Bath Fun with Kristy Black and Sweet Cat at Czech VR!

Bath Fun Featuring Kristy Black & Sweet Cat from Czech VR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  Czech VR Review
Release date:  2/25/2017
Running time: 29:01
Starring:  Kristy Black, Sweet Cat
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Bath Fun Preview
Notables:  Both girls, Lots of English for a CVR scene
Negatives:  Some kisses land a little far
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  A top pick @ Czech VR

"Bath Fun: Kristy Balck, Sweet Cat 122"

Wanted to swing back around today and write up a review for Bath Fun with Kristy Black and Sweet Cat as this scene was one of my favorites I watched this last week but I didn't have a chance to write a review right away for it at the time.  I've enjoyed all of the VR movies I have seen so far with both Kristy Black and Sweet Cat, so I was looking forward to this particular combination of girls in CVR 122. Bath Fun is a totally static shoot featuring none of the moving cam work I have come to really enjoy at Czech VR, but this scene offers some present tub time with the 2 girls, a nicely focused middle stretch and some tasty anal at the end from the girl with the "I love anal sex" tattoo Kristy Black!

bath fun movie review

Kristy Black & Sweet Cat!

Splish, Splash...

Setup finds you perched on one end of a large bathtub rocking wood below with Kristy Black and Sweet Cat sitting across from you clad only in light bath robes.

2 kristy black sweet cat
3 sweet cat kristy black

​Lot's of talking

Kristy is telling you that the bath is occupied at the moment, and there is actually a fair amount of English dialog in this scene from both girls for a Czech VR movie which is quite nice. Visuals are tight n right as usual for Czech VR as is the audio quality and it's no time at all before the girls are literally disrobing before you and closing up the distance.

5 bath fun czech vr
6 bath fun czech vr movie

Some simulated head stroking in this scene

​Audio & Video crisp and clean

The girls lean in for a double kiss and some simulated head stroking before kneeling down and both getting to work on your cock in unison.

7 sweet cat kristy black bath fun

Your PoV feels solid here with a nice sense of the girls below you in virtual space and overall, the opening tub section of the movie is pretty sweet. 

​Speaking into your ear

After a couple minutes of oral action, the girls stand up and approach on either side of your head with Kristy asking if you want to take them both on your cock, and it was cool Czech VR was using some positional techniques like this at various points throughout the scene, having the girls lean in and talk in your virtual ear. 

8 sweet cat

​Sweet Cat's sweet pussy

A couple more mins of oral follows and Sweet Cat is the first to have a seat on you meat around 7 and a half minutes in for some tasty standing reverse action while Kristy assumes a position off to your left keeping things connected with her eyes and dialog.

9 kristy black
10 kristy black czech vr

You get a couple minutes with Cat in this position before Kristy decides that she also wants the cock and after going P2OGM, assumes the same reverse position, showing off her amazing ass, hips and "I love anal sex" tattoo!

11 bath fun 122 czechvr
12 kristy cat

​Position change

The first position shift of the movie occurs at around the 12 minute mark, changing to a flat on your back perspective with a girl on either side of you asking you if you would like pussy or ass.  Decisions, decisions!  Both girls are playful and joking and the middle section of the scene here plays out nicely. 

13 czech vr sweet cat virtual

​Present feeling action

Cat mounts up first for some forward cowgirl and Kristy leans in again to speak into your ear, asking you if you like Sweet Cat's pussy. The fucking here is quite nice, with both girls filling up the frame and feeling present in front of you. 

14 kristy black vr porn

​In yo face

Some lovely forward cowgirl with Kristy is next where you get a couple minutes of largely in your face action before Kristy then places you inside of her willing ass from the same position at around the 18 minute mark.

15 kristy black anal

​Kristy wants it in the ass

A couple of minutes of sweet anal with Kristy here and then the girls tease you with the offer of some from-behind action, which was sounding pretty good to me, but for whatever reason, this gets dumped for a nice missionary setup instead, and you find yourself with Cat laying back before you after the cut.

16 czech vr 122

​Nice missionary section

PoV for the missionary is quite good, with the girls raised up smartly on what appears to be a large cushion covered up by a white towel.  It's not up close missionary at any point really, but for an upright shot, it feels pretty nice. 

17 kristy black bath fun anal

Anal round 2

A few minutes with Kat in this missionary position and then Kristy swaps places with her and lays back for some more anal to finish up the scene.

18 cat kristy 122

Kristy loves anal sex!

The end stretch offers some solid anal action with Kristy, and Cat keeps things interactive on the sideline, bringing her hand up to stroke the side of your face here and there while you plow Kristy's ass.

19 czech vr bath fun

​Nice finish other than self jerk

Finish is a self jerk with a quick turbo wank onto Kristy's stomach and the scene is afforded just enough of a cooldown to not feel rushed out the bathroom door at the end drawing things up to a satisfying conclusion. 

20 czech vr bath fun

​One of my favorite scenes from Czech VR


Wrapping up Bath Fun with Sweet Cat and Kristy Black, I though this scene was another solid production from Czech VR and one of my favorite scenes from them to this point in general. I have to admit to being a bit partial to both of these girls, feeling like they both do well with VR scenes and neither disappointed here. 

On the positives, the PoV's were all solid, perhaps a tad high on the laying down section, but the girls are positioned nicely for all of the action there, putting the focus up and ahead of you for a lot of it. Visuals and audio were crisp as usual, and it was hard to find much I didn't like about this scene in the end other than the quick self finish that always plays a bit better if one of the girls takes things into their own hands.

I have come to really enjoy the moving camera tech at Czech VR and even though that was missing here, this shows they can still film great static shot scenes that are full of presence and VR bells and whistles.

To think of a negative, some of the kisses were a bit far out, that just came to me.  Other than that really, it was a solid scene from top to bottom and Bath Fun with Kristy Black and Sweet Cat might go down as my favorite Czech VR production to date.  Anal fans as well should be happy with just enough action, and overall, this should be a nice choice for fans of Sweet Cat and Kristy Black. 10/10.  Would watch it again.

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Bath Fun with Kristy Black and Sweet Cat 122!

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