Leah Gotti VR! Casting Couch VR with Leah Gotti from WankzVR!

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Casting Couch VR Featuring Leah Gotti from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus DK2 and Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

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Leah Gotti VR in Casting Couch VR

Casting Couch VR is a 5/27/16, 32 minute offering from WankzVR featuring smoking hot Leah Gotti.  This movie marks more fixes for WankzVR, whose first 23 movies suffered from many issues, from fps blur, to world scale, and the subsequent 4 or 5 releases suffering from a blurred image on one side, so it was with some trepidation that I fired up todays movie and I am happy to report, this one is really solid technically.

Casting Couch Leah Gotti VR WankzVR

Leah Gotti looking fine as fuck

Leah Gotti is Fine as Fuck

The scene opens up with you seated behind an office desk and it appears from the stack of porn dvd's n swag on top of it, you may be some sort of porn producer type.  Of immediate note, the color is excellent!  Many of WankzVR's features have been plagued by really bad blinding overexposure and washed out colors, and this one displays none of those shortcomings.  Color is balanced and exposure is good.

Leah Gotti WankzVR

Leah's body is rockin

Amazing Titties

Leah walks in looking for some work, and after a few minutes you have mimed her into busting out her incredible fucking rack.  Miss Leah Gotti has some great titties and that is all i have to say about that.  She bends in close and asks you to touch them, which for some will be all, wtf!  Hands!  And some won't care.  I would rank hand activity at like a 4/10 in this one for those that value that metric.

WankzVR Casting Couch VR

Stunning Ass, great close ups

Leah next gets up and kneels on your desk for some nice close up action, and the image looks really good here, no discernible distortion, so Leah can come in as close as she wants.  After a nice bit of titty action, she turns around and sticks her ass in your face for some nice close up time and fingerin, and these shots are pretty hot while Leah keeps things dirty with the dialog.

Leah Gotti

They went for some kissing here, but we get hair and forehead 🙂

Kissing, ...better luck next time

There are a couple kissing attempts at the very end of the desk scene, but unfortunately, Leah either winds up kissing the guy, or right above him, and the view on camera is of her forehead and hair, right against your face.  There are a couple tries at this in the movie, and while they all miss really badly, I am stoked that WankzVR are going for the concept, and their rig will do it fine, they just have to get the positioning down and have the girl kiss where she is looking, which is kind of not what her natural instinct might be.

Leah Gotti Virtual fuck

Leah looking fierce

Great shot

Leah gets down on her knees and sucks your cock for a few minutes before there is a camera change over onto the proverbial casting couch, and she gets into the bend-over-and-suck-your-cock-while-sticking-ass-in-face position that works really well in VR and has been featured recently in scenes like Latina Ass Shake and Call Katrina to great effect, and this is one of my favorite shots for sure.  Hands are pretty busy here.

Leah Gottie VR Sex

Love this section!

You get some really sexy, close up cowgirl fucking in forward and reverse next and Leah is really hot here, talking dirty and fucking you hard, generally making a lot of noise telling you how good your cock feels inside her pussy.

WankzVR Leah Gottie Sample

A really nice, close, cowgirl secton

Leah wants you to cum inside

At 27 minutes in, you get the final shot change, where you are back on the desk again, and Leah is telling you where she would like you to make your deposit, and it is your lucky day, cause she wants it inside!  Leah lays back on the desk and pretty much fucks the shit out of you for the next couple minutes until you dump your nut in her box and this was probably my favorite stretch of the movie.  And it ain't over yet, as Leah stands up on the desks and allows you to finger your cum back out of her pussy, in one of the best creampie endings in VR history!  I won't spoil that with more color commentary, it is simply a great way to end a VR Porn.

Leah Gottie Casting Couch VR Porn

What's that? You want what where?

Really solid effort from Leah Gotti and WankzVR

So overall, with regard to past issues corrected: Color balance, check. Exposure, check. Distortion, check. Blur on one side, check. This one looked pretty good when contrasted to the last, what, 29, 28 releases from WankzVR.  Leah Gotti VR, as expected, was pure fire, and kept the scene steamin throughout.  There were some really nice close ups, a couple at least attempts at kissing, which we are all screaming for seemingly, and a fan-fucking-tastic ending, tyvm Leah Gotti!

Leah Gotti Virtual Missionary

Getting ready to give Leah one last good fucking

The only detraction for me with this one, beyond some odd but excusable porno one_sided dialog setup, was the scale seemed a bit smaller again, similar to what I noticed with the last one, Room for Rent, but had no issues with in the previous 4, so not sure if that is my personal IPD, or if others may take note of this as well.  I was not able to get the movie to run smoothly in MaxVR so I was unable to reduce stereo separation to see if that would dial things in for myself, and ran it in Whirligig, where that tweak is unavailable.

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Leah Gottie Virtual Creampie

Leah dribbles your load

Our first WankzVR 10/10

Otherwise, I feel like WankzVR hit this one pretty solid over the fence.  The performance was hot, and it was captured technically for perhaps the most complete time in WankzVR's checkered history, resulting in a 10/10 for me.  I really liked this one, it's hard not to.  If you like Leah Gotti, and would like some Leah Gotti VR.... just get it!  Our WankzVR Review is always up to date here.

"Casting Couch VR" from WankzVR!

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