Break Out Yer Dick and Enter the Fap Zone with Khloe Kapri and Alex Blake! Break & Enter from WankzVR!

Break & Enter with Khloe Kapri and Alex Blake from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  5/5/2017
Running time: 57:00
Starring:  Alex Blake, Khloe Kapri
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Break & Enter Preview
Notables:  Cool setting, colors with sky, etc. Khloe and Alex, Solid PoV's, Killer Birds 
Negatives:  None
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Bein bad feels good

"Break & Enter"

     Sitting down this morning to write up a scene review for Break & Enter, the anticipated 2 girl followup to last weeks one on one scenes with Alex Blake and Khloe Kapri, Banging Out The Dents and Home Alone, Time To Bone.  Being a fan of both ladies already, all that was left to see for me was how the 2 would interact together and how the crew would shoot it, and I would have to give this one the nod as the best scene technically speaking for me of the 3 and would put it up there with some of my other favorite 2 girls scenes from WankzVR over the last year.

break and enter

Khloe Kapri!

​Starts off with a kiss

The scene opens up with a kiss, like...mid kiss... which is pretty cool, and you find yourself with Khloe Kapri seated in your lap out back of a sweetass pad that yall have broken into while the owners are away for some B&E hanky panky. It's late afternoon on a sunny day, and the location looks great framed out with a trippy gas flame feature and giant blue horse head set behind a brightly dressed Khloe who pops in pink against the blue highlights of the furnishings and sky above.

1 break and enter wankzvr

​Straight to it

The neighbors are rockin the revs in the driveway next door and after determining it's cool, it's time to have some fun and off comes Khloe's top.

2 khloe kapri break and enter

"It's so exciting.... breaking and entering"

The seated PoV feels right on and Khloe wastes no time breaking your dick out, telling you she has been waiting to suck it the whole day. Airplanes overhead add to the vibe and you are soon grabbing Khloe by the pigtails while she slobs on your knob in VR.

3 khloe kapri wankzvr break and enter

​Seated cowgirl

Opening oral goes just about the right amount of time and it's about the 6 minute mark when she removes her shorts and panties and climbs on for some present feeling cowgirl, with her hair dangling in close enough to feel like its touching you when she first has a seat in your lap.

4 khloe kapri virtual

Hair in the cam always works

​Some nice hair-in-the-cam effect

The hair effect, is a cheap and easy one, and no one uses it pretty much, so I was diggin that here as that shit just works for VR to give you that, I-have-a-girl-right-in-front-of-me feeling.

5 khloe kapri wankzvr vr porn

"I love riding that dick"

The immediacy of the initial mount is forgone for a more leaning back approach where Khloe is supporting herself from the back with her arms, and you get a couple of sexy minutes like this before Alex comes home for a WTF is going on in my backyard moment.

6 break and enter movie review wankzvr

Oh snap!

"Your sister told me that you guys were gonna be on vacation..."

Khloe does a great job with the just-got-caught-fuckin act as does Alex with the what-the-fuck-are-you-doing-here rap, and it's not long before Khloe is trying to flip the script and get Alex to join in with the two of you.

7 khloe kapri alex blake
8 khloe kapri alex blake wankzvr
9 alex blake khloe kapri

I dunno, but I loved the standing up, talking with your dick in her hand section here

​One of my favorite sections

Now I dunno why, but this would up being one of the best sections of the movie for me, as the 2 girls negotiate in front of you, and Khloe is jerking your cock off the whole time, and I dunno what it was, I really don't have a thing for handjobs, but I found this section with Khloe standing there, talking while jerking me off really hot. And the PoV is solid, so that if you are there in your chair, without your underwear, it's pretty much where shit should be going down in virtual space.

10 alex blake khloe kapri wankzvr

Alex does a nice job of protesting, but Khloe soon has her top off and Alex is joining the party proper.

11 killer birds wankzvr

Bird swoops in on the pussy convention

​Dive bomber

Khloe next bends down and bites a standing Alex on her asscheek, leaving a dam-girl mark that lasts the duration of the scene, and then a horned up bird does a flyby immediately following, leading to a comedy burst of what-the-fuck before Alex has a seat beside you for some last minute convincing.

12 khloe alex wankzvr

You don't mind, right? 

13 khloe alex break and enter
14 break and enter wankzvr porn

​Love in stereo

Some kissing from Khloe pretty much seals the deal and it's soon love in stereo with both girls kissing and sucking on your dick in tandem. Nice slow kissing too.

