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CeCe Capella from Real Teens VR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 8.5/10

"CeCe Capella"

Taking a look at the new CeCe Capella offering from Real Teens VR tonight. This one comes in at 26 minutes and features a new rig with changes to scale from RealTeensVR, so I was pretty interested to check it out, with some of the past offerings like Peyton Robbie and Joseline Kelly having been absolutely huge, where others were pretty much fine for my eyes.  I enjoyed CeCe Capella's movie over at WankzVR a couple of months back, but that one had some pretty bad issues with one lens being blurred, so I have been waiting to get a better look at CeCe in VR.  This one has reports of possible sync or blur issues from a small number of viewers, but beyond that, was a solid scene with an improvement to scale and camera positioning for me.  * Update:  It was later revealed there was a sync problem with this scene*

Someone has a case of the giggles

Every Real Teens VR movie starts out with a tease section, and this one finds CeCe pretty much being a goofball in a good way, just being herself, and kind of laughing at the absurdity of her task of being "sexy" for 5 minutes.  If you are looking for a serious presentation, this is not it, but if you want to laugh, this one is pretty good and she was crackin me up.

There are a couple comedic moments in the movie where she cracks up when she says she is going to do one thing, and off camera direction puts the kibosh on it, and she has to double back and be all.....er, not yet.  I liked the vibe cause it was honest, some nervous laughter and then she settles in later while getting fucked good.

New Scale looks good

Scale seemed fine for me on Oculus, about the size I would expect CeCe to be and the opening section is very near to her with lots of up close pussy and ass.  In general, I like the opening sections, a bit more so the ones featuring some talking like this one and Scarlet Sage's movie and this opening goes for around 7 minutes before CeCe tells you to pull your cock and and fuck her.

Some decent kissing

Next scene finds you seated with CeCe kneeling between your legs for a short bit of oral before she hops on your dong.  Distance and scale feel really good here and the cowgirl action is super close.  The section starts with some kissing and all of the kisses in this movie land pretty close to spot on.  CeCe keeps em on the natural side and sells them well and they don't come off feeling like insert-kiss-here as much.  Naughty America/ Real Teens VR are doing a good job of giving WankzVR some competition in the kissing department, with this movie doing better on kisses this week than WankzVR's two offerings that missed both high and low.

Some reverse cow is next and this section as well is kept closer than typical, with CeCe leaning back for quite a bit of it half-turned sideways and you can get a really close look at the sweat building on her skin.

A bit more brief closeup cowgirl facing you again after this and CeCe gives you a kiss and tells you she wants you to bend her over and fuck her, bringing you to a kneeling doggie transition.

Improved doggie camera height

This doggie felt much closer than the normal Naughty America doggie shots that have always felt much too high for me, and it was nice to see a more realistic distance to dick here.  CeCe looks great from this angle and feels very present in the shot.

"I want you to destroy this 19 year old pussy"

CeCe lays back for some hard kneeling missionary next and this is a really flattering view of her here, with her eyes looking totally different from above in this position.  Some good hard fucking  follows and after you dump a pretty mediocre load on CeCe's stomach, she tells you "thanks for destroying me" before the scene winds to an end.

Solid scene for CeCe fans

To wrap this one up, I rather like the way things are shaping up over at Real Teens VR right now.  The major beef for most has been scale and hopefully this one will mark an upturn in that equation.  The scale looked good to me on Oculus, but I have not had a chance to view it in GearVR where the bulk of the scale complaints come from with Naughty America / Real Teens VR.   The focus on keeping things much closer seems to be a direct reaction to WankzVR to me, and it's good to see another studio catering to this demand from consumers.  I like CeCe, she's funny, casual and rocks a super sexy bod, and it's fun to watch her fuck, so good performance her from here.  No real issues with this one. Some viewers on Reddit have reported something being amiss in the way of sync or blur, but I did not personally experience anything gamebreaking while watching in Oculus in the way of stutter or blur. (update: Later revealed there was a sync problem with this release)   If you are a fan of CeCe, give this one a go, it's probably a notch up from Bathtime from WankzVR, as there is much more close up action here.  8.5/10  Find our complete Real Teens Review here.

"CeCe Capella" from Real Teens VR

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