Double Your Fun at BabeVR with Sabina Rouge and Xandra Sixx in Birthday Gash!

Xandra Sixx Sabina Rouge

Sabina Rouge and Xandra Sixx Featured at BabeVR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  BabeVR
Release date:  7/11/2018
Running time: 38:00
Starring: Xandra Sixx, Sabina Rouge
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: ​Birthday Gash Preview
Notables:  BabeVR's 1st double babe scene, eye contact, fun chemistry
Negatives:  Pink chromatic aberration, hot colors
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Solid 2 girl VR scene
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Birthday Gash

     Checkin out Birthday Gash today starring Sabina Rouge and Xandra Sixx in BabeVR's first scene featuring not one, but 2 babes for your virtual viewing pleasure! BabeVR have been mixing up the recipe in the last few weeks, with the introduction of a long distance elevated missionary shot and now this scene, so I was interested to see how the 2 girl plus Tommy torso combo was going to work out with lovely Xandra Sixx and Sabina Rouge.

Xandra Sixx

Xandra Sixx!


Setup for Birthday Gash, finds you notching another year on the poll in style, with your gf Xandra proposing a special b-day fantasy fulfillment threesome with her best friend Sabina.

Birthday Gash from BabeVR scene review

Pink chromatic aberration observable on edges in image


I was curious what the image quality would look like this week, with last weeks scene with Georgia Jones have been, dare I say ruined by pronounced chromatic aberration during the last 2/3rds of the scene. This effect of pink borders on the edges of surfaces can be seen fairly readily in this movie as well, but it does not wind up having the extreme detriment on the appearance of the girls as it did in the Georgia scene thank goodness.

Xandra Sixx and Sabina Rouge

Sabina Rouge!

Loud Colors

In this scene, the colors are absolutely reefed, with the reds and blues screaming out of the image and a noticeable pink border on the edges of things, but the girls still look great in spite of it and in fact, it kind of artificially enhances their eye colors making the eye contact fairly striking in the movie. At times, I couldn't really make up my mind what color either girls eyes truly were but they are quite sparkley!

Sabina Rouge and Xandra Sixx

Clean audio

Other than the pink glow, the audio is crisp, defined and there wasn't much else in the way of tech issues to point out in Birthday Gash so onto the good stuff!

Sabina Rouge Xandra Sixx VR

Nice proximity with the ladies

Sabina promptly joins the party and the starting proximity is quite nice in effect with the positioning of both girls on the bed before your PoV. 

Sabina Rouge virtual reality

Awesome eye contact

Both Sabina and Xandra look pretty damned amazing and the eye contact is really solid with both ladies throughout the scene beyond the occasional looks back at direction.

Xandra Sixx VR porn
Xandra and Sabina
Sabina and Xandra at BabeVR
Xandra Sixx Sabina Rouge virtual porn
Sabina and Xandra Birthday Gash
Xandra Sixx VR porn

"I think before we give you your surprise, you should let us have a little bit of fun."

Xandra Sixx licks pussy

"You know what....I'm gonna come right under... so I can taste your little pussy"

Action gets going with Xandra laying on her back and taking up a head-under-the-cam position while Sabina climbs on top for a tasty close up pussy eating section featuring stunning eye contact from Xandra below.

Sabina Rouge
Sabina Rouge at BabeVR

"Do you wanna watch her eat my little pussy now baby?"

The girls swap spots after a few minutes and Xandra has a seat on Sabina's face in reverse for another great VR shot before turning around to face you for the forward view.

Xandra Sixx BabeVR
Sabina Rouge at BabeVR
Sabina Rouge
Birthday Gash scene review

"I think it's time for you to come in here baby"

Tommy torso warps in at around the 12 minute mark of the movie for some oral attention from both of the girls. The doll dick suckin is probably my least favorite element of the BabeVR scenes, where sometimes the run time feels a bit long or breaks up the action and just features less VR bang for the buck as contrasted to the riding sections, that have sometimes been cut quite short, say with the Bailey Rayne scene.  

