Checking Up with Wankz VR with “Spring Break Anal” Starring Aspen Ora…To Fap or Not To Fap.

spring break anal from wankz vr

"Spring Break Anal" with Aspen Ora From Wankz VR | Movie Review

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with MaxVR player.

                                                                                                                                                                                Review Score 7.5/10

Spring Break Anal

Spring Break Anal is an April 13th 2016 release from VR Porn upstarts, Wankz VR.  Now Wankz VR has proven to be a bit of a tease so far, offering up what appears to be smoking hot U.S. VR porn, buried beneath a multitude of game breaking issues, most notably world scale and FPS, and to a lesser extent, distortion.  You can see the greatness there, but it is just not being captured in VR technically well yet.  So I was curious to see what differences there would be this week, with the changes made a week ago that resulted in severe distortion in Slutty Nurses, having been reverted to the previous style of post production that Wankz had launched with.  So let's take a look at this one and see where things are at with Wankz VR.

aspen ora

You can see how badly the colors are washed out here

Rough Start

​Things start off in a pool room with a cool sunroof feature that gets activated a couple times during the movie, and Aspen Ora is before you having been doing some painting for you.  This section of the movie is pretty harsh technically, and I was scrambling between players trying to find a happy medium.  Autoplay VR yielded crisp ceiling lines, but midget proportions, so I settled on distorted ceiling lines and my normal way of dealing with Wankz VR vids via Max VR and decreasing the stereo separation until hands appear human sized.

Additionally, I am not sure if it is the tarp on the table or what, but I cannot recall EVER fighting my screen door so hard, it was really really bad to the point of losing focus regularly.  So thats the nasty bits up front.....but don't lose faith...if you like tappin the booty.....keep readin 😉

You get a couple mins of typical setup filler and then Aspen comes over and gets on the pool table and begins to take it off, and she looks really good, if you like smaller tight n right gals.

aspen ora's ass

Aspen give's you a glimpse of things to come

"I'm Getting Really Weeeettttt"

Aspen teases you a bit with the don't be shy routine, and gets busy rubbing her pussy for you while telling you it is cool if you play with yourself at the same time.  After showing off her ass for a second, she tells you "and don't worry....since I've been in college, ..I've learned to use every hole" and is shortly thereafter on her knees taking your cock in her mouth.

aspen ora oral

Aspen is an EXPERT cocksucker!

Okay...distortion alert,... it is pretty bad here, and it is a crying fucking shame because Aspen proceeds over the next few minutes to give one of the hottest blowjobs I have ever seen in VR Porn.  You know the killer hands free, not too slow, not too fast, Goldilocks just right kind of blowjobs?  Ya. KILLER.  Even bent out of shape..../golf clap.   Aspen can suck a fucking cock, that is to be sure.

Nothing more needs said there, it is fucking hot and fucking broken all at once, but Aspen is so good I was happy to watch it, flaws and all.

aspen ora from behind

Aspen takes it from behind

​"Why don't You ...Fuck Me From Behind"

Aspen assumes the position in front of you and this looks OK, there is some widening and distortion across the widest section of the hips here, but the distortion is no where near as bad as the doggie in say Slutty Nurses that was basically unwatchable.  This section is decent, but don't worry,...we are almost to the good stuff!

Camera Shot Change.....For the Better

aspen ora leaning back

Things start to fall into place in this shot

You get a scene reset here and things start to look a whole lot better here in missionary.  Color is better and screen door fades back a bit letting you focus and Aspen is scaled pretty decently here, bit small, but pretty good and this is the 18 min mark.  Things are pretty fucking decent from here out.

"I Want You to Put It In My Ass"

aspen ora anal

Aspen gives up the 2 door

Like I said, things get good from here out!  Aspen puts you in her ass and this section is pretty solid if you like anal.  Aspen is great and the tech is pretty watchable here, bit of closer distortion as you can see above.  You get some nice time fucking her in this position before we get to the gold zone of this movie.

aspen ora anal sex

As you can see from the screenshot, the color difference is night and day from the first section

Finally, Some Decent Color and Scale

​At 26 mins, there is one last scene reset and YES! We have a winner!  This is pretty much first class ass here.  The scale with a tiny reset on stereo separation for me cleaned right up and clarity is much improved.  Your cock looks fucking awesome plowing Aspen's hole and she is one of those girls, it is almost as fun to watch her put it in when it falls out, as it is to keep fucking her.  She has a most inviting asshole and just looks hot as hell here.

aspen ora rides anal

Some super hot anal action!

The scene progresses with a few more minutes of anal in the ride em cowgirl position and again, if you are an assman, you will be loving this section and 33 mins in, I was not one bit bored of watching this girl fuck.  Just really sexy n solid.

Aspen finishes up by jerking you off to a seriously 3d eruption that shoots all over the place, before coming in for some slow and sexy ATM and Spring Break anal winds to a close.

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Mixed Bag Techwise, But Pretty Fucking Hot

So fuck....this movie had a bit of it all.  Super distracting technical flaws in the first half of the video, accompanied by a fantastic cocksucking sequence, a pretty decent mid section and a holy fuck that was hot finishing 3rd.  At the end of it, my paper towel was used, and I felt like it was worth the 40 mins and price of admission, despite the flaws.  Aspens performance is worthy, and if you are an anal fan, and that is what you were looking for, than this movie has a good solid 20 mins of really good to awesome anal.  Overall, I just can't wait for them to get the tech figured out at Wankz...cause when they do, I have a feeling it could be really good.  7.5/10.  Aspen, 10.  Tech 5.   Find our full WankzVR Review here.

Spring Break Anal from WankzVR!

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