Checking out Burning Angel VR in The Prisoner Part 1 & 2!

The Prisoner: Part 1 & 2 Featuring Leigh Raven, Selena Serpentina and Owen Gray from Burning Angel VR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Burning Angel VR
Release date:  2/10/17
Running time: 9 min & 23 min
Starring:  Leigh Raven, Selena Serpentina, Owen Gray
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailers:  Following Review
Notables:  Leigh Raven, Owen's massive rig
Negatives:  Shot way too far from rig, limited FoV due to seams in image, cut into 2 parts, glaring lights, no VR presence, hard to watch in an HMD, one static pov for entire scene.
Review Score: 3/10
5 words or less:  Rather watch flat porn
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"The Prisoner: Part 1 & 2"

Taking a first look at some Burning Angel VR content tonight with The Prisoner Part 1 & 2 starring Joanna Angel, Leigh Raven, Selena Serpentina and Owen Gray.  Up front, gotta say, I am a bit skeptical here grabbing a one month sub given HoloGirlsVR's track record so far on tech and production, so it is mainly my curiosity of seeing what some new direction might be able to bring to the picture with Burning Angel's creative production style which I enjoy, as well as my continued hope that Holo and friends, get both tech and production that suits VR more dialed in as they continue to launch more product for $$$$ into the market in 2017. The Prisoner unfortunately illustrates many of the same shortcomings as we have seen at HoloGirlsVR and left me with the feeling after watching it of "I would just watch that in 2d" as there was nothing particularly VR focused about this movie, and no reason particularly to watch on a headset.  The scene is much like the Not a Real Nurse scenes from HoloGirlsVR shot in this same room released some weeks back.

the prisoner


You open The Prisoner (part 1, 8 mins) behind a wooden door that is mashed right up against your face and you can hear Joanna Angel talking and removing restraints from the other side of it.

1 the prisoner burning angel vr

One of the few close up sections in the Prisoner

​Your host

The door is opened to expose the room beyond with Joanna Angel in the foreground informing you of your unfortunate circumstance being her captive guest.  Selena Serpentina and Leigh Raven are getting friendly a good 5 feet back from the rig on top of a desk, which is also unfortunately where the bulk of the Prisoner is going to take place.

2 burning angel vr movie review

Lovely, but they may as well be in Jersey in the HMD

​Way too far back

Joanna finishes her introduction and exits the scene, leaving Leigh and Selena behind to taunt you from beyond on the desk, where the experienced viewers out there can already tell looking at the screen-shots, it's at such a range that it will not look good in VR, and it is pretty much into fight your SDE range. Leigh and Selena look great, but are too far away, and to this viewers eyes, also over-scaled a bit. This movie feels, techwise, a lot like the early HoloGirlsVR rig to me.  Scale a bit big, with seams on the sides. 

3 leigh raven burning angel vr

Leigh Raven..../purrrrrrrr

Awww shit, dem seams

Looking around and examining the image for problems, I was bummed to notice the trademark HoloGirlsVR rig seams, and essentially what is done here, is that the edges of the open doorway, are placed right on the seam edges, so you are going to be viewing this entire movie, in that restricted FoV, because whenever anything goes beyond that range, you will see it get clipped by stitching.

4 leigh selena burning angel vr

Back dat shit up here some girls!  Lights blaring in background and with open door, you can see the seam clipping the countertop and windowframe above.  

​Scale looks off to my eye

As well, the scale to my eye is large here, and then the girls are also in platform heals, that accentuates it even more. They are far away for VR to begin with, and still manage to look quite large. Lighting is also pretty gnarly with 2 blinding spots blaring in the room and one behind your PoV, any one of which tend to wash things out when talent gets close or in the direct cone of.  Around 5 and a half minutes in, the left door is opened, cleanly exposing both the seam in the image as well as a set light which will probably even throw godrays in a CV1.


Visible clipping of Leigh's head showing the seam line in the image on the left

It shows you how small an FoV this rig has to shoot in when you eyeball the seam location, and if talent crosses that seam, the body part gets replaced by background image. 

​Wait till Uncle Owen gets home

Leigh bends in to tell you that Uncle Owen is due home anytime and that you will really be in for it then and the door closes on what amounts to around a 7 minute softcore intro scene. I am not sure how many people would be happy with that as a release that 1. you are paying for monthly, and 2. you have to wait days or weeks later to see the second part....with know....fucking!  

5 leigh raven

Not enough of this kind of stuff, and the stuff that is there is pretty glarey


This is supposed to be an immersive experience.  VR.  VR porn.  Nothing screams immersion like, thanks for watching this 7 minute teaser, come back next week to get part 2 and pick up your erection where you left off!  It's like virtual blueballing, lol. It just totally disregards an immersive experience as being a bread and butter element of VR porn.  I don't want to collect these movies every few weeks, and then sit and watch them back to back with the liberal Holo credit rolls splitting them.  It's a porno scene.  Who splits up ONE porno scene? 🙂  WankzVR shoots 2 hour scenes...what gives.  There is no reason to chop it up, it kills scene continuity and rhythm and it presents little porno entertainment value split up like that.  It is the ultimate break in immersion when the thing is filmed as one piece anyway.  

6 the prisoner burning angel vr

Part 2: Meet Uncle Owen, he thinks you're a pathetic loser.  I think his long johns have seen better days.

