Virtual Taboo Breaks Out the Latex Catsuit in Catex with Julia Roca! Meow!

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Catex from Virtual Taboo Featuring Julia Roca!

Review by DirtyD

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Review Score 10/10


Catex is an August 19th release from Spanish independent VR studio Virtual Taboo featuring one of my absolute favorite actresses in VR porn right now, Julia Roca playing the role of an evil Catwoman, complete with a black latex catsuit.  I can stop there and be happy 🙂 But Catex was also conceived and directed by original VR girl and veteran Spanish adult performer Silvia Rubi, who has been involved with VR from jump, being featured along with Onix Babe, Amarna Miller, Eris Maximo and Irena Vega in what many of us fondly recall as VirtualRealPorn's very first attempts at filming adult action in Virtual Reality.  You can currently find many of these women working together on the amazing AltPorn4U website, doing some truly outstanding indie porn, and I am a really big fan of all these performers work and glad I have become familiar with them via VR.   Since the birth of VR porn, both Julia and Silvia have gone on to have been featured in many VR productions for several studios, with Silvia herself having been cast along side Ally Breelsen at Virtual Taboo months ago in what many would consider to be the finest GG scene filmed in VR thus far, Lesbian Taboo.  So I was pretty exited to check this one out; it's a great combination of talents on paper and I mean Julia Roca in a latex catsuit!  Meow!

Julia Roca Catex

Catwoman on rail

Outside at night

Catex takes place on what appears to be an outdoor tiled porch/balcony type setting, complete with bustling street noises and ambiance from below. The scene takes place at night, and this in itself is perhaps a first that I can recall and it was interesting to see a VR scene lit, or not lit, this way with a black background.

Julia Roca Catex Virtual Taboo


3rd person start

Julia, our catwoman, is initially perched aside the iron railing surrounding the balcony and being quite feline, rubbing against the rails and grooming herself as you enjoy the setting initially from a 3rd person perspective.  She is clad in tight black latex, that has been wet down a bit and makes plenty of latex noise as Julia slowly prowls around the deck, approaching her captive play-toy.

Catex Virtual Taboo

Our dirty peeper awakens

Switch to first person as you wake up

Glancing right, you find the passed out captive of our pussycat, wrapped in clear plastic stretch wrap and seated in a chair, played by Spanish actor Sylvan.  After a bit more sensual rubbing and grooming by our cat, her captive regains consciousness and you then find yourself in his unfortunate (not!) predicament of being wrapped like a mummy in plastic wrap, at the mercy of Julia, who begins to speak and tells you she caught you peeping at her through her window.

Virtual Taboo Julia Roca

A switch to first person POV

Lots of latex sounds

The distance to Julia is very nice here, and there are lots of those bindy latexy noises as it contacts the plastic wrap on you that those that enjoy this fetish will like.  I am not into the feel of the material as much as the look of it on my side, but I think this one should resonate strongly with those wanting to explore this a bit in VR.

Julia plays the part well, a bit evil, a lot sexy, and quite feline in her mannerisms selling the whole thing solidly, meowing and clawing at you in your plastic wrapped shell. The whole thing is pretty freaky (in the best way) for mostly Vanilla VR, so it's good to see the envelope pushed a bit in this movie.

The darkened sky behind I think presents some challenges for the camera exposure and the set lights both serve to highlight the black latex greatly, while washing out on Julia's face in a few angles, but overall, I think it plays to the strength of the latex. There is also a blue half halo reflection here caused by having the lights up a bit too close at night I am told, but it is not terribly distracting, you can see it in the screenshots.

Julia Roca Latex

Julia gives you a peek behind the catsuit

"See how sweaty I am"

Julia says as she unzips the top of her catsuit to expose her lovely breasts and you get a very nice sensation of that moist flesh below latex feeling here as she works the edges of the suit against her skin.  There is a quick kiss followed by a bit more friction before Julia begins to claw at the bottom of your wrap to get at your hardening cock below.

Julia Roca Catsuit

Clawing off the wrap

Very feline oral section

Julia takes a very catlike approach to working your cock, and stays in character with more feline licking and clawing mannerisms.  She spends a nice amount of time just licking and teasing your dick before finally placing it all the way in her mouth and the pacing is really even and natural here.

Julia Roca Virtual Taboo Catex

Julia gives a very animal like blowjob

Unzip the kitty

At about 13 minutes into the movie, Julia unzips the crotch of her catsuit, releasing visible drops of moisture, and I could pretty much eat that shot for breakfast, lunch and dinner. God bless zippered crotches.

Julia Roca Catex latex one

Good god

She hops on for some forward cowgirl and the action is hot but brief and Julia takes it away as fast as she gives it, zipping up kitty for some sexy views of her ass clad in latex.  She is slightly evil in character and plays it more as if concerned with pleasuring herself then you.  You are merely her toy here.

Julia Roca Catex Movie

Hot & sweaty ass in latex

Some nice reverse riding comes next featuring spectacular views of Julia's sweaty ass framed in latex, and this was probably my favorite section being an assman. 

Julia Roca Virtual Reality

My favorite section


Do you have any milk for this cat?

After riding you nicely reverse cowgirl and emitting some very feline vocalizations, Julia turns to you and says that she is thirsty, asking if you have any milk for this cat?  Dropping to her knees, she then milks a nice load from your cock which she mouths completely before straddling you and dripping it back down the front of the latex and rubbing it into her tits.

Virtual Taboo catex latex

Cum, sweat and latex

Kitty licks you clean

The movie ends with Julia finally releasing you from your confines and licking the sweat from your chest, which always "feels" good in VR and it's the only moment in the scene where Julia appears to do something just for your pleasure, easing up slightly at the last minute on a bit of the dom vibe of you being confined at her mercy and it makes for a nice way to wrap up the scene.

Julia Roca Catex one

Kitty licks you clean

Great VR scene for latex/catsuit fans 10/10

So, overall, I enjoyed the scene, it was a nice departure from Vanilla town, and while I don't have a latex fetish, it was still a hot feature on its own.  It is good to see Virtual Taboo spread out a bit on content and this makes for a nice addition to their growing catalog.  For those that do enjoy latex as a  fetish, I can't really think of any other examples where it is purposely focused at the moment in VR and you could certainly do worse than having Julia Roca model a custom catsuit for you! 

For latex lovers, Catex is 20 minutes of focused devotion in virtual reality with lots of emphasis on the sound and texture of the material, as well as the heat and sweat it generates on Julia's body.  The small issues with glare from lights, and the fact our captive rocks about a 7 on the hard-o-meter in the ending section requiring some hand support are the only real nitpicks I would have here.  There are a fair amount of male hands in the scene  for those that care, but they are confined much of the time and cannot really roam too far due to the plastic wrap so they are not obtrusive.  

Julia Roca, is unbelievably sexy as always, and sells the role of a slightly evil latex clad catwoman perfectly here.  I also appreciated the creativity from Silvia Rubi with fleshing out the overall concept behind Catex, eliciting an engaging performance from Julia while taking us as viewers out of the normal vanilla boundaries we generally get to experience in VR porn with a very simple but effective scene that hits all the marks it should.  10/10 as a Virtual Reality latex fetish movie and a really convincing and sexy feline performance from Julia Roca.  Catex!  View our full Virtual Taboo Review and website rating here.

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"Catex from Virtual Taboo!

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