Blowing the PoV Blues with Riley Reid at BaDoinkVR!

Riley Reid Featured in Blowing the Blues from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  September 21, 2017
Running time: 36:26
Starring:  Riley Reid
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Blowing the Blues Preview
Notables:  Riley Reid, Improved Audio
Negatives: PoV's, rushed pacing
Review Score: 6.5/10
5 words or less:  Cold feeling VR scene

Blowing the Blues

Taking a look at the new ​VR Riley Reid scene from BaDoinkVR tonight, Blowing the Blues. (I wrote this up Thursday night, but as some of you know, I have been having some health problemos so just getting it up here on Saturday night.) Riley has been absent from VR for a minute so I was happy to see her back as the latest in a long line of solid castings this summer from BaDoinkVR.  I found Riley's last scene at BaDoinkVR a fairly tepid affair, complete with a faked cumshot ending, so I was hoping for a bit more virtual heat from Blowing the Blues when I threw this in. For Riley Reid VR fans it's not bad, she brings it as usual— kind of more on the low key side here— but if you are looking for that extra VR sauce and some intimacy or are a stickler for PoV's or more natural feeling scenes, this one may leave you a bit flat as it did me.

blowing the blues

Riley Reid!


Setup for Blowing the Blues has you laying back on the same set that some of you may recognize from Anna Bell Peaks' Dino Crisis scene at VRCosplayX earlier this year. Riley has heard from the bird that you aren't feeling very well so she has come over to surprise you and brighten up your day. Wiiiiiiith her coochie. 

1 blowing the blues review

​Improved audio detail from lately, with some background hiss as well

As she climbs the stairs and enters the space, it's apparent that the audio is quite a bit better than in recent BaDoinkVR movies in terms of the stereo image of the entire room. This detail however also comes at the expense of a raised noise floor, so you will have to put up with a fair amount of background hiss in portions of this scene but it's good to see the audio heading back in the right direction at BaDoinkVR after many months of muffled shoots lacking crispness or much in the way of spacial details. 

2 riley reid

​PoV too close to the dick

As Riley makes with popping out the disco stick, the opening PoV feels pretty awkward, with the cam being quite low down the bro below his nips and the distance to dick feeling too close for comfort.  Unfortunately, this is also the main PoV for 2/3rds of the scene. This is disappointing, as though BaDoinkVR are not exactly known for killer PoV's, cowgirl is the one shot they have been hitting pretty well this year with the introduction of an up-tilt on their rigs, which for some reason, they don't commit to as much here, with a fairly shallow tilt being used instead.

3 riley reid vr porn

A couple of instances of whispering are incorporated

"I wanna taste you"

....Riley leans up and whispers into your left ear, and the audio effect is fairly decent in terms of spacial effect while being a bit hot on levels.  Eye contact early is of the back and forth to each cam variety, as well as some more centered stuff that locks in a bit better later. 

4 riley reid badoinkvr
5 riley reid tits

​Fast footjob

A quick close up titty section and Riley decides to get rid of her shoes, leaning back so she can give you a little toe time next.

6 riley reid feet
7 riley reid blowing the blues

​Pretty rushed feeling on pacing

There is a brief bit of dick suckin next before Riley backs her ass up to your too-close perspective for some sexy asshole fingering and up to this point which is around 6 minutes in, the pacing felt rather rushed for me, kind of like it was just bouncing from one pre planned element to the next with Riley never really getting comfy in one spot for long.

8 riley reid virtual
9 riley reid ass finger
10 riley reid finger in ass

​One of my favorite shots

This section provided probably my favorite shot of the scene where Riley is fingering her ass while jerking away below, beyond the dick seeming too close.

11 blowing the blues badoinkvr

​Bend n' suck

Bend n' suck is thrown in next for another put this element in feeling section before the fucking gets started around 12 minutes into the scene.

12 riley reid virtual cowgirl

"I cant wait to feel it inside me"

...Riley whispers in your ear again before taking a seat on your meat for some forward cowgirl action that looks good... if you don't mind the PoV of sitting on another dudes chest.  There are some nice sections where she leans up and whispers in your ear in here while riding as well, and it was cool that they sprinkled this audio element in throughout the scene. 

14 riley reid squirt

Riley goes with the flow

​Wet works

Riley gets her squirt on lickity split and you can pretty much hear how wet she is for the duration of the scene every time the pole slips out of the hole. Which.... is kind of a lot, given that Riley has to do most of the fucking in this scene. 

