Checking up on KinkVR with Lezdom Anal PoV!

Lezdom Anal PoV Featuring Mona Wales and Mia Li from KinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  KinkVR
Release date:  3/24/17
Running time: 13:50
Starring:  Mia Li, Mona Wales
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Lezdom Anal PoV Preview
Notables:  Nice anal clip, Femal PoV, Mia Li, Suspension ring 
Negatives:  360 degrees, poor image quality, not 60 fps
Review Score: 5/10
5 words or less:  Hot clip, cold image
Kink VR Beta

"Lezdom Anal PoV"

Checked out the latest KinkVR clip tonight, Lezdom Anal PoV featuring Mona Wales and Mia Li in a Kink flavored anal strapon scene and wanted to do a quick write up for it as I have not reviewed any of the new content yet for those that might be curious on what KinkVR is serving up since re-launch. This is the 3rd mini clip featuring Mona and Mia and the longest of the 3 at 14 minutes and while I can't say that I am a fan of cutting content up like this, this scene at least had the early KinkVR flavor to it that I enjoyed and was a nice clip in terms of the action.  It also however, had some visual deficits that I didn't enjoy as much. 

mia li kinkvr movie

Mia Li! The suspension ring offers some great lines


Setup finds you in the typical KinkVR dungeon setting and ....wait a second....this fucker is in 360? Yerp. So, interesting right off the bat. You are in a room, seamed together at the 180 points, and while it looks cool to turn around and see a full room back there, it is wasted real estate that you will not be looking at, and there appears to be a price paid in visual quality here.  Otherwise, scale looks decent and there are no other noticeable seams other than at the 180 points that I could make out.  

1 lezdom anal pov


Just on quality...I could see visible motion blur in this clip, and when taking it into VLC and frame advancing it, there were anomalies I cannot explain where some sections, the frames appeared to be clearly doubled and running at 30 fps or less, where others seemed to advance on every click. I am not knowledgeable enough to explain this, but it is apparent, at least to me when viewing the movie that something is not quite right with regard to FPS.

2 lezdom anal pov movie review

​Image does not look great, mis-labled Oculus file

As well, the video clarity seems softish and the audio image is nebulous and subdued.  The clip is advertised at 18:00. It runs at 13:50. As well, double checking my file, it would seem I have the Android labeled version, despite clicking the Oculus file on the KinkVR website, which is a typical recurrent problem with all 3 HoloGirls patterned websites and really no surprise to me at this point.

3 lezdom anal pov kinkvr

​Straight to it

There is pretty much no intro here, you are simply hot dropped into a scene from the PoV of Mona Wells as Mia Li suspends herself from a large ring roped up from above. Mona is sporting a medium black strapon and Mia is doing a whole lot of talking about using her hungry holes on it.

4 mia li kinkvr

​Old KinkVR vibe

The point of view feels pretty good here and there is some ominous KinkVR undertone audio being piped into the scene, that immediately conjured up the old KinkVR beta kind of vibe and I was happy to see this back, as it feels distinct. 

5 lezdom anal pov virtual reality

​Action is great

The action itself is all first rate in the scene and Mia gets busy with the dildo in her pussy first, writhing and grinding on it while maintaining her grip in the ring above. Mona is rocking a riding crop and this was the first area where I started to notice the motion blur on the fast moving crop as she gives Mia a nice pounding with it. Vaginal riding lasts for the first 5 minutes before Mia gets off and cleans her visible juices from the black dildo, before lubing up her asshole and having Mona assist her with sliding that slippery bugger inside her bum.

6 mia li anal kinkvr

​Solid anal clip

Mia gets going, giving you a reverse view at first while Mona reaches up and spreads her ass for a really nice shot, and as an anal fan, the remainder of the movie is really solid, and again, had that kink kind of raw and dirty flavor that I enjoy, as other than Wankz, things are just pretty vanilla right now in VR porn for the most part.

7 lezdom anal pov kinkvr
8 mia li mona wales kinkvr

​Lusty performance

Mia spins around for a forward view next, and there is mixed footage here with her both suspending herself, as well as pleasuring herself with her hand and her accompanying vocalizations thru the entire scene are awesome. It's not porny, it's just lusty.

9 mona wales strapon kinkvr
10 anal strapon kinkvr

​Great views via the suspension mechanic

The suspension ring affords some amazing views of Mia's body as she writhes around on Mona's strapon, and watching Mona assist with sticking the dildo back in when it would occasionally pop out was erotic to watch from the first person female PoV.

12 mai li ass to mouth kinkvr

​Ass to mouth cleanup

The scene ends up with around 3 minutes of ass to mouth cleanup on the dildo which is pretty hot and then the ominous KinkVR tone is brought back in signaling the end of the scene or the segment, I'm not sure which. As well, there is the smallest of interview segments in 2d after the movie ends with quick commentary from Mia as Kink does with some of their scenes and it would be nice to have more than a few seconds of this element here.

13 mia li kinkvr vr porn

​Hot clip, not so hot on visual quality


Summing Lezdom Anal PoV up: as an anal fan, as a fan of Female Pov every now and then, and as a fan of Kink as a brand, I enjoyed this scene. I thought Mia gave a great authentic performance, and it was a pleasure to watch her as she suspended herself above Mona's black strapon.

On the positives, it had the Kink brand vibe to it which I really enjoy.  It's watching people push limits consensually, which I am into, and there is more of a let's-all-explore-this-together kind of vibe that is unique to the brand for me, and I want to see that in the VR stuff with the Kink brand name tied to it. This clip felt dirty, sexy, lusty, raw, and not manufactured, as the scene was largely just allowed to roll.

On the negatives, the aforementioned technical points are all bummers. I am not sure why they opt for 360 here, but it is only to novel effect at the expense of image quality I fear and the motion blur was a distraction for me during fast moving sequences involving either the crop or the dangling type movement from the ring suspension.  As well, I have mixed feelings about a 13 minute clip, and am not sure at $24.95 a month, I would be happy with this movie being segmented into what appears to be at least 3 sections at this point, all around the 10 minutes in individual length.  From an immersiveness point of view, this is a detraction to have to puzzle all three clips together.

From a kink point of view, if you just want to watch a quick anal focused clip for a quick jerk, this is fine for that. But the March release schedule at KinkVR has thus far featured 42 minutes of content, sliced into 4 scenes, 2 of which were gay. Sooooo ya....24.95/month? If you are straight? For 23 minutes worth of content? A part 3 release of this series and a part 2 of an Abella Danger movie? You do the math fellow fappers. Given that the bulk of the catalog was free for so long.....I am just not sure who the sub is going to be here. Kink subs have always been high dollar, but I am not sure how many straight guys are going to pay a dollar a minute for fairly disjointed drip fed VR content in 2017.

 5/10 just on tech and image quality, the clip was a 10 for me on action and performance and I did enjoy it in that regard.

Lezdom Anal PoV from KinkVR!

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