VRHush Moves to 180! Moans, Groans n’ Brooke Haze Featured in Cheerleading Coach!

Brooke Haze in Cheerleading Coach from VRHush!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VRHush
Release date:  12/1/2017
Running time: 20:11
Starring:  Brooke Haze
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review
Notables:  Brooke Haze, Some nice positioning
Negatives:  Bad angles, Lots of hands/grunts/talking
Review Score: 5/10
5 words or less:  When bro steals the show
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Cheerleading Coach

     Checkin in on the newly released batch of 180 degree cookies from VRHush today with Cheerleading Coach featuring Brooke Haze. VRHush have been around with their 360 tech for some time now and if you are a regular reader of my blog, you know I don't cover 360 movies at this point in time, mainly because they typically look pretty bad when contrasted to current 180 tech for first person VR in my opinion. You can see clear examples of some of these types of shortcomings illustrated in my last VRHush movie review.

While it has been hard for many viewers to jump on board at VRHush with 360 degree content...it's also pretty hard to ignore their casting at some point which features many top US based performers.  VRHush would help to fill a large void in terms of US VR content available atm if they can merge that casting with tech and production that is acceptable to most mainstream consumers in late 2017.  They have listened to feedback and have upgraded (as far as 180 fans are concerned) to a 180 degree camera rig recently and have now begun posting several movies along side older 360 degree versions of the titles.  I was going to peep a  new "180 cinematic" voyeur scene the other day, but that one featured VRHush's version of a moving cam that had me hitting the eject seat in no time flat due to motion sickness and thus, I wasn't really able to get a flavor for much there. (Bear in mind I do love Czech VR's moving steadycam by contrast). 

So I was hoping to see some decent VR porn here today, having never seen Brooke Haze before or the new 180 degree cams at VRHush. While I thought Brooke did a great job, the rest of the scene really felt like kind of a novice effort from production, and I am curious to watch a couple more scenes this week to get an overall feel for the new 180 content. It's the production that makes or breaks these scenes in many cases, and this one just kind of felt like a standard porn scene shot from a bad perspective for me after the 20 minutes was up, with the often comically vocal stuntcock Michael Vegas being a large part of that.  

Brooke Haze

Brooke Haze!


Setup for Cheerleading Coach has you— presumably the coach—chilling on a red love seat and Brooke running into the room needing to brush up on some last minute cheers before tonight's game.

Brooke Haze VRHush

​Blown out whites

The set beyond the couches and area rug, is about the worst color I can conceive for a VR shoot with current cams, featuring a ton of ambient light spilling into the room from several windows as well as a bright ass lamp over in the corner, pretty much totally blowing out the whites and costing quite a bit of image clarity as a result. This is further amplified by the all white walls and floors in the house making for fairly mid grade image quality in the end and enhancing the perception of "jaggies" on Brooke's outline set against the glare. 

Brooke Haze Cheerleading Coach

Illustrating the amount of tilt on the camera

​Perma-tilt engaged

Your seated PoV is tilted down about 20 degrees for no apparent reason as you can see above, in a page right out of BaDoinkVR's recent production manual, and the rig remains tilted for the entire duration of the scene, becoming increasingly comical with each subsequent transition of position.  It is frankly shocking to me how many studios are mimicking these shots atm when there are simply not that many shots that actually benefit from doing it when viewed in a MASK.  

Brooke Haze at VRHush
Brooke Haze splits

"We're supposed to be doing my practice!"

After a quick ass tease, Brooke takes a few steps back into VR no-mans land to resume her cheering practice, and it was right around here that I noticed how poor the audio image was.  Not that it's bad in terms of clarity or background noise, that's fine...it just sounds completely flat and devoid of any stereo image or spacial positioning. No matter if Brooke is 3 inches in front of your face or 6 feet away, her volume remains artificially leveled and compressed which takes away significantly from that portion of your virtual sensory input.  

Brooke Haze Cheerleader

​Brooke does a nice job with her part

The opening isn't too bad in terms of the action: there are some nice moments incorporated with Brooke being closer up in your lap, and then some shots with her further back across the room doing cheers, likely further back than many of us want to see at current resolutions. 

Brooke Haze VR

"What if i did a split, right on your dick?"

Brook pulls a nice move here and removes your belt with her teeth before helping you out of your pants, and it was about then that I was like,.... is that dudeson huffin n' puffin in the background?  And indeed, he is going to be your near constant in ear companion from here on out with perhaps the loudest stunt dick performance I have witnessed outside of Randy's Roadstop!

Brooke Haze oral sexx

"You like when I lick the head?"

Brooke starts in on a sexy blowjob and the actions pretty nice if you don't mind bro being a constant part of the show, either in your ear or with his hands out front.

Brooke Haze ponytails

​Ponytail hold

Looks over to direction are pretty regular from Brooke but she otherwise does a nice job with her scene and all credit to her next for pulling a rarely seen in VR back-arch position.

Brooke Haze virtual

"You wanna see how flexible I can be?"

Stuntdick thinks the move is pretty hot too, moaning and laughing in approval and fully cementing the along-for-the-ride-vibe for me. 

Brooke Haze VR kiss

Kisses all land right about on your nose

​Eskimo kisses

Brooke goes in for kisses in a few spots, but a tilted forward cam rig is rarely a recipe for successful VR kisses, and most of these are going to feel like her lips are wrapped around your nose.  Nice effort on her part though. 

Brooke Haze at VRHush in Cheerleading Coach

Dude panting in your ear panty removal is next and Brooke has a seat in reverse cowgirl to start things off at around 9 minutes in.

