Gettin Your Shit Lit Up in the WankzVR Champagne Room with Kristina Rose and Gina Valentina!

Champagne Room featuring Kristina Rose and Gina Valentina from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  11/29/2016
Running time: 77:00
Starring:  Gina Valentina, Kristina Rose
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or  Champagne Room Preview
Notables:   Kristina & Gina, maleless GG opening section of close up asseating goodness
Negatives:  Lighting affects image in some sections, some off center action, tilted camera where not necessary at times
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Bring a bib!

"Champagne Room"

Wanted to double back this weekend and make sure I hit up Champagne Room from WankzVR for a bit of a recap. I was too busy Tuesday to get a proper review up but there was no way I was going to let this one get by without highlighting the opening 30 minutes of this fucker at least.  As a whole, some of the perspectives in the rest of 1 hour 16 minute Champagne Room didn't really get it done for me, but they are new ideas and angles, and I am stoked to see Wankz still hunting sweet VR fruit for us. The only way to find it, is to try to shoot it and see if it works, so while the entire Champagne Room experience did not light my fuse, a Kristina Rose and Gina Valentina double team in one scene is no fucking joke and the ladies came to play, came to fuck you up in VR and the first 30 minutes with them was pure virtual reality gold for this viewer.

VIP WankzVR style

So, movie finds you getting the VIP treatment in the WankzVR Champagne Room from Kristina Rose and Gina Valentina, who for my money, are two of the strongest girls in VR that Wankz have featured.  Kristina's rocket fueled performance in Riding the Roadie was an aggressive VR fuck to remember and Gina Valentina has been a tasty treat in all of her WankzVR appearances, bringing a totally at ease in front of the camera dynamic that plays super well in VR.

Opening image cool, not clear

The room itself is really cool in that it is a black curtained room with huge ceilings, set up and lit up to get that backstage stripper joint vibe and black backgrounds can be really cool for focusing contrasting elements.  In this case, the strip joint lighting will also present a bit of a challenge with WankzVR's camera rig in few sections.

So image here in the opening shot is perhaps similar to Game of Moans in particular, with a fairly glarey effect from lighting that hampers image quality a bit. But this changes significantly around the 4:30 mark when there comes a cut and the image looks much clearer.

kristina rose wankzvr

Kristina Rose!

Meet Kristina Rose & Gina Valentina

You are first greeted by sexy Kristina Rose, who being a dancer in real life as well, has the part nailed about as good as you can nail it, and she is welcoming you to the VIP and tellin you bout the WankzVR 2 fer 1 special.  She is also tellin you she is paired up with the new girl Gina, who really doesn't know what the fucks up yet so you can have some extra fun with her and Kristina is soon calling Miss Valentina into the room to join you both. 

The initial image is pretty bad, but the talent is off the charts and in your face and I just got into the vibe without being to fussed up about pixels. Some didn't care for the lighting/image with this scene, but for me, it's much like Zombie Slayers  in that the image is secondary to action cause the girls kill it and the entire scene is filled with strong chemistry between the two.

champagne room wankzvr

Greeting the new girl

2 gina valentina wankzvr

Gina Valentina!

Things get close from here

The girls give you a bit of a show before Gina asks if it is OK to kiss you and it will be a challenge to get some of what makes this opening section great in screen shots, as things really close don't look so hot in screens and lack the effect that getting that close in VR provides.  And the next 20 minutes of Champagne Room is all about the close ups.

3 gina kristina champagne room

The video gods knew this section would be hot as fuck so they blessed it!  Image quality is much improved here.

Image much crisper after the first cut

Around 4 and a half minutes in, they drop the stuntcock that is initially seated in the shot and go to a camera PoV that simulates your view. Image quality takes a huge leap here, and the girls look amazing in front of you; well lit, well defined and hot as fuck as they start getting freindly.

5 gina kristina

Some great views

Kristina backs her ass right up to your face while Gina comes in from above with some kissing and tonguing before the girls play around a bit and switch positions, and I was digging the point of view here with both girls feeling close and present in the shot and some awesome views of the dirty action from your vantage point.

6 kristina gina

Kristina goes for the  airtight seal on that shit

And they get close, as Gina plants that sweet ass in your face and Kristina comes in for some deluxe asshole licking like only WankzVR serves up right now. If you're not down for A games then perhaps not your cup, but the ones that are, this shit will leave you ready to chip diamonds with your pickaxe for awhile.

