Cleo Vixen and Sarah Vandella Star in Fuck My Mom & Me from WankzVR!

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Fuck My Mom & Me with Cleo Vixen and Sarah Vandella from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 7/10

"Fuck My Mom & Me"

Fuck My Mom & Me is a new 30 minute July 22nd release from WankzVR featuring Cleo Vixen and Sarah Vandella in yet another fuck-a-family-member porno title this year!  In this case, you are playing the role of Cleo's boyfriend and Sarah her Mom, as you spend the day chilling at Cleo's House.

Sarah Vandella Cleo Vixen WankzVR

Mom and Daughter

Couch time with Cleo

After a brief front door section, you find yourself seated next to Cleo on the couch, while Mom goes about preparing some chow in kitchen out of view and the scene does a good job at creating a kind of scenario many of us have had in real life, generally with the parents being a bit farther away from the shenanigans.  It made for a good setup and Cleo was pretty decent with her lines.  Sarah.....

*Godrays alert.  There is a window with bright sunlight streaming into it in the background of this shot for the first half of the movie, and though I am on my DK2 atm, I can just about guarantee godrays here on CV1 from other movies I have viewed in CV1 with sunlight coming in the window such as Schools out for Yhivi.  Just a heads up, you can see it clearly below.

Cleo Vixen WankzVR

Fuckin round while Mom's in the kitchen

Sexy Cleo

Sarah retreats to the kitchen and Cleo immediately starts to tease and rub your shit, telling you how much she wants to get with you.  She feels nice and present here, and there was something about her that just made me want to fuck her, so I was diggin Cleo.

WankzVR Cleo Vixen Fuck My Mom and Me

Cleo gets worked up

Hands on shoulders

There is a moment before she leans in for some kissing, where she puts her arms on either side of your head, as if on your shoulders, and I was like dam, why no one do that before?  It has a strong effect in VR because it triggers your proximity response on either side of your head, and illustrates that not all the magic is right in front of your face.   It's an example of something that FEELS cool in VR, it is not really about how it looks one way or the other.  This simple detail was one of my favorite elements, just cause it triggered that weird VR thing.

Mom keeps interrupting

Mom returns and stats a pattern of on again off again activity with Cleo broken by some pretty overblown porno acting from Sarah and while the on again off again action stalls things a bit momentum wise, it does add to the tension of wanting to get your fuck on with Cleo.

Cleo Vixen VR

Nice shot here

Cleo starts jacking you off under a blanket and telling you how much she wants to fuck for a bit before putting her shit up in your face for a tease and this was another favorite section, the combination of range and bent kneed position Cleo assumes here, is pretty sexy.

Cleo Vixen Virtual Reality WankzVR

This in between legs jerkin action is nice

This is followed up by a really hot little grind and jerk between Cleo's legs that left me wanting to hit that shit NOW but Mom comes back in with some cock n bull about Cleo needing to call Nana, so off goes Cleo and it is time to get better acquainted with Sarah.

Sarah Vandella WankzVR

Sarah wants some action too

MILF time

Mom begins working her MILFy magic on you, coming in for a kiss and putting her big ole titties in your face, before getting down on her knees before you to "say hello".  Sarah spends a really brief amount of time sucking on your cock, but half of it is from side perspective, which I really enjoy seeing used.  It shrinks the distance to the girl and offers a nice side profile view.  Unfortunately, this is over as quick as it begins here, but nice to see that angle regardless.

Sarah Vandella WankzVR Fuck My Mom and Me

I like these profile blowjob shots

Cleo returns, Mom goes back off to the kitchen and you are soon gettin your fuck on with daughter again. This portion is hot and I like that WankzVR have been leaving some clothes on in scenes like this one and Private Tutor.  This segment also features a bit more of that hand on your shoulder type thing from Cleo.

Sarah Vandella WankzVR Virtual Reality

Sup hands

Back to Moms

After a few minutes of fucking, Mom returns and sends Cleo off to get some sugar from a neighbor, and it is back to fucking Sarah again for the next few minutes before Cleo returns and busts the two of you out.

Fuck My Mom and Me Movie Review


Cleo and Mom do this all the time?

At this point they confess to you that Mom is actually step-mom in this case, that they do this kind of thing all the time and after a touch of them kissing each other, you get down to business with the two of them for the rest of the scene.

WankzVR Sarah Vandella Cleo Vixen VR Porn

Love these shots, busy, busy

Some imaginative shots

There is a bit of a camera switch here next and audio takes a dive, but the next section has a few really great VR shots and I thought it was some of the strongest footage here.  The camera shots where you have one girl fucking you with the other one fingering her pussy right in front of you are awesome and give you plenty to look at while filling up all of your view.  The auto twerking tendencies of Sarah are the only detriment here, and talent should be coached that up close booty shakin looks like ass in an HMD that cannot keep up with motion blur.

WankzVR Fuck My MoM Me Movie

Well done Capt. Wankz

Festival of Pussy

You can look up at the pussy, you can look down at the pussy.  Its a pussy festival.  Like, way to fill up the space WankzVR.  Instead of the typical downrange, leanaway cowgirl fucking here, you get a combination shot that has depth, is engaging and works to the strengths of VR.

WankzVR Cleo Sarah

That'll work

Cum Lovers

The scene ends with both girls gobbing on your knob and Sarah is not about to miss a drop of your load, with a tight lipped seal on that fucker when you blow.  She immediately shares it with Cleo, who gulps it down before Mommy can even ask for it back and our scene is at its end as the girls leave you with some final kissing between them.

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Overall, I thought it was a decent scene from WankzVR with some highlight moments for me.  Things I could have done without: Bright light coming through window in background, hands, hands and more hands from dude, and quick cut edits out the wazoo.  There are a TON of quick cuts in this movie.  Things I really liked: Seated cowgirl, multi dimensional cowgirl with more pussy between you and the fucking below.  Kissing was OK, and I liked the clothed sex with Cleo also.  As well, I enjoyed the hands on shoulder thing, and the early teasing time with Cleo.  If you like Sarah or Cleo, definitely check it out, there are some great moments.  Hand haters, this one may be a skipper.  7/10

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"Fuck My Mom & Me" from WankzVR

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