Britney Light Featured in LethalHardcoreVR’s Most Intimate Feeling Scene Yet!

Britney Light Featured at LethalHarcore VR - Pre Release Screening

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Lethal Hardcore VR / WhorecraftVR
Release date: To be released
Running time: 44:00 minutes
Starring:  Britney Light
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Not available - Pre Release
Notables:  Proximity, Frame fill, Good vibe from Britney
Negatives:  Eye contact
Review Score: 8.5/10 
5 words or less:  Lethal's Most Intimate Scene Yet?
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Teaching Britney a Lesson!

Sup homo's! lol

Smokin some weed and takin a break from working on some other website projects and got to take a preview look at the upcoming February 18th LethalHardcoreVR release tonight with Britney Light. I thought it was a bit of a step forward from Lethal in the proximity/intimacy department, so wanted to write up a quick turbo recap for you guys.

Britney Light!

Maybe you got some schmutz in yer beard...

Low Eye Focus

Teaching Britney a Lesson had me worried at first as Miss Light starts off with a solid fixation on your virtual chin, but the eye contact did pick up some on the subsequent setups. It's hard to shake the slightly-looking-down vibe for much of the scene though as the main technical drawback to this movie, which is a shame for an otherwise intimate feeling scene in terms of proximity and dialog from Britney.

Warm Opening

Other than that little fly in the soup bowel (which is not typically an issue at Lethal), there is a nice focus on some intimacy action up front, and the content in that regard makes for a good start.

Moar Presence

Overall, there was more presence to this scene from start to finish than in prior scenes at LHCVR/Whorecraft and it felt like another good step forward in that regard along Lethal's somewhat brisk learning curve for shooting VR.

Warmer Feeling Flow

I've mentioned to Lethal shooter Stoney in the past that his scenes were still coming off a bit cold to me, and in that sense, this movie felt "warmer" in that regard in the virtual respect. A bit more sense of Britney, a bit more frame fill throughout the entire scene.

Kitchen Chair Setup

A basic wooden chair was used for homebro to lounge on here and I think that worked well to enhance the shots, as compared to a couch setup where dudes tend to slump more or have to work against sliding around on a larger base.  As well, this allowed Britney to skinny under the chair nicely for the oral sections.

Britney Light VR porn

Lap Action

Lap cowgirls pretty solid other than some quick off cam looks from Britney and overall feels nice and present supplemented by a fair amount of turnaround action like the sidesaddle mount shown below.

Nicely Framed Chow Shot

Pussy eating section feels just about right on distance..... just don't look off to the sides where there are a coupla big ass man hands lurking, lol.

Close on the Couch

The couch back portions are pretty decent feeling and the setup of the subject and rig on this setup is gelling more for me than past movies from Lethal. I would shoot this shot more vertical but otherwise a nice setup when Britney is raised in front of you.  When she lays back, you can sense the result of the tilt on the rig more.

Britney Light virtual reality
Britney Light Teaching Britney a Lesson Lethal Hardcore VR

Rear View

Close up from-behind view is a bit distant to elicit any involuntary virtual tongue wagging action but Britney's asshole looks cute winking at ya.

Close and a Little too Close Doggy

More upright-than-downright doggy follows keeping with the close up theme, and while the first shot feels just about right, there is like an experimental cut to a really tight to Britney's face shot a little further in which failed in terms of PoV plausibility for me and felt more like jumping out of "my" body for a second. 

Little too close on this shot

Little off center here and there but overall a nice feelin doggy section

"That was a big load :)"

Lethal's stuntcock pumps the man chowder like no other, filling Britney's willing mouth to the brim nicely before she dumps it back down her chest with a "that was a big load!" quip. 

Probably LHCVR's Most Intimate Feeling Scene Yet


Tappin out the bowl, I thought Teaching Britney a Lesson was probably the most intimate feeling scene I've caught from LethalHardcoreVR to this point and a nice performance from Britney Light, especially the more she warmed up during the scene. All the "fuck me" shit rang authentic and other than the low pro eye focus and some off screen glances, it was a natural feeling performance that should please her fans. I would probably rate this one a 10, but the eye contact thing is gonna be a bummer for some in portions of the movie. 

On the positives: it feels like progression at LHCVR— which can be downright glacial at some of the other studios— so great to see in terms of approach, I think the focus is on the right track for many viewers here, more down to fine tuning, rather than just trying to get on the same page.  There are little tweaks to what they have been doing here that sum up and make for a tighter and more present feeling VR ride. 

Negatives: a bit too close on the 2nd close up doggie shot for me, and hands on hips during cunnilingus action was something I would put the kibosh on personally.  Other than that,  some off center action on the couch back and some shots I would shoot more vertically were really the only nitpicks for me. The eye contact was the main wart on the asshole in this otherwise solid feature.

Overall, a nice one for Britney Light fans and a scene that shows continued growth on the production side at Lethal Hardcore VR. 8.5/10 on eye contact.

Teaching Britney a Lesson...Coming February 18th from Lethal Hardcore VR!

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