7 champagne room

WankzVR girls get down

All up in yo grill

Now we have seen this kind of thing from WankzVR before, in say Tail Gate Tag Team but they manage to shrink the gap down to just about nothing here, to where you feel like you are in there virtually chowing on some ass with the other girl and it jumps into that involuntary airlingus response that virtualy any male without fear of getting caught is going to react to.  It's pretty strong: Kristina is eating Gina's asshole right in front of you and then coming in for a kiss and telling you to taste it.  Why yes! please...may I have another?!

8 gina valentina kristina rose

Some of these shots set against the black background look great

Full meal deal

Around 10 minutes in Gina lays her head before you and Kristina backs up over her so Gina can get to work from below, and the shot will prob have you wanting to b-low as Gina snacks on Kristina's tasty treats inches from your vantage point.  There ain't no tepid hole licking going on here folks, they both go full ham sandwich on that shit.

9 wankzvr champagne room

Gina Valentina ....drivin it to the rim!

10 gina valentina

W is for WankzVR!

11 wankzvr lesbian

I could watch these 2 go all day

Time for you to lend a tongue

The girls back up a little closer after a few and ask if you want to get involved, placing the action pretty much right where you want it— in the reach out and munch it zone. 

13 gina kristina

WankzVR...putting the 3D porn in my porn reviews 😉

About as close as it gets

Kristina flips over so she is facing up next with Gina chowing her asshole and pussy from below, and this is pretty much as close as you can get to virtually being in on the shit with Kristina's pussy being right where it needs to be while Gina tosses her salad from down under.

14 kristina rose wankzvr

Insert face here

Join Kristina for Pussy Valentina!

Around 17 minutes in Kristina tells you to to get a little lower on your knees and the camera gets a bit lower to the couch and action resumes with Gina offering her tasty little pussy up for your oral attention.

15 gina valentina wankzvr

Or here, Kristina will share!

"Is your dick hard sucking all that pussy?"

Kristina keeps the dirty talk rollin in the background as you are smothered in Gina's virtual crotch and before you know it she is coming over the top to join in with you on the Gina Valentina snack tray.  Both girls are telling you to lick that fuckin shit and those orders are honestly pretty easy to follow here!

Caught up in a virtual tornado of pussy, assholes and tongues

Kristina hops on top of Gina next for a dual pussy presentation and it is kind of like being in a tornado of pussy and asshole here, with things moving around, the action never stickin in one place for too long and this shit makes for some pretty good VR porno.

16 gina kristina
17 kristina rose

Girl/Girl section wraps up here

Miss Rose wants a mustache ride next and plants her pussy down for ya while Gina kisses her in the background and rubs on Kristina's clit. There is a bit more pussy lickin before Kristina asks you if you think you can handle the double Latina fire challenge and prompts you to whip out your dick, marking the end of the amazing opening section and the transition to the rest of the scene featuring a proper stunt cock.

Champagne Room part deux

Champagne Room rolls on for yet another 50 minutes from here,  and I am pretty much just going to hit on some of the key scene elements from this point to highlight the rest of the movie for you having blown a good load of text on the first part there.

18 wankzvr champagne room

PoV goes into a bit of an over the dick tilt here

Lighting is cool but brings down the image quality some

First shot finds more adventurous lighting that has a pretty detrimental effect on the image, so visuals take a step back from the GG action just before.

19 champagne room wankzvr

Some great fucking in the second section

Tilted down on the dick

There is a hard tilt on the cam in standing position, and this coupled with a low camera placement, left me feeling like I was right above the dick and disconnected from where my head should have been in virtual space. The PoV is about nipple height on bro and staring down for the first section.  Hard shadows can also obscure some of the action here in the following oral and doggie sections as well but in terms of fucking, the footage is great and it is pretty hard to go wrong with these 2 at WankzVR.

20 champagne room wankzvr
21 wankzvr movie review

Level cam setup

The cam is shifted to a level position at around the 48 minute mark for a seated perspective yielding the most connected fucking in the scene for me, with a height that feels right about where it should be.  Unfortunately, the action here is also cocked to the left a bit, and you feel like you are viewing from almost the right shoulder instead of the head of the body below you in some moments.

