to do some precise and slow work on your balls, before finally placing your cock in her mouth.

082 Czech VR Rachel 8

Worth the wait

Worth the wait

By the time Rachel actually puts your cock inside her for some cowgirl, it is about the 19 minute mark of the movie, so fans of slow buildups will love it. However, this leaves about 5 mins for the fucking, so it all depends on what you like to see. This felt more like a more realistic quick fuck, than the typical porno endurance marathons, so it had a paced, natural rhythm to it.  Again, nothing felt forced here.

CzechVR Rachel Evans Hardcore 9

Both forward and backward cow feature some fucking in earnest from Rachel

Some forward and backward cowgirl featuring some really awesome hip work from Rachel makes for one hell of a sexy fuck, and she is quite fine to watch here.

Rachel Evans Hardcore 082 10

Great Creampie

You wind up giving Rachel a great big creampie ending, which she then drips out on your chest before backing that ass up for a nice view of your dirty work.

Rachel Evans Virtual Reality 11

The close up cum show lasts about a minute before Rachel turns around for some sweaty parting kisses, and the movie slips to an appropriate ending.

Rachel Evans Czech VR Virtual Fuck 12

One last sweaty kiss

Oil, missionary, creampie, kissing, chips 10/10

I rather enjoyed this one.  There was pretty much nothing to complain about here and there were some cool features to check out that made the scene feel fresh.  Audio and image were clear, Rachel was quite sexy, without being slutty or porny and the scene had a really natural feel to it in terms of pacing. It is a bit light on the actual fucking at 5 minutes, but I don't think the types of viewers that are going to enjoy this presentation will necessarily be fussed by that.  There is plenty to keep you busy watching until that, and I didn't find myself wanting to skip anything and really, the extended buildup just made me want to fuck Rachel more.  The actual fucking is hot, and there is the strong creampie ending to cap things off.  On point kissing, simulated missionary, oiled pussy and tits and a unique moving camera all add up to make this a great technical VR porn presentation and Rachel Evans turns in a solid performance.  If you are up for checking out some virtual missionary, give this one a shot, it must be the closest thing to it I can think of yet. 10/10.  You can check out our full Czech VR Review in our VR Porn Website Review section.

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"Czech VR 082 Rachel Evans"!

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