7 burning angel virtual reality

A few chain pulling sections in the movie

On to Part 2

Part 2 of the Prisoner resumes with Uncle Owen opening the door back up n sayin howdy.  Lucky for you, despite previous foreshadowing of wait till Owen comes home,  he has no plans of buggering your imprisoned arse, and after the 3 of them taunt you a bit more and yank on your restraints, action commences on the desk with both girls dropping down for some oral.

8 the prisoner part 2

Scoot dat shit up!

​Looks great....if your name is Uncle Owen

The problem is, it pretty much looks terrible in the HMD and between the glare coming off of the lights and the distance of the action from the rig, it is well in the range where image deteriorates horribly on current VR rigs and HMD's. In essence, no one watching VR porn, would choose to shoot this at this distance, as it simply looks bad. 

9 the prisoner part 2 burning angel vr least six feet? More? The double door is 32" to 36" a side.

10 burning angel vr porn

I mean, it's good fuckin n all...

The following 20 minutes of fucking is fine, these are all great performers, it is just frankly not in range. Like, I would just watch this without the horrible cone FoV and SDE from a nice Burning Angle video with better camera angles. 

11 burning angel vr the prisoner 2

Hot but distant squirting from Leigh

​Leigh Raven smokes

Leigh Raven in particular is hot as hell in this scene, squirting liberally on Owens cock a couple of times, the second of which sending rivulets flying through the air but again, she is mostly downrange for this action.

12 leigh raven burning angel vr

About 90 seconds of this actually appropriate for VR shot

​Very few close ups and only of faces pretty much leaning in

Around 14 minutes in, there is really about the only shot that comes into a distance that would be suitable for VR when Leigh leans in and grabs the chain on your hand restraints whilst being fucked from the back, but this is also accompanied by washed out glare from the set light behind the rig.

13 bavr fun for about exactly 3 people.

14 third person VR porn

Just, pull the gimp out of the closet...something!

​I dunno about you guys....

This close up with Leigh as she is fucked from behind lasts for around a minute and a half before it is back to more can't see shit action on the desk again and you can see from the screen-shots above, this is not a view most of us are interested in getting when putting on the funny hat for a virtual fapperino or shelling out $19.99/mo.

15 owen burning angel

Popshot takes place at the edge of the doors, and after one last glaring cummy close up with Leigh, the three close things up on you again and the Prisoner draws to an end.

16 leigh raven cum

It's a nice fuck scene and talent was great, just bad in almost every VR sense 

​Not a particularly compelling use of VR technology and porn


Wrapping the Prisoner up, this was exactly the kind of thing I was worried about when it became apparent that both Burning Angel VR and KinkVR were going to wind up using HoloGirlsVR tech for their VR productions and I hope they can pick up going forward on the low points here. This rig, to my eyes, appears to be one of the early HoloGirlsVR rigs or at least the same design complete with seams and it is hard to tell if this scene may have sat in the can a bit. 

The FoV presented here, as well as the distance the action was shot from the rig, is not compelling in early 2017 when contrasted to content coming from most of the other major players in VR and in my mind, offers very little that flat porn does not already provide with better quality and camera angles. If you are going to shoot on the limited tech that is VR right now, then you have to make it worthwhile, and it has to be an experience suited for the current effective virtual environment, ie. the space around 4 feet or less to the rig.

There is no point in shooting action well beyond that other than storyline, etc. and action 6 feet away becomes an exercise in fighting your screen door effect that not even the crispest image can overcome in an HMD right now, not to mention all important VR presence.  The glaring lighting issues as well do nothing for enhancing the image quality, only serving to put talent in poor lighting and wash out our HMD's. 

I am a Burning Angel fan, I like the brand, I like the creativity, I like the style and I like the flavor being a more alt kind of guy myself, and gravitating towards more alternative or boundary pushing art.  I am really hoping they can combine that more movie-like entertainment value, with VR, as the only ones that are really doing that at the moment is WankzVR.  Burning Angel movies have some cool production values and they do enough with fleshing out different scenarios to make for some fun VR porn scenes. I feel like they could do some cool shit, if they get tech and production techniques more in line with what people expect 3 years into VR pornography and I would say this is about as far off the mark as you can land, without going full 360. 

Shooting action 6 feet from the rig...most new studios found out this was the number one complaint other than tech issues very early on and I doubt that many viewers would find this particularly appealing when contrasted to other offerings in the market.  Unless you want to sit in a closet, and watch others fuck out of comfort range. 

Also, Splitting content into a 7 minute intro and a 22 min part two fuck clip I can't see folks getting too excited about either, when you are getting 1 hour WankzVR movies 2x a week or 45 minute Naughty America productions. Could you imagine if Wankz just released the intro clip on Tuesday and the fuck clip on Friday?  Intro tease for RealTeens one week, fuck scene 2 weeks later?

As well, one static shot for a 30 minute scene, from an observer perspective, is pretty bland at this point.  No reason to not incorporate at least a couple of PoV changes.....unless you are trying to mask seam lines with door edges and shoot in a very tiny sandbox. Mix it up, observer is totally liberating. You have crews using steady rigs now.  Can't be shooting one setup observer shots for much longer in VR and certainly not shots like this.  3/10, all production and tech, the talent was great I thought.  

Trying to get matching trailers can be an issue on Holo sites, with wrong versions being uploaded or missing versions as above

"The Prisoner: Part 1 & 2" from Burning Angel VR!

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