Other than the cam being slightly off to one side, there is some fantastic action with Gina and Kristina here with seated backward and forward time for a good 10 minutes before transitioning to the last scene change of the movie.

22 gina valentina kristina rose

But wait....there's more!

Bonus time in the WankzVR Champagne Room sees VR history made with the first full on sex harness/swing that I can recall seeing, with about the closest thing I can remember being the excellent swing setup in Stepdaughter's Favorite Workout from BaDoinkVR with Jimena Lago.

24 sex harness

A lot of male body in the shot below your view

Cam is back on a hard tilt for this section and between that and the natural movement of Kristina back in the harness as she gets fucked from the front, this puts pretty much the entire body of Chad Alva clearly into the FoV fucking away beneath you.  Meanwhile, Gina is doing an amazing job in the back the entire time trying to provide some anchored counter force for the fucking action and it winds up an experimental and fun VR PoV for sure.

23 wankzvr sex harness

Sex harness bonus section, and some funky bro poses

Adventurous shot

It is an adventurous idea and it is cool to see someone use a harness or swing as a prop as it can allow for some unique positioning but there's also some funny shit to go along with trying out such a new shot, like being able to see Chads hands holding onto the top of the harness rig.

25 gina harness wankzvr

Cumswap ending

You get 15 minutes of fucking both girls in the harness before they drop down to take your load from below and enjoy a bit of dirty cumswapping and relaxed cooldown for a couple before your VIP stay in the WankzVR Champagne Room slowly winds to a close with the girls telling you to come back and see them again.

26 cumswap wankzvr

Sharing some bubbly in the WankzVR Champagne Room!

Experimental fun from WankzVR.  10/10

So as a porn, Champagne Room is pretty nuclear.  Kristina Rose and Gina Valentina make a knockout twosome in terms of bringin the raw sexual energy to the table and in that sense it didn't miss a beat.  Tons of hot fuckin with 2 amazing adult performers that work great together and play off each other well.  The opening 25 minutes or so is some of the best up close action I have seen in VR and it is about as close as you can imagine coming to sharing a pussy and ass snack with Gina and Kristina. The lack of male body in the up close sections allow the action to come right up to the camera, leaving enough room to wedge a pussy and another girls face/tongue into while still keeping it close enough to where you feel like it is all within in your virtual reach.

27 champagne room wankzvr

Love these 2!

Portions of the rest of the movie felt a bit more experimental on shot selection and features such as alternative lighting and camera placement provided some detractions from image and VR perspectives.  I am all about mood lighting though, so I like shit like this or Zombie Slayers where just the addition of some simple colored lights can alter the vibe of the scene and I really dig black rooms also for enhancement of focus and contrast.  This scene was close to looking very good without the white glare from the set lights behind the rig, and the GG section in the beginning looked quite nice, so points for just trying shit and putting us into a cool setting for an hour.

Hard cam tilts that place the PoV right on the dick and allow for the entire male body to occupy focus at the bottom of the frame don't really work for me in the VR sense as they tend to lead to observer type feeling perspectives, rather than solid first person PoVs, so some of that footage lost me in the feeling like I was there sense.  The section of seated action with the cam looking dead ahead was my favorite portion of the 2nd part of the movie and was only marred by the male body being off to the left of the camera a bit, otherwise providing a solid perspective.

In the end, Champagne Room is must see VR if you are a Kristina Rose or Gina Valentina fan or a fan of right in your face virtual pussy and ass licking. There is a shit ton of movie here at an hour and 15 minutes, and there is more than enough action to find a spot to rub one out.  For me, I was about ready to chip rock after the opening 25.  Overall, it's another WankzVR feature that lies a good head and shoulders above the competition, and wasn't afraid to try some bold new shit. We get some awfully formulaic presentations from some of the studios right now, and if you want the on-the-pulse-hot-shit-in VR, WankzVR is the place to get it at the end of 2016. 10/10. I would give the 2nd portion like a 7 or 8 on the VR shit, but as a whole, I mean.... the fucking value is there, the opening is nuts, the girls are great so 10 out of fucking 10. I will happily watch Kristina Rose and Gina Valentina any time I get a chance at WankzVR!

"Champagne Room" from WankzVR!

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