Virtual Double Penetration with Canela Skin in Despacito from VirtualRealPorn!

Despacito featuring Canela Skin from VirtualRealPorn!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VirtualRealPorn
Release date:  April 6, 2018
Running time: 36:02
Starring:  Canela Skin
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Despacito Preview
Notables:  Virtual DP scene
Negatives:  Cam gets bumped at one point, flat cowgirl shots
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  One for the DP fans


     Wussup dickslappers! Getting back to some reviews this weekend after taking a week off to perform some website maintenance and wanted to peep this scene with Canela Skin from VirtualRealPorn, being that it's a seldom seen 1st person DP scene for VR.    

Larger scale at VirtualRealPorn has been an ongoing issue for the last couple of VRP movies I have watched such as the Natasha Nice scene LA Holidays from earlier this week, but the scale felt right on to me for this movie and I hope it's an indication that VirtualRealPorn may have found a sweet spot on things after working on the problem in recent months.  

With 4 years of largely vanilla 1st person VR perspectives, I'm always happy to jump out of that small box when possible with a scene like this and as a VR DP scene goes, I thought Despacito worked pretty well.



Setup finds you chillin with homebro as Canela walks into the room, playing the role of your "special" Spanish Teacher for the day.

Canela Skin Despacito


I was relieved to see the scale looked on point after Monday's VRP scene which felt a tad large to me and there was nothing else really glaring sticking out on the tech side. You start off in a seated PoV, and other than the stunt dude being tall, it feels pretty natural.

Canela Skin at VirtualRealPorn

Straight to business

Canela takes all of about a minute flat to get down to business and her eye contact is pretty on point for this scene, with a steady amount of focus on you while she is getting fucked throughout the whole movie.  

Despacito movie review

Nice angles for a change

I just like watching some good ole porno at times so it's nice to get some decent angles on some shit for a scene like this, or at least a mixup of the often very limited views and angles we mostly get in 1st person VR. 

Canela Skin Despacito

Feels kinda dirty

And that's one of the main things I liked with this scene is it just serves up a little different flavor than what we get typically and succeeds in kind of rustling up that "dirty" element that is missing from a lot of 1st person VR at times.  Not like skeevy dirty..... just like, not vanilla and a little outside of bounds. 

Canela Skin Despacito movie review

Fast action

Around 7 minutes in, Canela kneels between your legs to suck you off while she gets fucked from behind for a minute or so before moving up into your lap for forward cowgirl.

Canela Skin at VirtualRealPorn Despacito
Canela Skin VR
Canela Skin in virtual reality

"You want to come to the bed?"

Action transitions to an on your back, on the bed PoV at around the 11 minute mark and the view is pretty much the stock right-down-the-chest shot, so kind of getting to be an oldschool dated approach at this point with more crews starting to tilt the rig up logically for this view in the last year.

Despacito movie review from VirtualRealPorn

Towering cowgirl

More cowgirl action follows and this kind of has a taste of that towering cowgirl type of effect due to the flatness of the camera setup.

Canela Skin anal virtualrealporn


Canela slips you inside her backdoor at around the 14 minute mark for a nice bit of anal.

Canela Skin virtual DP

"What about 2 dicks?"

DP action gets going with you still fucking Canela's ass while bro joins in from the side.  The eye focus from Canela is kept back on you nicely while she is getting fucked so if that's yer thing, you'll probably dig it. I was kind of into the whole thing, as this would never be a likely road for me to travel in real life, so on the I-would-never-do-this-shit tip, it worked as an interesting virtual sexual experience for me.

Canela Skin virtual double penetration
Canela Skin VR DP
Canela Skin virtual double penetration

"OMG....Que rico!"

First DP setup runs about 5 minutes where you then switch holes and Canela has a seat on yer meat in cockeyed reverse whilst the other guy fucks her asshole.

Canela Skin double fuck VirtualRealPorn

An odd feeling couple of minutes of close up footage

Too close

Things get a little weird at around the 22 minute mark, as there is a cut and a transition to an up close shot, that just didn't work for me at all in terms of immersion as it's a blatant switch to a cam view and it kind of killed the flow to the point I wound up skipping over the rest of the shot. It's just kind of like a porn zoom shot to me, not a VR shot, and it kind of feels odd/jarring jumping from the 1st person PoV to the cam perspective and back again. 

VirtualRealPorn Canela Skin DP

More DP

The view returns to "your" perspective after a couple of minutes of the close up shot, for another 5 minutes or so of DP action before the scene transitions to the last setup.

Canela Skin fucked from behind

Back on yer back

Last setup finds you once again in a flat on your back 90 degree PoV with Canela getting fucked from behind while she's sucking your cock.

Canela Skin VR fuck

Chest fuck

Canela next lays right up on your chest sideways while she gets fucked in her pussy and ass before the DP action resumes down the home stretch.

Canela Skin Despacito review
Canela Skin cumshot


Cumshots see hombro chuckin a nut into Canela's waiting mouth from the side, then finishing up fucking Canela from behind while she gobbles up your load with the scene wrapping up shortly from there. 

Canela Skin

Nice one for DP fans


Wrappin up Despacito, I enjoyed the scene overall and thought it worked pretty well in terms of a virtual DP setup.  I've been waiting for someone to pull it off, with Czech VR having done a few that came close, but never wound up with both guys actually fucking the girl at the same time.  

On the positives, the scale seemed to be about right for me in this scene and I am hoping this will continue on with future releases.  I like what VirtualRealPorn have been doing contentwise this year, but most of the titles I have viewed, looked to have slightly large scale to my eyes so that's been a bit of a bummer for me. If you're a Canela Skin fan, she looks great here, gives a hot performance and the glasses were a nice touch as well I thought.

The only negatives I would mention would be the flat down the chest cowgirl setups that never feel particularly convincing from a PoV standpoint, as well as the cam getting knocked a bit off center during a short section of footage. 

All in all, Despacito was a nice change of pace for me, and something new in terms of a virtual experience so I was diggin on it for those reasons.  I think this kind of scene is still pretty niche for VR, but I know there are a segment of viewers that will appreciate content like this and on those merits I would probably say this was my favorite MFM VR scene I have watched to this point.  10/10 for the DP crowd. 


Despacito from VirtualRealPorn!

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