15 break and enter wankzvr

​Sweet cowgirl with Alex

Alex then unbuttons her crotch and has a seat at around the 17 minute mark of the movie for some present feeling cowgirl with Khloe close by on the side askin how tight Alex's little pussy is on your dick

16 khloe kapri alex blake break and enter
17 khloe alex virtual realty

Action here is all super solid and Khloe and Alex have some nice heat between them as they kiss and Khloe works on Alex's clit.

18 khloe kapri virtual reality

"Watch how I cum on my boyfriends dick"

Khloe resumes her supported from the back cowgirl position before a cut brings her in nice and close for a nut sequence.

19 wankzvr break and enter
20 alex khloe wankzvr

​Some tasty in your lap lappin

Alex is back on for another turn at around the 22 minute mark and this section was also one of my favorites, with Khloe riding her hips with her hands, rubbing her asshole and eventually leaning down to toss Alex's salad in your lap. Praise Jeebus.

21 khloe kapri asslick
22 alex blake virtual fuck

"Cum all over my boyfriends cock"

Khloe prompts Alex to do her thing on yer ding ding and the view is prime time of Alex's ass as she grinds one out with Khloe choking her from off to the side.

23 khloe kapri vr porn
24 alex blake pussy

Reverse cowgirl with Khloe is next, featuring delicious views of her rear end and Alex bringing her own ass and pussy up close and center for the deluxe dual full frame effect.

25 break and enter scene review

​Ass're the meat

Close up views of Khloe are next with Alex playing a skin flute solo below for more full flavor VR and the girls pretty much go all out trying to get into all the directed positions in this one, of which there are a fair few like the following ass sandwich.

27 khloe kapri alex blake break and enter

Up top....

26 wankzvr break and enter

down below

Transition to doggie

 The First PoV change happens at around 34 minutes into the scene, bringing you into a kneeling doggy position that, aside from some shiftage here and there from bro below, feels pretty much on point for the duration of the upcoming doggie action.

28 khloe kapri doggie
29 khloe kapri wankzvr

Khloe's tasty ass is up first from behind with Alex keeping it present to the side or in front, before she lays back in front of Khloe so she can be eaten out downrange from you.

30 alex blake virtual fuck wankzvr
31 alex blake doggie wankzvr

Doggie action switches to Alex around 40 minutes in, with Khloe on butthole duty and aside from some shiftage from the dudage here and his need to autospitlube every time his cock pops out, this is more great action.

32 alex blake vr porn

​Khloe got them dirty looks

More downrange pussy eating with Khloe and if you are a Khloe Kapri fan, her looks back at you through this section will get at your hard spot as she just has that shit ornery look in her eyes the whole way.

33 alex blake virtual missionary

​Nice midrange missionary

Last position change comes around 45 minutes into the scene for some kneeling missionary that once again, feels right on as far as the PoV goes for a midrange shot, and both girls look great here with things starting off with lovely Alex below while Khloe nibbles at her above.

34 alex blake virtual

​Nice nighttime lighting

It's now nighttime, the Cali buggers are chirpin in the background, the gas fire is blazing and the set lights that have been brought in are lighting things up nicely in this missionary section.

35 khloe kapri vr porn

Good lord

"You ready to fuck this pussy till you cum baby?"

Khloe lays out before you at the 50 minute mark for the final stretch of the movie where first Khloe rubs one out, and you then wrap up your bidness on her stomach with a nice bit of jerk assist from Alex.

36 khloe kapri wankzvr
37 alex blake khloe kapri break and enter
38 alex khloe wankzvr

​Got any beer inside?

The scene wraps up with a little cum cleanup by Alex and some talk of hot tubs, beers and snacks before the scene fades out as the girls leave to walk back into the house.

39 break and enter wankzvr movie

Awesome VR team up with Alex Blake and Khloe Kapri


     Wrapping Break & Enter up, I wound up really enjoying the movie and thought Khloe Kapri and Alex Blake worked great together to make for another great 2 girl scene from WankzVR. It was hard to pick a favorite here, with both girls being equally alluring and proving to be a potent combination. The scene looked really cool in terms of the setting in the daylight and as things progressed into night things looked quite nice under the lights. PoV's felt on the mark for me for all of the setups and I enjoyed the plot mechanic and thought both ladies sold it well. No real detractions for me in the movie.  The airplanes, roaring cars, killer birds, dogs calling the popshot and night bug sounds all make for an immersive environment and made me feel like I was in a back yard in LA somewhere, so I don't look at any of that as doing anything but adding to the scene, and otherwise there wasn't much to pick at in this movie. If you like Khloe Kapri and Alex Blake or present feeling 2 girl VR scenes, Break and Enter is certainly worth a peep. 10/10.

Break & Enter from WankzVR!

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