Checking in with SexBabesVR! Teenage Dream Featuring Elle Rose!

Teenage Dream Featuring Elle Rose from SexBabesVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  SexBabesVR
Release date:  January 6, 2018
Running time: 34 minutes
Starring:  Elle Rose
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review 
Notables:   Elle Rose
Negatives:  Kisses that miss, distance issues with certain sequences
Review Score: 7/10
5 words or less:  Elle's a cutie

Teenage Dream

Sup bros. Doing up a quick scene review for the latest SexBabesVR release today, Teenage Dream starring Elle Rose. It has been some months since the last SexBabesVR vid for me, having been somewhat impressed with some of their 2017 releases, and unimpressed with others, namely the overscaled movies they were every-other releasing for a long period of time. I kind of got burnt out on getting trolled every other week with a supersize vid, so I took a break for good while and was getting curious how things were looking at SexBabesVR in the New Year. 

Elle Rose

Elle Rose!


Setup for Teenage Dream finds you in a bodyless PoV with Elle, who has just woken up and is super horny after dreaming about some hot shit the night before.

Elle Rose at SexBabesVR

Eye contact

Eye contact is of the more one side or the other variety, and you do get a fair bit of the overshoot effect there where it can feel like the girls are looking at your ear or further off of your shoulder.  Image and audio are both clean and scale looks about right on Elle to my eyes.

Teenage Dream

Distant kisses

Elle leans in for some kissing before having a seat up on the counter and most of the kisses in this movie fall short of the rig a fair bit, feeling about 3 inches away or so in the mask and leading to that air kissing thing.

Elle Rose Teenage Dream

"So...I lick my pussy"

As Elle hops up on the counter, the rig pulls its only move of the scene, with a moving drop down to the pussy shot for some stubbly virtual cunnilingus. Movement is fluid and deliberate, and similar to vertical moving shots I have seen used before at SexBabesVR.  Distance and framing are pretty nice here and work as intended, while the performance itself is perhaps a little oversold on the fake munchin as a lot of moaning and faked response with nothing visibly touchin the sweet spot offers up a bit of a contradiction in your head. 

Elle Rose VR Porn

Stuntcock setup

Around 5 minutes in, Elle tells you she wants more and there is a scene transition to another room, where your stuntcock is waiting. There is a couch positioned nicely here that works well as a prop, and while the action starts out closer up, much of the upcoming action finds you leaning back at an odd angle and Elle farther out in front of you.

Elle Rose virtual reality

Dat ass seem a loooong ways back

Ass up blowjob

Elle looks great on the back of the couch during some tasty ass up blowjob action, but it feels pretty distant, like her ass looks like it's a long ways back there.

Elle Rose virtual sex

​Limbless lean back

The standing PoV is a leaned back shot where the guy is using a stool or something to hold onto for support behind him. So, not only are you limbless, but you are leaning back at an angle that no one on earth would fuck at! And your shirt is now in the way, lol.  The vertical side to side alignment is a tad cockeyed here as well. 

Elle Rose doggie


Some tasty doggie is next from the same PoV, and the couch further proves its versatility as a prop here.  But.... who fucks in doggy like this? 🙂  Nice looking scenery, but a fairly shitty feeling virtual PoV.  

Elle Rose in Teenage Dream

"You my dream I gave you very hard blowjob, so I want to do it now"

The scene transitions to a tilted up flat on back shot next at around 18 minutes in for another round of oral favors and I can't really say I am a fan of stalling out the action with breaks like this, first with oral and then with fingering and pussy eating following for the next 7 minutes. It kind of sucks some of the flow out of things.

Elle Rose oral
Elle Rose teenage dream SexBabesVR
Elle Rose Pussy

Got chameleon tongue?

Second round of pussy eating is fairly comical, in that Elle is seated below your nips.....but reacting as if you are licking her and any virtual effect here is lost by the distance between you and the well out o reach honey hole. 

Elle Rose cowgirl
Elle Rose virtual cowgirl

Finally back to some fuckins

Action finally resumes near the 25 minute mark for some mostly distant mid range or lean-back cowgirl with a few nice overhanging sections thrown in.  Elle can finally hit her stride here and she does put in a super hard fuck on your shit for a few minutes.

Elle Rose in Teenage Dream review

Thank you, cum again!

Popshot features some suck n tug and Elle jacks you off onto her stomach and then schootches up onto your chest for a seat for about a minute before the scene winds to a conclusion with her thanking you.

Elle Rose movie review

Nice job from Elle Rose, kind of a distant feeling scene


All in all, teenage dream was kind of a middle of the road offering for me.  Elle Rose was pretty great here, but between the distance of many of the shots, and the split up nature of breaking the action with more oral/fingering/pussy eating in the midst of the fucking, it kind of kept this one from ever achieving lift off for this viewer.

On the good stuff, I like Elle Rose, she's a cutie and fun to watch.  The look and sound of the video was quite nice as well as the scene lighting.  The overhanging cowgirl sections closed up the distance gap some and I quite liked the use of the couch as a prop for some nice positioning.  As well, I enjoy the basic moving shots that SexBabesVR sometimes employ with simple vertical movement on bodyless PoV shots such as the first pussy eating section in this scene.

On the negatives, distance is probably the main one for me here, from the leaned back standing section, to the kisses, to the 2nd round of pussy eating, things often felt too far from the cams, comically so in the case of the simulated distant pussy eating on your chest section.  This cuts back on the intimacy quite a bit during the action in some spots, and diminishes virtual presence. 

Not a bad scene from SexBabesVR for Elle Rose fans if intimacy and close up proximity isn't your main VR bag and you don't mind the leaned back standing PoV.  7/10

Teenage Dream from SexBabesVR!

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