Close Up Dildo Action from Czech VR Fetish! Billie and Her Gaping Holes!

Billie Star Featured in Billie and Her Gaping Holes from Czech VR Fetish!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  Czech VR
Release date:  June 19, 2017
Running time: 24:25
Starring:  Billie Star
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Billie and Her Gaping Holes Preview
Notables:  Moving camera, Billie Star, Nice dildo close ups
Negatives:  None
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Solid solo scene with Billie

Billie and Her Gaping Holes

     Sup preverts. Writing up a scene review today for the new Billie Star solo feature from Czech VR Fetish. Now, I don't often roll solo vids, but when I do, it usually features a sexy lady like Billie Star shoving some sort of large object into her butt, so this one had my name all over it 🙂  And if you continue reading, you are likely not opposed to such things, so on with the dildo show! I have to say up front, for solo movies, I definitely favor a moving rig setup like Czech VR employs and they tend to produce some of my favorite solo vids right now in VR, making the most of presence and camera placement and adding a little bit more sauce than a static camera rig has to offer up right now for this type of scene.

billie star

Billie Star!


Billie and Her Gaping Holes starts off with Billie Star walking into a small bedroom and assuming a spot on the bed in front of your vantage point. She addresses the camera as if it were a person so the PoV is essentially a bodyless observer kind of setup.

1 billie star vr

​Nice looking and sounding scene

The bedroom looks good in terms of color palate with a mix of wood floors and green accents in the form of a plant and chair to help balance the white walls and bedding, and Billie herself looks amazing as she enters the scene and approaches the camera. Audio is also on point with a nice bit of positional detail in terms of fabric rustling on the bed and other fine environmental sounds that can be lacking in many other VR porn movies.

2 billie star virtual reality

"Do you remember we were talking about our anal adventure?"

Billie does quite a bit of talking up front in the scene, setting up the vibe with a comfortable level of English and fluid delivery of her lines. Coupled with elements like a few kisses and simulated head stroking, it works well to place you into the scene without the benefit of a stunt body. When you throw the moving rig in on top of that, you are left with a nicely present feeling movie in the virtual sense and an engaging solo performance.

3 billie star czech vr
4 billie and her gaping holes

​Release the hounds

Billie slinks out of her bra as the cam moves in to gain some proximity where you wind up positioned just in front of her face as she sucks and wets her fingers inside her mouth.

6 billie star virtual reality porn

​Positioning always changing

As is the case with most Czech VR scenes shot with this moving rig, there is a refreshing amount of variance in positioning from both Billie as well as the camera driver and it makes for an interesting and seamless ride with Billie soon laying back onto the bed while you slowly approach her from between her legs.

5 billie and her gaping holes czech vr

​Big ole' dildo

A couple of minutes of close up pussy fingering and Billie then breaks to retrieve a rather large flesh colored dildo which she begins sucking for you.

7 billie star czech vr fetish
8 billie star pussy

Action moves down to the bed as Billie lays back and spreads her pussy open for you before getting to work with the dildo.

9 billie star dildo
10 billie star dildo czech vr fetish

​Close up to the action

The cam moves right in on the action and there are some sweet shots here of Billie working the large dildo in her pussy while her asshole winks below accompanied by rich audio detail of the ins n' outs.

11 czech vr fetish billie star
12 billie star dildo

​Reverse riding

Billie turns around at about the 12 minute mark for some dildo riding in reverse, mounted to the bed style, and this positioning offers up some great views for the ass fans. 

13 billie star dildo fuck

"I open up my tight ass for you"

Billie slips a finger inside her asshole next for a little warmup action while continuing to fuck the dildo below before grabbing another longer, but more slender dildo for her butt and sliding that inside her backdoor from a spoon type position.

14 billie star finger ass
15 billie star anal dildo
16 billie star anal dildo fuck

​Ass up, ho's down

Ass up, doggy type assfucking follows with the cam moving to give you a couple of different angles while Billie gets down and it's all pretty great footage for anal fans.

17 billie star virtual anal
18 billie star double dildo

​Double stuff

Some tasty double hole fucking follows in the same ass up positioning and all in all, this is a good scene if you just like watching a girl like Billie go at it with a couple of large dildos for 20 minutes.

19 billie star anal spread
20 billie star anal gape

​Anal gaping

The last section features a couple of minutes of asshole winking, rubbing and anal gaping where Billie spreads things out nicely for you dirty birds.

21 billie star czech vr fetish kiss

​Sealed with a kiss

Things wind up with Billie spinning around on the bed for a final ass-up-on-bed kiss before the garage door goes down on Billie and Her Gaping Holes.

Nice VR scene for dildo/anal/gaping Billie Star fans


Wrapping up Billie and Her Gaping Holes, I totally enjoyed the scene top to bottom for a solo scene and thought Billie rocked it with a sexy, uninhibited performance.  The tech was on point, and there really wasn't much in the way of any negatives for me.  It's a pretty simple solo vid which was executed quite well by production and talent and felt about right at its 25 minute runtime. 

Highlights for me as usual with Czech VR would be the moving rig, that enables shots that no one else is getting right now and brings a ton of flavor to what can otherwise be bland static solo scenes in VR at the moment.  This ability to reposition the rig on the fly largely eliminates the need for scene edits, keeping the action nice and fluid and allowing the performer to be much more natural in their actions, rather than having to get into awkward positions in front of a static camera, being relied on at that point for both positioning and performance.  I think I noted only one edit throughout the entire scene.  

While I am not sure yet about the new "headmount" rig Czech VR have been trying out in recent weeks, I absolutely love this implementation of moving tech in VR, and really enjoy watching footage shot with it, as well as the work of the guy/s driving it.   Audio, as with most recent releases from Czech VR, was also a notch above the pack in terms of detail and clarity.

Pretty much all killer no filler if you are a Billie Star fan that is down for some solo action, and a nice dildo scene with a touch of gaping thrown in from Czech VR Fetish. 10/10​

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Billie and Her Gaping Holes from Czech VR Fetish!

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