Taking a Look at SexBabesVR with Couple/After the Sunset Featuring Lexi Dona!

Couple from SexBabesVR Featuring Lexi Dona!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  SexBabesVR
Release date:  11/25/2016
Running time: 21:00
Starring:  Lexi Dona
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Couple Preview
Notables:    Lexi, setting, music
Negatives:  Slight doubled effect in image, Tall PoV in first section
Review Score: 7/10
5 words or less:  Nice movie, image glitch


Checking out the November 25th release from SexBabesVR "Couple" today. I have been keeping up on releases from SexBabesVR since Give Me a Taste with Cherry Kiss was posted a few weeks back, and Couple marks the 4th release that I would classify as having watchable scale by most viewers standards.  The previous releases, as well as the newer releases "Everything for You" and "Gina Gerson Experience" all exhibit one of the largest scales I have yet to see in VR, and to say they are Gigantor, is putting it lightly.  They are fuckin huge!  But....SexBabesVR movies in terms of basic production values, have a really nice vibe to them, incorporating music, rich settings and an upper class feel that is really attractive to me, so I am pretty stoked they seem to be getting the scale worked out.  This release shows they still have some of the same issues most studios do at launch, such as some perspectives that don't feel quite right due to camera placement, and what looks to be an image glitch very similar to the one exhibited in the new HoloGirlsVR rig debut a week ago but overall, I have enjoyed all of the SexBabesVR movies I have seen up to this point on some level and look forward to seeing more as they develop in the coming months.

couple sexbabesvr

Great location

Great outdoor location

Couple starts off with you standing on this cool, wooden bridge straddling a running creek below, and Lexi is at the far end filming herself via a cell phone extension thingy.  Ambient type music is playing over the scene as in most SexBabesVR movies I have caught so far, mixed in with the ambient surrounding sound, and this adds a really simple pro touch and elegance that is missing from most stripped down VR productions atm. It helps set a bit of a more sophisticated tone up front, even though it is such a small detail and coming from a background as a musician and audio engineer, I love to see this kind of thing creep into VR porn.  Even if it is just stock jams, it just helps throw some flavor and finish over shit as well as providing a transitional ease-in into the virtual scene, instead of just hot dropping you into it.  

1 lexi dona

Sexi Lexi Dona!

Sexy Lexi

The outdoor setting is pretty sweet as you look around taking it in and listen to the water running beneath you under the bridge.  The image quality with Lexi at a distance, is somewhere around Wankzish, perhaps a touch better, and the lighting is favorable for outdoor shooting.  Audio is clean, and Lexi looks amazing as she approaches you with an unbuttoned shirt and the image becomes more defined.

2 lexi dona couple

Easy vibe

Lexi has a fun and natural vibe about her and there is none of that deer-in-the-headlights kind of thing goin on, she seems really relaxed and ready to have some fun.

3 lexi dona sexbabesvr

Bit high on PoV here, your shoulders are well beneath your vantage on this shot

PoV is quite a bit high on opening setup

Perspective in the first shot, is off quite a bit with the rig placed much too high and your shoulders appearing to be well beneath your head.  As well, you are kind of pitched back leaning on the rail in an tilted manner making for a fairly odd feeling PoV as Lexi begins sucking on your dick.  But the bridge setup over all is pretty cool, and the PoV really only comes into play on the short oral section before the scene transitions to the "backyard"?

4 sexbabesvr couple

Nice PoV here

Setup change

The scene changes to...like, the back yard of this crazy cool like European cottage type place with a huge wooden enclosed gathering area and stone work everywhere. You are laying on your back in the grass while Lexi licks your stick and the PoV here is pretty decent, with the cam elevated up a bit, avoiding the flat down the chest shit shot nicely.  Image is a bit better back here and Lexi looks and sounds hot doing her thing, bringing a nice enthusiasm to the entire scene.

Am I seeing shit?

