Christen the New House – The Get Flix ‘n Chill Sequel with Yhivi from HoloGirlsVR

Christen The New House HoloGirlsVR cover

Christen the New House from HoloGirlsVR, Featuring Yhivi!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 6/10


"Christen the New House"

Christen the New House is an August 30th release from HoloGirlsVR featuring Yhivi in the follow up to one of HoloGirlsVR's most well received titles to date, Get Flix n Chill.  I was curious to see where HoloGirls took the concept here with a next day sequel to Flix, and while this was a decent scene with Yhivi, I didn't feel like it really captured what it was that rang many peoples bells with the first installment back in May of this year, let alone taking it a step farther in what it was that the first one was regarded for so highly to begin with.

Flix, hailed for it's kisses, the up close time on Yhivi's face and the intimacy of the scene—some of which was provided by her choice to spontaneously lean back on the males chest— had viewers very excited to see a studio flirt more with true proximity in VR at that time.  Since then, studios like WankzVR have absolutely destroyed the up close barrier to shooting VR porn, making Flix appear quite tame by comparison today on those merits.  This scene, felt like it could have been any other lay on my back and watch the girl below my waist fuck scene in the HoloGirlsVR catalog for me pretty much and totally lacked any real VR vibes, in the manner that the original really hit on some of them in a way that made it stand out in the HoloGirlsVR library of titles.  Of course, it goes without saying, Yhivi was amazing here, she always brings it.  This is a production review here, performance was 10.

Yhivi new house 1

Beautiful Yhivi!


You "wake up" in this movie to a nicely lit bedroom to find Yhivi on your lower chest talking to you, with her dialog coming off easy and natural as she discuses the house and your odd welcoming gift from your Realtor.  Glancing left, I could immediately locate the seam in the video, where the one on the right blended in a bit better.

HoloGirlsVR Yhivi house 2

Yhivi looks hot  walking around in her underwear

Cute little underwear set

Yhivi gets up and walks around with a picture for a bit, looking at places on the wall to hang it, and you get some great views of her ass in her underwear.  Clarity is nice in the shot all the way to the distance she is standing, unlike the last Yhivi feature where it fell apart rather quickly.

HoloGirlsVR Christening new house 2


Some tickling and fingers running along your chest

After mulling about the room for a bit, Yhivi gets back on your chest, and there is some nice chest kissing as well as tickling/fingers on your torso that I think works really well in VR.  Yhivi's attitude is chill, and it feels very "girlfreindy" for a lack of a better terms, in as much as she has mannerisms that are pretty real, instead of an I-am-on-cam-now-faking-it type of vibe.

Yhivi Virtual Reality 3
Yhivi Get Flix part two 4

Some wet jerking

Spit shine

Deciding it is time to fuck around, Yhivi gets your cock out for some sucking and jerk time, and you get a really wet hand job with oral action for the next bit.

HoloGirls Yhivi VR Porn 5

Seams there is something missing

​At around 7 and a half minutes into the movie, Yhivi hops on for some lean away cowgirl pre rub and then turns and backs up ass first very briefly into the camera, where you watch as her cheeks get cut up by the seams, resulting in missing ass.

Yhivi new house 6

Houston...we are missing asscheek

Compared to WankzVR up close ass shots?

This minute and a half section is as close as Yhivi will get to you, and by comparison to say a Wankz close up ass/pussy shot?  There IS no comparison flatly in terms of visual quality or presence.  You want to reach out and lick this shot in a Wankz movie.  It feels like it is right there.  Beyond the missing visuals here, the shot was just never captured well right up close to the camera.

Yhivi HoloGirlsVR Porn 7

So far away

Can't shoot close ups

Yhivi is very aware of where she is in frame, and does a fantastic job staying in HoloGirls cone the entire scene, but this section shows why HoloGirls cannot film up close shots or kissing right now on these rigs. The seams largely ruin the experience.

HoloGirlsVR Yhivi GFE 8

This elongated view way down to Yhivi does not particularly do it for me

Meanwhile, a pussy, far, far away

Yhivi hops on for some facing away, lean away cowgirl to get things going, and despite being an assman, and loving this view in general,  it is the most boring shot for me in VR other than the ass factor.  The girl is leaning AWAY from me, and it lacks any intimacy at all. HoloGirls love these shots and it is one reason their fuck scenes are dry as a bone for me in a VR sense and this one proved no exception.  This position, basically puts the girls head, physically, as far as you can get it away from you, while still managing to have your dick inside her, lol.  It plays to the weakness in VR: distance and depth, and ignores the strengths in VR: Proximity and filling the immediate space in front of the viewer.  Every foot back you recede in depth, loses power in terms of presence in the VR sense.  You also get a surfboard type effect of this long, extended male torso which is not great.

