Charlotte’s Bed Featuring Charlotte Stokely at BabeVR!

Charlotte's Bed background BabeVR

Charlotte Stokely Featured in Charlotte's Bed from BabeVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BabeVR
Release date:  6/6/2018
Running time: 27 minutes
Starring:  Charlotte Stokely
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review  or: Charlotte's Bed Preview
Notables:  Charlotte Stokely
Negatives:  Torso from the get go
Review Score: 9/10 
5 words or less:  Save Tommy for Act Deux!
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Charlotte's Bed

Sup guys! 

Writing up a scene review for Charlotte's Bed today, the latest release from BabeVR featuring an encore performance from Charlotte Stokely. I quite enjoyed Charlotte's last scene for BabeVR, Stokely Session so I was happy to see them have her back again, this time also featuring a torso doll for her to work with.  I think Stokely Session was a little heavier feeling on the virtual intimacy aspect of things but you do get the benefit of the virtual riding aspect in the 2nd half of this scene, so in that regard, it should be a winner for the guys that were bummed out there was no torso doll riding in the last scene.  There's dam sure plenty of the doll in this one! lol

Charlotte's Bed from BabeVR

Tommy T! lol​​​​​


Setup, has you playing Tommy Torso from frame one in this flick, where traditionally the doll shows up around halfway through most BabeVR productions. 

Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte Stokely!

Get this fuckin thing out of here! lol

The normal setup at BabeVR generally features a bodyless PoV that allows the girls to get right in on the rig to start things off with, which for me can be one of the strengths of these solo scenes in terms of working in some virtual intimacy elements. 

Charlotte Stokely at BabeVR

Prefer the bodyless PoV style start

You're supposed to by laying in bed waiting for Charlotte, whom has popped in from work for a quickie and she has to come in cold and start acting as if you are the torso,....which is kind of a tough springboard for Charlotte to initially jump off of, despite being a great talker. 

Charlotte Stokely in Charlotte's Bed

Set colors are a soft pink wash

Charlotte looks hot in a sharp business top hiding sexy lace below, but unfortunately, the room and bedspread are pretty close to her skin color, so this makes for a large wash of bland sameness filling the bulk of the image.  Employing a bedspread with a deeper color tone would have helped provide a backdrop with some contrast for Charlotte to pop off of here as well as helping to soak up some of the light glare in the image. 

Charlotte Stokely movie review

Charlotte's bottom Pink eye shadow pops a little too brightly 

Makes the bright pink pop

As it is here, the main thing that is popping in the image is the bright fuschia tone on Charlotte's lace and complimenting eye shadow so it's not the most flattering lighting for her at times, where her eyes can often be overwhelmed by the small band of pink being over accentuated. If you scroll to the studio image at the top of the review here, you can see how much darker the pink tone in her lace is in that shot by contrast. 

Charlotte Stokely removes shoes

More of a distant feeling opening

You get a whisper and an air kiss up front, but that's pretty much all in terms of close up's as the torso is kind of sittin there splitting things up. 

Charlotte Stokely feet

"Do you like the way I rub my stockings on your cock?"

A couple minutes in and Charlotte kind of gets into her flow as she lays back and wraps her feet around the torso's cock.  Things start to feel less clunky at this point but it is kind of a cold feeling warmup overall due to the fact she is laying back on the bed a ways back from the camera.  Also, I am not sure the foot shot really works for me on a doll setup in terms of positional effect, but the foot guys may have another feeling.  Regardless, Charlotte looks awesome. 

Charlotte Stokely VR footjob
Charlotte's Bed movie BabeVR

Sexy sucker

Oral next and Charlotte has a lovely technique I must say.  You kind of go in these situations: "well.... she's suckin on a fake dick", or, "dam.... wish that was my dick!" and it's the latter case with Charlotte who is slow and sexy with her approach to sucking off an inanimate object!

Charlotte Stokely BabeVR movie
Charlotte Stokely rubs pussy

" pussy's so wetttt!"

Well... we've all heard that one before, but Charlotte's going to prove it for you here as she removes her panties, crabwalks closer to the camera and glides a finger inside her audibly moist honey hole making for a couple minutes of super sexy sounding pussy play.

