Stokely Solo Session Featuring Charlotte Stokely at BabeVR!

Charlotte Stokely VR! Stokely Session from BabeVR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  ​BabeVR Review
Release date:  January 31, 2018
Running time: 29:00
Starring:  Charlotte Stokely
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review
Notables:  Charlotte Stokely, Proximity, Intimacy
Negatives:  Washed out lighting, Weak positional audio
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less: Sexy Session with Charlotte Stokely
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Stokely Session

Hey guys, pulling a rare one here and going with 2 solo movies back to back this week, this time checkin out Stokely Session from BabeVR. I don't generally watch a lot of solo scenes, so it's kind of a breath of fresh air in that regard, and things are finally coming along some in terms of some of the studios beginning to truly embrace the concept of virtual intimacy when it comes to adult VR experiences. When you mix in the strengths of VR (proximity effect, empathy, a sense of intimacy or being there) with a strong performance and sensible shot selection, you can elevate the solo experience into something a bit more powerful and I get the sense that's the kind of thing BabeVR is going to be shooting for.  

Charlotte Stokely VR

Charlotte Stokely!


Setup finds you in a familiar looking location if you saw Britney's Big Break at WankVR last week and your are in a bodyless PoV. Britney is talking to you as if you are there with her and the initial setup is quite nice in terms of the distance being kept to a minimum.

Stokely Session

Tech stuff

On the tech stuff, for the unaware, BabeVR is BaDoinkVR, so it's pretty much the same as what you might be accustomed to over the last few months at BaDoinkVR. Visuals with the lighting are fairly washed out in the first half here with Charlotte's pale features, but improve a bit in the 2nd half for an overall average looking BaDoinkVR scene.

Charlotte Stokely BabeVR


Audio, is decent in terms of clarity for recent BaDoinkVR movies, but pretty bad in terms of stereo or room image. It's either artificially compressed sounding centered in front of you, or hard panned to an ear when Charlotte goes in for the multiple whispering/talking-in-the-ear-sections. There is very little in the way of image capturing the in between travel distance of the 2 points in space, but at least everything is quite audible as contrasted to last last year at BaDoinkVR.

Charlotte Stokely VR porn

Eye Contact

Eye contact drifts from one sided, to more centered portions when Charlotte is at distance so pretty much standard for a recent BaDoinkVR scene, where they are still coaching the girls to look at one cam or the other. 

Charlotte Stokely virtual reality

Charlotte looks great, does a great job

Tech stuff out of the way, Charlotte looks great and is engaging, with lots of chat throughout the scene. Some of it can be a little oversold, such as portions where she is mimicking hearing you, but overall she does a great job of carrying a scene like this with some mild JOI and it gets more believable as things progress and Charlotte gets into her own thing.

The initial shot is much more solo VR porn 2018, than the more typically distant shots we have gotten from studios in the past, so it's refreshing to see the proximity focused from jump here.

Charlotte Stokely ass


Charlotte backs up that ass next and treats you to around 3 minutes of twerkin, which despite being a total assman, I can't say really translates well at close range in VR for me with motion blur and whatnot taken into account, but there's that if you like it in VR. 

Charlotte Stokely Session from BabeVR

"Do you wanna see how wet you make me?"

....Charlotte whispers in your ear at around the 7 minute mark, disposing of her panties and settling into some nice fingering action.

Charlotte Stokely virtual

"You make my pussy soo wet"

She comes right back to the edge of the chair again here, so you get the full effect of being close to her while she plays with her pussy for you, with the occasional kiss or whisper thrown in.

Charlotte Stokely masturbation

"Listen how wet you make me"

And the audio capture is actually up to the task here, allowing you to hear all of the moist details down below.

Charlotte Stokely solo
Charlotte Stokely from BabeVR
Charlotte Stokely virutal session

Nice opening

This section runs around 7 minutes of close up action and from a simulation/PoV standpoint, does not feel entirely implausible, say if you just focus on Charlotte's face. The positioning is done well here, and starts to approach an effective shot setup for something like this in VR in overall concept. 

Charlotte Stokely VR

"Don't I look so pretty with your cock in my mouth?"

Action transitions onto a bed setup at around the 13 minute mark, and Charlotte's alabaster features fare a little better on this setup with at least hints of pink peeking through. She's rockin a dildo for some simulated cock sucking here and the action is once again, right in your face and present. Eye contact at close range here, is more of the back or forth variety, diminishing the focus and power some but the proximity is right where it should be. 

Charlotte Stokely dildo

"Do you wanna watch me stick this hard cock my wet...pussy?"

Another whisper transition and action switches to a simulated cowgirl type shot with Charlotte increasing her color commentary.

Charlotte Stokely movie at BabeVR

Charlotte had the hook in me by this point so I would rate the run-up and all quite solid in terms of heat and pacing beyond the twerking section.

Charlotte Stokely virtual reality porno

"Don't you love watching that hard cock make its way into my tight little pussy?"

And tight little pussy is right as Charlotte slowly teases the dildo inside. The whole show is first class here, and you should be right at home in your happy place if you are a Charlotte Stokely fan.

Charlotte Stokely
Charlotte Stokely VR movie
Charlotte Stokely butt

"Oh really know how to stuff me"

Charlotte assumes a cherry asses up position next for the butt lovers, and besides the glare of the full moon, Charlotte looks quite tasty here.

Charlotte Stokely virtual masturbation

"You wanna cum inside me? Please?"

Action finishes up with Charlotte facing you and beggin for you to cum inside her along with a missile launch, 10-1 descending countdown for you to time liftoff to if you so desire.

BabeVR Stokely Session

Hot finish from Charlotte

Charlotte sells this all about as well as you could ask and the scene wraps up nicely here with a final close up followed by an after scene off cam/on cam comment from her, similar to most BaBoinkVR movie endings.  

Charlotte tag

"This is Charlotte Stokely...and you just came inside me...for BabeVR!"

Solid Charlotte Stokely VR scene for solo fans


So, overall, I was diggin on Stokely Session from BabeVR, and definately diggin on Charlotte here.  She comes across as sexy and confident and was well able to carry the scene for 30 minutes.  If you are a Charlotte Stokely fan, and don't need a stunt dick in your VR porn, then I thought this was a really nice take on a solo scene with her.  I like that there was a focus on proximity/intimacy from start to finish and it feels like a deliberate effort by production to emphasize these elements. 

BaDoinkVR already feature top notch casting, so it will be exciting to see who they may be able to get to do a VR solo scene, that may not otherwise shoot B/G porn in addition to the girls they already feature. I know there is a segment of guys out there that really appreciate broless content, especially that which makes good use of VR, so BabeVR may fill a nice spot there for some. 

Many of the early BabeVR scene have utilized a full torso doll for the girls to ride and while that can offer some practical advantages in terms of simulating positions, I totally enjoyed this type of presentation as well.  There were a few things I might tweak here and there in terms of lighting and positioning but overall, I thought it was a strong Charlotte Stokely VR solo scene from BabeVR. 10/10.

Stokely Session from BabeVR!

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