Yhivi GFE 9

More long distance cowgirl

More lean back cowgirl

This gets followed up by lean back forward cowgirl, that yet again, puts Yhivi where I would least like to see her in max distance.  There is NO intimacy in this shot.  Yhivi looks great.  It just FEELS totally flat for me.  There is zero VR connection here or presence.

Yhivi HoloGirlsVR GFE 10

Yhivi rubs one out

Vertical cowgirl at least

There is some near perpendicular cowgirl for a couple mins that plays out a bit better than the lean away in presence, and Yhivi appears to rub a nutt out here, and she is fun to watch as always.

"I want you to cum inside me, but I want to taste your dick first"

At 17 minutes in, Yhivi hops off to bob on your knob a bit, and again, as in the bulk of the time spent in most Holo fuck scenes, Yhivi is back downscreen, between your legs at a distance for another couple minutes.

Yhivi 11

You just can't have this in any video medium, let alone VR; that is the background being stitched into the shot on the seam of the camera rig.  No bueno and this issue is not just going to disappear without a rig redesign.

Kisses with missing face girl.....not so much

Yhivi comes in for the only kiss of the movie next, while asking if you are exited to cum inside of her, but her face is unceremoniously chopped by the seams again here, and for me, this kind of gets really old, really fast, and blows any effect gained by having her approach the camera to begin with.  When her face disappears, background image is superimposed over it, creating a ridiculous visual scenario, with background blending with extreme close up image on a vertical seam.  It is the worst looking close up in VR right now, tech wise and no other VR porn studio's have seams in their shots.  None.

Yhivi HoloGirlsVR New House 12

Creampie is served

Creampie highlight

The creampie ending was the highlight of the movie for me to be sure, and it's a good one, with Yhivi bending down to lick the excess cum from your cock afterward before coming up for one more adorable close up before the scene winds to an end.

Yhivi Virtual HoloGirlsVR 13

What a cutie

Not really a worthy successor to Flix for me. 6/10

So, this was a decent HoloGirls style basic fuck scene for me, which for my tastes personally in VR, means I didn't particularly care for it, and would not view it again.  One position for male; plank.  Most positions for female; leaning away from you, rather than coming towards you, and any deviation from this formula, resulting in a close up shot, were marred by seams that cut the image off, rendering the shot, pretty much useless.  I don't know what other form of video we would accept shots with blatant holes or missing information in them?

On the positives for me, really nice lighting and image, I enjoyed the fingers on the chest and chest kissing and creampies are always appreciated.  As well, I think Yhivi is adorable and her smile is really contagious, and I think she bring a lot to the table as a performer.  I just don't think it is being capitalized on by HoloGirls in scenes like this one, Cum in the New House, or Joanna Teaches Yhivi to Fuck. My favorite would probably be Schools Out for Yhivi part 1, as the setup playing to just a camera solo there, worked out fine and allowed her to shine with HoloGirls shooting style.  I think this movie does fine on a GFE scale in terms of Yhivi, but not in terms of the way it was captured, which lacked any genuine VR intimacy really.

I did like that HoloGirlsVR didn't try to force a ton of kissing in the Flix followup or go against the natural flow of the scene and other than a couple edits, the movie had a good pace and rhythm to it.  I mean, it's a nice looking porn scene.  It is just not really what I am looking for when say contrasted to the current shooting styles from studios such as WankzVR, Naughty America, Real Teens VR, Virtual Taboo and even Badoink in terms of creating some really intimate feeling, visceral scenes that are interesting to view in an HMD and feel good in the VR sense.  If I want to watch porn like this essentially, I will just go watch porn.  I don't want to put a headset on, for movies like this in particular.  20 minutes of laying like a plank.   I want a VR experience, something that is next level, not just watching a dick go in a hole on an inferior piece of visual tech at this point.  Flix made a big splash at the time for breaking into the proximity barrier in a way that fans had been asking for.  Flix 2, does not even make a ripple in the pond at this point by my estimation, in the VR sense.  It was a standard HoloGirlsVR BG scene, with a creampie ending, and as usual, a great performance by Yhivi to elevate it beyond the mediocre technical display that it really is in the VR sense.  6/10.  HoloGirlsVR will flat out have to fix the seams in their rigs to pursue content that includes close ups or kissing.  They cannot compete with other shows up close right now, with portions of their images missing and replaced by background.  View our full HoloGirlsVR review.

"Christen the New House from HoloGirlsVR!

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