BaDoinkVR Gets with the Times and Hits it Out of the Park with Busting a Nun Featuring Blake Eden!

Busting a Nun Featuring Blake Eden from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  8/11/2016
Running time: 26:00
Starring:  Blake Eden
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Found at end of review or Busting a Nun Preview
Notables:  Regarded by many as a very unique scene in terms of perspectives and presence.  This movie just feels different in VR.  Realism, intimacy, scale, eye contact... this release stands off to the side on its own right now.  It is an anomaly.
Negatives:  Off camera looks, cumbersome outfit
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Wish more were like this!
On of my top contenders for VR porn scene of 2016...this movie is about more than Blake Eden in terms of what makes it special right now compared to everything else being shot.

"Busting a Nun"

Busting a Nun is a 8/11/16, 26 minute release from BaDoinkVR featuring lovely Blake Eden in a Father/Nun themed scene. Being a Blake Eden fan, I was curious to check this one out, but I have to admit, BaDoinkVR has had me absolutely bored to tears over the last couple months, releasing seemingly one 20 minute cowgirl scene after another, and having changed approach very little since the time when BaDoinkVR were the 2nd VR Porn game in town quite some time ago.  Meanwhile, studios like WankzVR have been killing it by providing consumers with the type of VR porn we have been asking for all along and it was really starting to feel like BaDoinkVR was hopelessly out of step with the current trends in VR Porn and in danger of slipping away as a relevant leader. But if Busting a Nun is an indication of the new direction BaDoinkVR is taking, then there are going to be some really happy BaDoink subs out there cause they finally, broke out of their stagnant mold with this one, and I dare say, broke some new ground in the process.  It is clear from the Sex Ed series, their new web design look and feel and this release here, that BaDoinkVR are apparently  looking to shake up their program a bit.

Blake Eden BaDoinkVR 1

Blake has a confession to make

Impure thoughts lead to blowjobs

The scene finds you sitting on a cool circular balcony outcrop bordered by wrought iron railing and Blake Eden approaches needing to discuss something with you.  It seems she is consumed by guilt from having unclean thoughts....and ....and....she just.....really wants to suck your dick!

Busting a Nun 2

So bad, but so good

Perfect distance

Blake has your dick out within short time and begins sucking in earnest, attempting to take every inch of it in on nearly every stroke. Due partially to the fact you are SEATED.....ding,ding,ding....and partially due to the excellent camera placement, this feels totally different from any BaDoinkVR blowjob I can recall and it feels CLOSE, like it should.  You feel like Blake is right between your legs, in scale and at the proper distance from your head, and this is a really great blowjob section, when most of the time, the oral sections in VR porn feel very distant from a laying down position. cough.

BaDoinkVR Blake Eden 3

Some nice jerkin

"Father, I know this is wrong, but it just feels soo right"

Blake continues to suck you off in between telling you how bad, but good this whole thing is, and when she raises up to speak to you, she is close, she feels present, and I cant speak enough about what a breath of fresh air this is in a BaDoinkVR production.  And in general, this is great VR porn.

Blake Eden BaDoinkVR 5

Taking just enough off

Just one kiss

There is one kiss in the movie in this section, that looked very much like the ones Blake did over at WankzVR and despite this being the only kiss, the scene is ultimately so close and intimate, you don't really miss more kissing time.  It would have been nice frosting, but the scene rocks without it and kills it on intimacy in other areas.  Eye contact, other than the few times Blake looks off camera in the beginning when she has lines to say, is just fucking killer in this one, through out the entire scene, and makes for a really strong connection with Blake.

Busting a Nun 6

Really like the leg up action

Love the leg up by my side

She begins to lose the nun outfit, and those who like some clothes left will be happy that she leaves a good bit of the habit on during the rest of the scene.  Blake then approaches and puts a leg up by your side as she goes to work getting things warmed up a bit in front of you and I love having the leg up on my side.  It gets that near range thing happening and keeps Blake at the perfect distance in front while this whole fingering section plays out.

"May I sit on you Father"

At around 10 mins in, and after much fingering and warm up, Blake sits her tight little ass down for some reverse cowgirl, and this shit is all gold zone. It is so fucking close, the camera is perfect distance and Blake just feels fucking present as hell as she leans back into you. 

Blake Eden Virtual Reality 7a
Blake Eden Nun 7

Shit like this is awesome in VR

Busting a Nun Blake 8

First Class VR Lap Ride

I mean seriously, this shit is just great, thats really all I have to say, this is first class VR lap fucking here. The hair, the eyes constantly looking at you, it all adds up to PRESENCE and I won't go on about it, you just need to feel this shit, ha ha.

Blake Eden BaDoinkVR Busting Nun 9

Face to face

The reverse cowgirl goes for around 3 mins before Blake turns around to face and you in the next section, you get heavy breathing, up close titties, eye contact, lean ins on the side of your head, and just overall, a very convincing lap ride in the VR sense.  It was really close so I did not bother screenshotting that portion.

Busting Nun Blake 10

One of the best doggie shots I can remember on cam height

Down to the floor for some Goldilocks doggie

At around 16 mins in, Blake drops to her knees on the wooden floor and cheats her ass up for some really fucking solid doggie action, and I would rank this as one of my favorite doggie shots, in terms of where the camera is mounted.  In most doggie shots, the cam feels far too high, and it disconnects you from the presence of the girls body.  Not here.  Here, I felt like I was fucking Blake doggie, as far as proportions.  Everything just balanced right for me with this camera placement.

Busting Nun BaDionkVR Blake Eden 11

Constant looks back all through here make this section exceptionally strong

The looks in Blake's eyes whilst getting fucked.....

The only negative here, is you are right on the black edge borders if you look down far enough, but I doubt you will do this much as the fucking show is the nonstop looks back from Blake and the various expressions that her eyes go through as you fuck her from behind. It really makes for some stunning doggie action.

Blake Eden VR 12

Nice strokes here

Hot Sauce

Blake turns around next for some really great suck n jerk before the final cut of the movie finds you in...I dunno, like, ultra close seated cowgirl/semi reclined cowgirl/ semi lean back missionary. It's fuckin hot sauce. This goes to the cumshot, which is kind of funny in that you blow a huge load from off screen, but looks great, and this is the only area BaDoink blows it on this movie, with their traditional kick you out the fucking door wet towel endings, that other studios are now learning to avoid.  Leave some time for cool down guys, she looks good down there, let us look for another minute or 2, it feels like lights out to do a quick fade to black.

Bustin Nun BaDoinkVR Blake Eden Movie 14

Right before BaDoink turns out the lights on ya

BaDoinkVR Fucking Rallies! 10/10

So other than the abrupt ending....holy fucking shit.  BaDoink is back!  This is a high water mark for BaDoinkVR to me and feels radically different from anything that I have seen in their catalog up till now. This is absolutely one of the most intimate scenes I have seen in recent memory and I really want to put this up in the On Set with Riley level of significance for BaDoink. It didn't have the kissing and the up close shots of the goods that On Set had but achieved a really fucking high degree of intimacy through great camera placement and a solid fuck from Blake Eden. I have to think this is a different director/production team, as this is just an about face for BaDoinkVR flavor and style.  Would recommend Busting a Nun to all Blake Eden fans, fans of really intimate feeling VR Scenes, guys that love seated cow and just anyone looking for a strong VR fuck scene.  This is a shining example.  10/10.  Killed it.  If you are a fan of the art of VR Porn production, it's a must see in my book as this is the kind of stuff that elevates everything to a higher standard by just pushing it a tiny bit farther here and there. 

"Busting a Nun" from BaDoinkVR!

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