Naomi Woods Gives You a GFE to Remember in Be My Valentine from WankzVR!

Be My Valentine: Virtual Girlfriend Porn with Naomi Woods from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  2/14/17
Running time: 46:00
Starring:  Naomi Woods
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review or Be My Valentine Trailer
Notables:  Initimate GFE style scene, solid PoV's, mish shot, doggie shot, lots of grinding 
Negatives:  Moving bed on doggie?
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Another home run from WankzVR

"Be My Valentine"

Writing up a review tonight for WankzVR's Valentine's Day special, Be My Valentine featuring Naomi Woods. Naomi Woods has probably been one of the more requested please-have-backs at Wankz since her appearance in Dear Dairy, Jackpot! so this one was set to ring some bells and Be My Valentine winds up being probably everything a fan of Naomi might like see in a one on one VR movie right now.  WankzVR also soft debuted some new improvements to their tech in the last movie, ....Stays in Vegas, so Be My Valentine also sports some updates in the visual department on top of the memorable virtual girlfriend performance from Naomi Woods.

0 be my valentine movie review wankzvr

Naomi Woods!

Bedroom setup

Setup finds you reclining nicely in a bedroom decked out with full Valentine's Day trimmings, complete with chocolate boxes and balloons and there are lots of little cool details to trip on around the room. Naomi walks in wearing some smokin crimson lingerie, and immediately comes up onto the bed to give you a well placed kiss.

be my valentine

​Consistent kissing

Kissing overall is consistent in Be My Valentine, as if a target has been added for the girls possibly, and there is also the addition of Chad Alva bringing his hand up behind Naomi's head in a more intimate type presentation, that you may or may not dig.  The kisses may feel just a tad low for me, but they were all very similar in placement. 

2 be my valentine wankzvr

​Nice image, nice PoV to start

Overall, the image looks quite good for WankzVR, and you are able to see details back into the far reaches of the room that would get pretty blurry if the lights were not just right before. The PoV here is also solid as you are reclined a little bit upright, instead of laying flat on the bed like a plank.

3 naomi woods

​Intimate vibe

Naomi dumps out some candies on top of you, there is some nice rubbing of your cock through your pants, and the overall vibe is towards keeping things close and intimate with Naomi, who is soon losing the nightie to show off her sexy bra and pantie set.

4 naomi woods wankzvr
5 naomi woods be my valentine virtual girlfriend

​Bra n' panties remain on

Some great views of Naomi modeling her underwear follow and those that enjoy some clothes left on will be happy with Be My Valentine in that regard, as the window dressing remains on for much of it.

be my valentine naomi woods

​Slow n sexy pacing

The scene pacing is slow and sexy, and it is around 6 minutes into the movie when Naomi slowly unbuttons your shirt and breaks your cock out before offering up her puffy, pink pussy framed in red, at close range for your attention, WankzVR style.

naomi woods virtual reality

​Oral attention

Oral action starts around 9 minutes in as Naomi kisses her way down your chest in a slow, deliberate manner and there is around 5 minutes of slow sucking action that follows from both head on and tasty side profile views.

naomi woods wankzvr gfe

​Camel riding

A bit of sexy camel riding is up next, with Naomi putting in a slow tease grind on your shit before easing you inside her around 17 minutes into the movie.

9 naomi woods gfe
10 naomi woods wankzvr be my valentine

​Deep inside Naomi Woods

And I don't think you even see your dick for the next 4 minutes as Naomi just embeds that shit fully and grinds the fuck away on it. No pogo sticking here, just full contact hip grinding from Naomi Woods for almost 5 minutes.

11 naomi woods virtual fuck

Some leaning back cowgirl follows that offers up a nice contrast from the close up grind from before.

12 wankzvr be my valentine naomi

​Intimate jerk section

Another close up section with Naomi's ass comes around 24 minutes in, with some assistance from bro hands, followed up by a nice section where she is just jerking your cock for a bit while looking and talking to you, keeping with the more intimate vibe of the scene.

13 naomi woods vr porn
14 naomi woods virtual sex

​Tasty reverse action

Naomi mounts back up for some delectable reverse cowgirl and it's pretty hard to go wrong with this view of her taking, slow, long, deep strokes, as well as the following section of more upright grinding, with some glances back over her shoulder that look great.

15 naomi woods wankzvr

My favorite shot of the movie

​My favorite shot

The reverse action finishes up with a couple of great shots: first Naomi reaching back and grabbing both cheeks while riding for like 30 seconds or so.....towel please....and then also a quick cut to you holding her hands behind her back for a short time while she grinds away.  