Charlotte Stokely removes panties
Charlotte Stokely masturbating
Charlotte Stokely masturbation
Charlotte Stokely cowgirl

"I need it in my pussy and I need it right now!"

Charlotte mounts the doll right before the halfway point of the 28 minute scene so it's all riding footage from there for those enjoying that aspect of the BabeVR formula that was missing from Charlotte's last scene.

Charlotte Stokely virtual reality

Could use a little tilt upwards

My only nitpick with the cowgirl section is while BaDoinkVR/VRCosplayX were among the first studios to start angling the rig up for cowgirl shots, BabeVR still tends to shoot them from a dead on 90 degree perspective. 

Charlotte Stokely VR Porn

Angling up here would help to diminish the doll in the lower frame, with the added benefit of shots we have seen quite a bit at Czech VR this year, with girls able to hang over into your space more, without being cropped out by the upper frame border.  Since BabeVR have yet to incorporate a missionary shot that I have seen, it would be nice for them to improve on the always present cowgirl shot in this manner, as it can also offer up some of the close up facial effects that the missionary shots provide for fans of that type of footage.

Charlotte Stokely in Charlotte's Bed from BabeVR

"Look at you... inside my pussy"

As far as Charlotte goes, it's all pretty great from here on out and she's got plenty steamy shit to say, occasionally leaning forward to whisper into your ear. 

Charlotte Stokely reverse cowgirl

"Do you wanna see this ass bounce up and down on your cock?"

Action switches to reverse next and Charlotte looks great between her beautiful ass, the stockings and looking back over her shoulder at you in this section.

Charlotte Stokely ass
Charlotte Stokely reverse cowgirl

Secret surprise

At the start of the movie, Charlotte tells you that she's got a surprise for you later and she now starts into this whole rap about how she wants you to cum inside of her, so that she can then go back to work with all of your cum still dripping from her pussy!

Charlotte Stokely VR

Solid creampie coaching

Charlotte does a marvelous job at selling the whole cum-inside-me bit and the scene comes to a hot n' sweaty climax accompanied by plenty of color commentary.

Charlotte Stokely BabeVR
Charlotte Stokely
Charlotte Stokely sweaty

Workin up dat sweat!

"I'll be sitting at my work desk sucking cum out of my panties"

 Charlotte wraps up with a few choice lines like that one and leans in for a SWEATY last kiss, before heading off back to work.

Charlotte Stokely
Charlotte Stokely blows kiss

"Leave a thumbs up!"

There's a quick scene tag at the end with Charlotte asking for you to leave a thumbs up and telling us that for every thumbs up she gets, she's gonna stick a thumb in her butt! lol

Another nice VR scene for Charlotte Stokely fans


Overall, I enjoyed Charlotte's Bed and think Charlotte Stokely is pretty great at the whole solo VR porno gig.  She looks amazing and you never get the sense she is struggling with her dialog once she eases into the scene making for a sexy and natural performance style that plays well to the medium. I would probably take the opening section from Stokely Session and fuse it with the ending section of this one instead of the torso being incorporated early on here, but otherwise this was a nice scene in terms of the riding section that was lacking for some peeps in the first movie.

Not too much to comment on the tech other than the hot pink accents and blah looking backdrop/set washing things out.  Audio was strong, especially in adding more depth to the wet pussy fingering section and image quality is what you would expect from BabeVR atm, what I would rate about mid grade in Summer 2018.  

It'd be nice for BabeVR/BaDoink to apply the same logic that they do for their B/G cowgirl shots with the added uptilt they started incorporating back when VRCosplayX first started, and it would also be good to see them mix up the shot selections a bit with something like a missionary shot that could probably easily be brought into the mix on some of these scenes. 

Some of the girls do really well with this solo format in VR and I think Charlotte Stokely is one of them for sure, turning in another solid scene this year with Charlotte's Bed here. 9/10.  Missed the more intimate opening from the first Charlotte scene. 


Charlotte's Bed from BabeVR!

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