These scenes just kind of come to life for me in the virtual sense the moment the girls mount up on the doll, or during the often excellent close up opening sequences.  Not to say the oral sections never work for me, as the oral and ass eating section in Sasha Heart's scene for instance was rockin.   Nevertheless....these 2 would look hot making a sandwich together, and their interaction is awesome during the frequent oral breaks. 

Xandra Sixx virtual cowgirl

"I want to see you ride his big cock first"

Xandra's up first on the dick and this section plays out quite nicely with both girls up on the rig in close proximity to your perspective.

Xandra Sixx virtual sex
Sabina Rouge Xandra Sixx

"You want her to taste my cum off your cock baby?"

There's frequent use of whispering incorporated throughout the scene— probably to the point of being overdone—but there are some nice moments such as this one with Xandra talking in your ear after dismounting while Sabina slurps on her freshly milked juices below.

BabeVR Birthday Gash
Sabina Rouge virtual sex

"Are you ready for your present?"

Sabina takes a seat on the virtual meat next while Xandra remains close by the rig with plenty of eye contact and close up whispering in your ear.

Birthday Gash
Xandra Sixx and Sabina Rouge kiss

"She's gonna cum on your cock and I'm gonna lick it up"

Another oral break followed by more sexy cowgirl action with Xandra Sixx.

Xandra Sixx virtual
Xandra Sixx reverse cowgirl

"I want her to ride your cock until you cum in her tight little pussy"

Birthday Gash winds up with a simulated creampie in your girlfriends girlfriend with a delicious tight lipped grip slow reverse cow grind followed by a forward facing finish with Sabina.

Sabina Rouge reverse cowgirl
Sabina Rouge virtual fuck
Sabina Rouge torso doll
Sabina Rouge virtual cowgirl

"Happy Birthday Baby!"

"Happy Birthday baby!"

Xandra teases eating your cum out of Sabinas freshly fucked pussy....which would have been smokin!.......but instead the girls pull a fast exit and I dunno why.... but watching girls walk out of the frame in VR seems to be a satisfying way to end a scene and I always love watching their asses walk off when it happens. 

"You just fucked us at BabeVR!"

Solid first 2 girl scene from BabeVR


So, wrappin up Birthay Gash (seriously? lol), I thought it was a pretty awesome way to mix things up at BabeVR doing the two girl thing with Sabina Rouge and Xandra Sixx, and I hope to see some of the other great talent they have featured this year that typically only shoot GG scene back under similar scenarios. I don't care if it's with the torso, or just a well shot GG scene that plays on proximity, I think it would make a nice addition to what BabeVR have been building on this year.

On the positives, both Xandra and Sabina looked fantastic here. Sabina has like 1000 and 1 different looks, and Xandra has an amazingly warm smile that glows when she flashes it at you.  Both girls were really great on the performance tip keeping the engagement with the camera on high, with only the occasional looks off cam at direction. The audio capture was decent, not super powerful on the whispering elements, but a far cry from the muffled audio in many BaDoinkVR/BabeVR scenes from early in the year and well defined otherwise.  

On the negatives, really, my main gripe on tech at BabeVR this year has been on lighting conditions.  Scenes from early in the year often appeared bleached out with little in the way of flesh tones, and this has kind of swung to the other end of the pendulum now with corrections obviously trying to be made in that department, resulting in an overemphasis in Pinks and Reds in recent scenes, sometimes to a fairly severe effect like Georgia Jone's otherwise amazing scene.  This movie is actually almost well lit, in terms of brightness and sparkle, it works and the odd color balance even serves to pull the girls eyes out some and make the eye contact here really strong.  But the boosts to the pink side of things often places too much emphasis on features like lips and in this case Sabina's red tinged hair on the downside.

Other than the lighting issues, Birthday Gash was a smokin scene and both Xandra and Sabina were a treat to spend 40 minutes with in virtual reality.  The chemistry between the girls was easy and fun and I can't wait to see who else BabeVR casts in future 2 girl scenes, as I am sure they will be getting some good feedback on their first offering here with Birthday Gash. 10/10.  BabeVR is the sleeper VR porn studio of 2018 in my mind.  


Birthday Gash from BabeVR!

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