16 be my valentine review
17 wankzvr doggie naomi woods

What I consider a great looking/feeling, full frame filling doggie shot for VR

"Why don't you fuck me doggie style?"

A hard edit to kneeling doggie comes next, and the PoV is fanfuckingtastic, being nicely up over her ass just a tad, and I simply loved the shot. The damned bed below though, was killing it for me in much the same way as in Zombie Slayers Origins, in terms of the movement from the heavy fucking triggering my motion sensitivities, so unfortunately, I had to skim over this otherwise amazing looking doggie section. For me, this is near the perfect doggie shot in VR and pretty much exactly what I was talking about some time back in my Side Piece review.  Compressed legs folded into each other, cam up over the ass more, and full frame fill with Naomi below. 

20 naomi wankzvr
21 wankzvr missionary virtual

​Missionary time

A transition cut at 37 minutes in finds you now in the newly minted missionary position at WankzvR, and this is exactly the kind of thing that a more intimate GFE feeling scene like this benefits from, and once again, this is another great looking section in Be My Valentine. It also provides a sometimes comical view of Naomi's tucked up nose ring, which I don't get why she doesn't just let fly at WankzVR 🙂

18 naomi woods virtual missionary
19 naomi woods

Chad holding Naomi up close to the camera

There is a bit of head grabbing from Chad in this position too which provides a nice effect in terms of bringing Naomi's head up right to the cam, but also a bit of that hand from head feeling on the HMD side of things. It's a unique feeling shot though.

22 be my valentine movie

Another satisfying PoV

​Solid upright PoV

41 minutes in finds you in another satisfying PoV from a kneeling missionary position that, like the doggie shot, seems to have the cam advanced up a bit more than usual, resulting in a nice, natural feeling perspective of looking down at Naomi, and everything else lining up roughly.

23 naomi woods wankzvr valentine

​Quick jerk

You finish up in this position with Naomi jerking you off really quickly (in terms of actual needed jerk time) onto her chest and then getting up for a bit of post coitus candy cumplay in WankVR tradition.

24 be my valentine gfe wankzvr

Cooling off

​Nice cooldown time

The cooldown runs a bit over 3 minutes and is a fitting bow on the box of chocolates WankzVR serves up for Valentines Day, offering you some sweet final parting views of your cum covered Valentine.

​Pretty much a must have for Naomi Woods fans


Closing Be My Valentine up, I think it's gonna be pretty much a no brainer for both Naomi Woods fans, and fans of more intimate, GFE leaning presentations.  WankzVR can shoot some good ole down n' dirty porno, but WankzVR is also likely nailing the Girlfriend Experience type scene better than anyone right now with movies like this that focus intimacy and forego the filth a little, serving up yet another distinct flavor of VR fappage.   This is a well crafted scene, it is not just setting up a "VR" rig and shooting people fucking, this is attempting to give you a close as you might get one on one experience with Naomi Woods in the virtual sense. 

The new tech updates look great here as well, with WankzVR stating on their forums:

"​Improved Clarity: now filming with 61% higher pixel density,"..... "Dynamic Lighting: this is more of an improvement for our editors' sanity, but it means we can have better lighting balance and fewer washouts. Outdoor daytime and indoor nighttime scenes should benefit most from this"....and... "Realistic 3d: this one takes the most explanation. You may notice that edges, particularly ones that curve away from you look a little softer (shoulders are a good example, but really this is all about butts). In the real world our brains use depth as part of edge detection to tell things apart. In VR we have the same 3D advantage over traditional video, so we were able to tweak things so there will be fewer artifacts and less pixelization on edges, giving a more realistic look when viewed in an HMD."

On the negatives,... I really can't come up with any here.  The moving bed for me was the only thing that messed with my particular motion triggers, but otherwise, it was a near flawless scene in my book and in many ways, I would call it a textbook scene right now.  The inclined male instead of flat on back opening cow shots, as well as the doggie and subsequent missionary positions were all great perspectives for VR and provided a solid foundation for Naomi to work on.  Rock solid work from Chad Alva on stuntdick as well leaves very little to grump about and much to compliment on Be My Valentine.  Another top shelf VR porn offering from team WankzVR, and really, from Naomi Woods, to the crew bros, to the Post guys, Be My Valentine was a nicely polished effort and a great example to look to in early 2017 as far as a girlfriend experience type VR porn scene goes.  10/10. 

"Be My Valentine" from WankzVR!

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