VRHush Brooke Haze

"You like when I grind this pussy on your big cock?"

The PoV was feeling pretty poor for me, from both the perspective of the rig angle, as well as the near constant feeling of being somewhat framed/embraced on both sides by Broseph's always active arms.

Brooke Haze Ass
Brooke Haze virtual fuck
Brooke Haze virtual reality

More hands, more head, more kisses on the nose....followed up by a cold slap edit to a standing position.

Brooke Haze VR VRHush

"Oh ya.... come stand up here"

That's your first line of the movie, as action resumes from a still tilted-down standing PoV, that buries your face comically in Brookes chest area when she stands up to join you for the impending upright fucking.

Brooke Haze standing fuck

​Nice try

Good on em for trying the standing fuck, but between bro gruntin away below, and the tilted into the chest PoV, I was having a hard time taking things very seriously, in terms of some sort of virtual 1st person experience goin' on with Brooke. 

rig tilt

Again, showing the tilt on the camera....when Brooke is eye level with you

"Oh yea, get down here and suck it"

Our valiant couple manages to hold the standing fuck for all of 20 seconds before Brooke is back on her knees, and that's with a splice edit in the middle, so it's just a quick tease, and a far ways off yet from the Nikkita Diamond experience. But hey, points to VRHush for trying the intimate shot definitely.  

Meanwhile, stunt bro's moaning, thrusting and sighing away below you and I was thoroughly entertained in the wrong way at this point.

Brooke Haze from behind

"Stand up and turn around"

Bro turns her around next for standin—"oh ya, let's see those beautiful eyes"— doggie and I was fucking gigglin by now, as it's pretty much your standard porno scene at this point, filmed from a poor perspective. If there is such a thing as a 3rd or 4th wall here with a first person stunt dick, it's completely disregarded.  Not saying there can't be dudes talking in VR porn. Just sayin for those that care, it's a full on thang here, bro's got lines, lol. 

VRHush Brooke Haze movie

​Nice footage otherwise in terms of positioing

Brooke Haze is a treat though and, I mean, beyond the silly tilt, the silly bro...this could be a good shot on paper, it was just poorly executed in my book, kind of squandering some of the effect that could have been had.

Brooke Haze Cheerleader VRHush

Brooke: "Do you waanna fuck me in my tight little pussy?" Broseph: "ohhhh yeaaaah!"

Dude takes questions literally, frequently responding to Brooke's prompts and again, I was just kind of on the well-this-is-new-what's-next ride by this point. 

Brooke Haze in VR
Brooke Haze vr porn

I dunno what's going on with this setup, lol

​Well.....it's a shot!

Action switches on a blunt edit into the last position of the movie at around 16 minutes, and this was one of the funniest "PoV's" I have seen in the last 4 years. Just....i dunno what to say, lol. The cam is still pointed down, bro is inclined like a fuckin ski ramp, and....I'll just stop there!

Brooke Haze virtual porn
Brooke Haze review

Looks nice if you look up here....

Dudeson view

... not so much looking down here

"I love your big cock in my tight little pussy"

Hallmarks of the final stretch included tried n' true porno lines, dude grunts, frequent looks to off-screen direction, and the always entertaining PoV. Brooke Haze is a cutie though and does a nice job holding herself up here! 

VRHush Cheerleading Coach Brooke Haze

"Uhhhh.....we're going to need to see 3 forms of ID"

Brooke Haze cumshot

"Fuck me as hard as you can until you cum all over this little pussy"

You know bro is gonna finish himself off in this one and the scene winds up with him jerkin off on Brookes reclined stomach. There's about 20 seconds of cooldown consisting of a close up "let's go bobcats" from Brooke and Cheerleader Coach is a done deal.

Brooke Haze virtual sex

Gimme an..L.O.U.D.D.U.D.E!!!!!


So, wrapping up this fish taco, I thought this was a nice effort from Brooke Haze, who plays the barely legal teen cheerleader effortlessly and other than some looks off cam and predictable dictables, it was a nice 20 minute VR debut. I could see her being cast somewhere like WankzVR where she would fit right in with one of their productions.  *Edit: whoops, I missed Initiation, lol. 

Michael Vegas

Michael Vegas

But other than Brooke, there was not a whole lot to keep me goin here, and it would up being more of a pure comedy show with the overactive stuntcock hoggin the spotlight and the ever worsening tilted PoV's.  If you are chasing 1st person virtual PoV, then things like having a talking dude are going to bum a lot of viewers out, because it is perhaps the number one thing a stuntdick can do to blow the immersion and focus on the woman. 

I would also say the scene just lacked any real flow for me in terms of pacing, feeling disjointed at times with stunted action and position transitions and it's kind of funny to me that a 20 minute VR porn feels pretty short now with most movies coming to land in that 30-45 minute sweet spot over the last year. 

Overall, I thought Cheerleading Coach felt a little green, and that's kind of understandable with some aspects, as VRHush is going to have to find it's feet here like any other studio. There were some nice elements incorporated in this scene and I​ want to get a peep at a couple of the other 180 productions to see how they stack up against this one. It's going to be interesting to see what VRHush does in 2018 on the 180 degree front as if you shut the dude up here, sharpen up the audio and tighten up the PoV's...you would have a decent looking/feeling movie.  5/10 on the permatilt, flat audio and stuntdick, I thought Brooke Haze did a nice job for her first VR scene.  *edit: a little birdie reminded me Brooke made her VR debut at WanzkVR when I was out sick this September in Initiation. 🙂

Cheerleading Coach from VRHush!

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