Checkin Out Keisha Grey at BaDoinkVR! Bone Away From Home!

Keisha Grey Featured in Bone Away from Home from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  8/10/2017
Running time: 29:00
Starring:  Keisha Grey
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review or: Bone Away from Home Preview
Notables:  Up-tilt on the bed PoV
Negatives:  Low Audio/Compression hiss, cold feeling scene
Review Score: 6/10
5 words or less:  Not much heat

Bone Away from Home

Writing up a quick scene review for Keisha Grey's new BaDoinkVR feature, Bone Away From Home tonight. I like Keisha Grey and I think it's been like since her Big Tits VR movie since I have seen her last in VR, so I was happy to see she would be appearing at BaDoinkVR this week. While Bone Away From Home does give you some great looks at Keisha Grey, the overall scene wound up feeling pretty soulless to me, with an often distracted performance from Keisha and an overall lack of intimacy or presence in the VR sense.

keisha grey badoinkvr

Keisha Grey!

Bedroom setup

Setup has you kickin it on top of a large bed in a nicely appointed bedroom, with sexy Keisha Grey between your legs rockin a cute white bra n' panty set.

1 keisha grey

​Lighting is OK, audio is bad

Set lighting is a little shadowy on Keisha up close, and the audio is straight in the dumper, with noticeable compression hiss and audible compression pumping when the noise floor drops.

2 keisha grey badoinkvr movie review

Decent PoV

The first PoV is the tilted up, flat on back PoV that BaDoinkVR have been implementing quite a bit this year.  I pretty much hate the standard flat on back, under the chin, down the chest PoV we generally get in VR porn for setups like this and this would be one of the few shots where tilting the rig makes perfect sense to me, improving the feel of the PoV, at least in terms of where you are naturally looking at in the frame and HMD while sitting or reclining/laying back.

3 bone away from home

Improved flat cowgirl shot

  The distance to dick feels maybe a touch close, but otherwise, the line of sight looks and feels good in the mask for this setup.

4 bone away from home badoinkvr

Eye contact... not so great

​Real life couple

Stunt dick for the scene is Keisha's rl BF Ricky Johnson, offering darker males in the crowd a still somewhat rare avatar in VR.

5 keisha grey vr porn

​Kind of dry despite the familiarity 

I am generally down for watching real life couples fuck, for the sense of familiarity and little bit of extra sauce that you can get on camera, but I have to say, the sex in this scene comes off feeling pretty sterile in the end and lacked that kind of intimacy for me, other than when Keisha was actually looking at Ricky and not the camera, lol.

6 keisha grey virtual reality

​Wandering eyes

Eye contact, is a fairly major distraction over the course of the scene, with Keisha regularly shooting looks off screen at direction, picking one side or the other of the rig to focus on, and only rarely "locking on" in the manner that can really elevate a VR porn scene.

There are a few instances of lean-in whispering—also providing the clearest audio moments of the scene—that start to get some kind of intimacy going, but Keisha is kind of so all over the place with her looks, it never really winds up feeling like she is interacting with "you" in the end.

7 keisha grey virtual tittyfuck

"You wanna fuck these titties?"

Action at around the 8 minute mark swaps to a titty fuck segment via a seamless transparent transition, and you find yourself in another stock BaDoinkVR position of late, where you are laying with your ass in the girls lap whilst gettin yo tit fuck on.

Where previous implementations of this I have seen have featured the male raised comically in the air to get to the breast flesh, the orientation here is pretty solid, leading to an overall more solid feeling PoV than the earlier attempts of this position in movies like the Rub Down and Nailed in Jail.

8 keisha grey bone away from home

"Can I sit on it?"

The titty fuckin runs for like 4 minutes and by the time Keisha asks if she can sit on it, it has been kind of a dry feeling opening 12 minutes, with little in the way of any sort of tension building.

9 keisha grey cowgirl
10 keisha

​Pssst, over here!

Fuckin gets started with mixed lean-back and closer cowgirl, where the PoV feels pretty decent, but Keisha is again, focusing on various other things with her eyes, and this winds up being fairly distracting.

11 keisha grey vr porn
13 keisha grey badoinkvr

"Wanna see my ass?"

Action switches to reverse cowgirl next offering some great views of Keisha's sexy little ass before transitioning to the final PoV of the scene at around 21 minutes.

15 keisha grey porn
14 badoinkvr keisha grey
16 keisha grey virtual fuck

"Your turn"

The last PoV of Bone Away from Home finds you in a standing stance with a down-tilt on the camera, that results in one of those leaned back feeling shots with a lot of dude fucking away below you, where you ask yourself, why would anyone stand like this and fuck? 🙂

17 keisha grey badoinkvr movie

​Not big on this style shot

It's a pretty mediocre feeling standing missionary shot, and one that you see quite a bit right now in VR porn, where tilting the rig has become a thing for standing PoV's such as this, that I don't feel benefit from it particularly.

18 tilted

Tilting the cam in standing results in a lot of male body in the lower frame and a loss of feeling vertical with your head perspective. Your eyes, cannot be where these "eyes" are, which feel out and in front, looking down.

19 keisha grey cumshot

Not exactly a geyser shot

20 keisha grey virtual

​Pew, Pew.....Pew

Tepid cumshot follows tepid sex as our dick deposits 3 small droplets of cum on Keisha's bush, and there is some muffled dialog from Keisha about you tasting better than her husband or something before the scene fades out on more of a whimper than a bang.

One of the colder feeling VR scenes I have watched in awhile


Wrapping up Bone Away from Home, despite my hopes that some real life chemistry might provide some onscreen fireworks, this scene felt pretty flat in the end to me and when thinking about one word before writing up my review here, the word that came to mind was "soulless". Like, it is just missing the spark, the life, the shit that makes you want to watch VR porn over standard porn. It's a fuck scene with Keisha Grey, so if you are a diehard fan, you could do worse, but if you are looking for a 30 minute VR experience with Keisha, this one kind of lacks in that department.

On the positives, the up-tilt on the rig improves the flat cowgirl PoV quite a bit, and despite feeling a bit low still, it is a vast improvement over the view we have been saddled with typically in this position over the last 3 years, and I was excited to see BaDoinkVR start to mess around with this in scenes like Holecalibur earlier this year. So that was likely my favorite footage of the scene, the forward and rear facing cowgirl action, where other than the all over the place eye contact, things looked pretty nice.

On the downstrokes, the audio is pretty bad here as with many recent BaDoinkVR scenes, and this sounded perhaps like a weak source signal that was pumped up too much with Post Processing effects to try to get a usable level. This is quite a disappointment when I think back to BaDoink's often leading audio image last year at times, and I do hope to see some improvements made to this often overlooked portion of the VR environment.

As well, I am not really a fan of the current fotm tilted standing shots that everyone in VR is kind of aping off of one another atm, and in my estimation, there is simply very little reason to tilt the rig for a standing shot to provide us with an artificial neck joint that we do not need.  For some other shots, tilting the rig totally makes sense. 

So pretty much a mehworthy scene for me, Keisha Grey does look awesome as always, there is just very little sense of her here and the sex, was just pretty mechanical feeling, lacking any real passion or even just good ole porno performance heat. If you are a diehard Keisha Grey fan, you might wanna add it to the fap stack, but as a general VR porn scene, this one ranks pretty low on my pole this year, and I was genuinely looking forward to a new Keisha Grey VR scene going in. 6/10.

Bone Away from Home from BaDoinkVR!

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