One thing that started to become apparent to me here, and I can really see it while screenshotting it now, is there seems to be some sort of visual anomaly going on. Either it is a sync issue between cameras, or something in post production perhaps, but there is a slight doubling effect going on that you can see in most of the screenshots following this paragraph. I have not observed this with the past releases I have seen from SexBabesVR, so perhaps this was introduced in Post processing?  Last week, HoloGirlsVR had a release with a very similar looking glitch, and I have seen this on an Naughty America VR production or two, that were later fixed in Post and re-released so I am assuming it is probably something like that causing this to happen.  Which is too bad, as everything else looks pretty nice back here.   

5 lexi sexbabesvr

You can see the image doubling here

Bend n' suck before the fuck

The ole' bend n' suck is next, with some nice spread shots from man hands if you are into that, and soon Lexi mounts up in a super sexy squat for some reverse cock riding.

6 couple movie review

Love the squat action

7 sexbabesvr lexi dona

Nice views for ass fans

On the fucking, it's all quite nice, and if you are like me and enjoy squatting type angles, then you will probably dig this section and Lexi's riding style.  Overall, the focus is more balanced to the rear view in this movie for most of the sex, broken up by some forward cowgirl.

Man hands are in a bit with some rump squeezin here, but it's all at arms length, and me being mostly "hey fucko, get your fuckin hands out of my face" with VR bro hands, these didn't bother me or get in the way of my good time particularly. Hands are say, an average Wankz scene for those that would be familiar.

8 lexi

Forward cowgirl

Forward cowgirl is next and Lexi puts in a good fuck, with about 1/3 of it being closer up, and like 2/3 being in a more laid back position.

9 sexbabesvr lexi
10 lexi dona virtual doggie

Some nice doggie fuckin other than dude being laid back a bit...er...a lot.

More time staring at Lexi's sexy ass

Doggie is next and Lexi gets down, giving a great ass show with some head-down, wide leg spread bumpin followed up with legs-closed-together doggie action that will leave the assmen happy they met Lexi Dona.

11 lexi dona doggie

Kind of the leaned-back WankzVR flavor doggie from a couple months back

PoV for this shot is not too bad. The rig is on a very slight tilt, and the cam is perhaps a tad high, but not too far out of the zone. It's a decent doggie shot, other than the guy being leaned back at that older WankzVR type recline.

11a lexi

Nutt on the butt

Self stroked load goes on Lexi's sexy ass and she then signs off with a cute duck fart and some glazed doughnut, last-call-for-alcohol twerkin. In a total high 5 from G.O.D. move, the sun pops out for this last min action and lights up Lexi's cummy buns. One last up close with Lexi head-on following the cumshot and Couple from SexBabesVR is at an end.

12 sexbabesvr couple movie

Sun pops out and lights up Lexi's cum covered ass here

Enjoyable scene other than the double image issue. 7/10

Summin it up, Lexi Dona is pretty fuckin sexy.  Really nice performance from her here, and she has a great ass that sees a nice amount of time on display in Couple. The outdoor location was quite cool, and avoided much of the overexposure that can befall many of these outside shoots.  The music overlaying the first minute or so of the movies from SexBabesVR also adds a really nice touch, helping to set the tone of the scene some.

On the negatives, the doubling thing that is going on with image is pretty distracting. It wasn't a deal breaker for me, in that I watched the scene just fine, but at the time, I kept questioning myself if I was seeing doubling or not.  I imagine this is likely a post glitch, like we have seen from other studios, as the last 2 scaled productions from SexBabesVR did not seem to exhibit this issue.  Other than that, and a PoV that was too high on the first shot, Couple was a nice production, and I enjoyed watching Lexi Dona for sure. I will be interested to see what these guys put out over the next couple of months as I like the initial style. If they can dial in some of the VR particulars on the production side, SexBabesVR could have some nice potential for a stylish European VR porn option.

7/10. Mostly for the tech stuff, the scene itself was rather nice.  Check out our highlight trailer below.

"Couple" from SexBabesVR!

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