15 badoinkvr blowing the blues

"Oh my god, I can feel your dick squeezing my pussy so tight...with my finger in my ass"

Action switches to reverse cowgirl around 17 minutes in where Riley ramps things up a notch by diddlin a digit up her dumper and again, action looks great here, but the PoV is just lacking. 

16 riley

Reverse cowgirl is a nice mix of interior and exterior leg straddling

17 riley reid virtual fuck
19 riley reid blowing the blues

​Close ups kind of distorted

Some of the forward cowgirl in the following section is actually nice and close, but residing in an area of the screen that is more distorted and the rig could have benefited from a harder up-tilt here to make some room up top while losing some bro down below.

20 riley stomach

Belly button view

You are basically staring right at Riley's belly button in terms of your centered view in this section and the PoV just made any sort of real presence not really happenin for me.  It just didn't feel like Riley Reid was in my virtual lap like it can when things line up with a good setup. 

21 riley reid doggy


Action switches to doggy at the 26 minute mark of the movie and it's kind of goofy feeling: The guy below is wrapped up with a pillow somehow behind his legs, arms nowhere to be seen and Riley is in front, doing all the work essentially, in a position where you, the dude, should be giving not receiving, lol.  And of course, this leads to the dick slipping out quite a bit here, as dude is really not doin much to keep it in! 🙂

23 blowing the blues riley reid

​Some nice feeling upright action

Riley improves the presence here quite a bit after a few minutes by raising up so she is pretty much upright while turning around to look at you, and this yielded the most present feeling section of the movie for me as you can start to buy the PoV here as being somewhat natural looking. As well, I love the angles afforded by near vertical standing shots, and we don't see this much.  On the downside, it is all Riley can do to keep things connected here with this positioning, and zombie bro just sitting there like dead wood.  

24 riley reid

Riley does all the work here

​Mounted dildo missionary

Kneeling retardedly missionary stance finishes off the scene, and it's just pretty silly looking, as Riley, again, is doing all the work here, looking somewhat like she is riding a mounted dildo here instead of a live dude.

25 riley reid cumshot

"I bet you got a big fat load in you, don't you?"

Riley does get some decent tension going at the end of the scene with a nice buildup to the cumshot that she jerks off onto her tuft of muff.  The scene winds up quickly with short bit of dialog about going to get cleaned up and Blowing the Blues is in the books. 

26 blowing the blues badoinkvr riley reid

Riley's great as usual, just lacking on PoV's and presence for me


Wrappin it up, I love Riley Reid, I think she's a great performer and I am always down to watch her work.  If you just want to watch Riley get neked and take some dick, this may hit the mark for you, but if you are like me when it comes to VR porn 3 years in, you might be looking for a bit more VR oommph in your Riley Reid virtual experience. Like this fine example from WankzVR.  

On the positive notes, Riley looks great here, the audio is improved from recent BaDoinkVR efforts, and they made an effort to include things like whispering to nice effect.  Bein an assman, I enjoyed the extra assplay from Riley and I loved the shot where she was jerking on the dick at the same time and the upright doggy being utilized was tasty as well.

On the negatives, it was mainly the PoV's for me, which is traditionally my complaint on most BaDoinkVR productions. This has always been a pretty big weak spot at BaDoink and as long as they have been shooting VR Porn now, it would be nice to see them tighten things up a bit in this department, because otherwise, their casting has been amazing the last several months.  As well, this scene just kind of seemed to lurch quickly between elements at times, and just had a constructed feel to it in terms of rhythm and pacing. 

Currently, this is a PoV medium— until we get some studios willing to chase things like 3rd person and moving rigs— so 1st person PoV's are a large part of the game. If they come together, you get into some weird VR shit, that makes watching porn in a headset something new, something you can't get with a 2d Riley Reid scene.  If they miss, they can feel like a cam view perched on a dude, or porn shot at low res and bad camera angles which is where Blowing the Blues fell for me.  I didn't ever feel like I was fucking Riley here, or sharing virtual space with her, I just felt like an observer watching her fuck a dead dick, lol, so in that respect this was a miss for me on the VR kind of stuff I am looking for. Riley is great as usual and that may be enough for some of you to get er done, but even just on those merits, it is a pretty tame scene for Riley I felt like in terms of raw heat.  6.5/10

Blowing the Blues from BaDoinkVR!

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