“Butt it’s My Birthday” Virtual Anal Cuckolding From HoloGirlsVR!

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The Hot Wife Collection: Butt it's My Birthday!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 7/10

"Butt It's My Birthday" from HoloGirlsVR!

"Butt it's My Birthday!" a virtual anal/cuckold video starring Vicki Chase from HologirlsVR will be the subject of our review today.  This video is 24 minutes in length and 60fps, with a 270 degree field of view.  I get the best results with HoloGirlsVR movies on my DK2 using the very flexible Whirligig player and typically the "barrel" setting works well.   Whirligig is the only player I use for HoloGirls actually as the typical domemaster settings on other players don't really cut it and neither does the recommended Kolor Eyes player for this reviewer.  This is a pretty hot clip, and one of my favorites from HoloGirls currently, so let's get into it!

​You Wife Finally Gets the Big One

The clip starts off with you in front of Vicki Chase as she perches on the corner of a bed with a man in the background behind her and in the cuckolding theme of the video, starts telling you how she is finally going to get the big one.

Vicki turns around and gives you a nice shot of her ass as she turns her attention to the man on the bed. She pulls out his cock and is stoked by the size she sees in front of her, wowing over it while verbally berating the size of your own pathetic member.

She starts sucking him off and though the initial action is a bit far from the camera here, you get some nice shots of him pushing her head down for some deepthroat action. Vicki is stoked and does a nice job handling the size.

vicki chase spit

Vicki shows off some hot cocksucking skills

She asks you if you want them to come a bit closer and they reposition themselves in 69, with Vicki sucking his cock off right in front of you. Vicki is an expert cocksucker and you get to watch her stuff the length of dudes huge cock all the way down her throat multiple times, while leaving lots of spit on it in the process, which looks really hot in VR.

Stick it in My Hairy Cunt

At around 6 mins in, Vicki mounts up reverse cowgirl facing you and puts that huge wet cock in her hairy pussy, which is right in front of your face.  The view is sweet and the action is hot here, with Vicki making lots of noise and threatening to cum.

vicki chase anal sex

Plundering Vicki's Booty

After a few minutes of fucking like this, Vicki decides it is time to put his cock in her ass and leans back and stuffs that huge dick right up her butt.  She looks super hot with a dick in her ass and her pussy is right on your nose while homie spreads it open.

vicki chase gape

Vicki's hot gaping asshole

After getting pounded like this for several minutes, dude pulls her back on his chest and spreads Vicki's ass open for the first of two awesome gape shots, after the second of which, she turns around and goes ass to mouth on his cock for some additional nastyness.

You get some more 69 deepthroating action right in front of you again before Vicki is laid back on the bed for some vaginal spooning. The action is back a bit far here, but Vicki looks sexy taking the dick in this angle and before long it is back in her ass again, while she is telling you what an anal slut she is.

vicki spits on dick in her ass

Vicki adds some more lube

​Working That Dick

More ass to mouth in front of you follows this with Vicki gagging and choking down on his cock and sucking his balls while talking about how much she wants his huge load.  Vicki mounts up cowgirl again, this time giving you her ass to enjoy as she gets pounded and gets her asshole spread open in front of you.  She puts his cock back in her ass again and it looks awesome as he goes balls deep into Vicki.

vicki chase cumshot

Vicki eats his load in front of you

One last ass to mouth and Vicki is milking him up for a load which she takes right on her tongue and swallows down like a dirty girl in your face. She cleans up the last of his cum and "Butt it's My Birthday" is a wrap!

Hot, But Not Without Some Technical Issues. 7/10

Many of HoloGirls' current titles suffer from visible stitching issues.  The lines in this particular video, are around 45 degrees off center on either side.  When a body part transgresses this line, you can see a visible mismatch or seam, where the two camera images are being stitched or seamed together, and this can range from mildly distracting, to scene breaking.  In this case, the couple typically stays out of the stitch zone, and there are only some issues with close up legs, save one section where the money zone drifts to the left into the seam.  Overall, it is not a scene killer for this one, and you can still work up a nutt just fine in spite of it.  Something to mention though.  You can find another HoloGirlsVR movie review here.

Despite the highlighted technical issues, this remains a solid video for fans of anal and Vicki Chase, or close up 3rd person point of view scenes. HoloGirlsVR videos have their own flavor to them, and if you like it, and get find a player that runs them decently, then there are some hot vids over there such as this one. 7/10 due to technical issues.  You can find our full HoloGirlsVR Review and Ranking here.

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