Getting Jacked Up at the Wankzshop! Banging Out the Dents from WankzVR with Khloe Kapri!

Banging Out the Dents with Khloe Kapri from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  4/25/2017
Running time: 51:00
Starring:  Khloe Kapri
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Banging Out the Dents Preview
Notables:   Khloe Kapri, improved audio
Negatives:  Some iffy PoV's
Review Score: 8/10
5 words or less:  Gettin Jacked at the Wankzshop

"Banging Out the Dents"

Doing up a quick scene review for Banging Out the Dents featuring Khloe Kapri in her WankzVR debut tonight.  Fair Khloe has dorked up her new mini C and had come to your shop (the Dirty Scumbag Wankzshop) to get her dent banged out, however, she isn't prepared for the dent the bill is going to make in her billfold when you hit her up with the shady markup. Alternative arrangements are going to have to be made if she is going to get the car home in time before Daddy notices that his little girl has already dinged her new ride, putting young Khloe right where you want her....bent over the hood of her car.

banging out the dents wankzvr

Khloe Kapri!

​Getting jacked at the Wankzshop

Thing get crackin with a standing negotiation section with Khloe as she absorbs the cost of your jacked up repairs, and decides how she is going to go about paying the bill.  

2 khloe kapri vr

These must be worth a couple hundy

​Khloe is pretty rad

Khloe does a great job overall in the movie, setting up the premise well and allowing you to tease the goods a bit up front with plenty sex appeal and some nicely centered eye contact.

3 khloe kapri wankzvr

​The opening 8 was probably my favorite part

The opening standing section works as a solid setup with a good bit of VR presence from Khloe standing up against you, while peering back and describing how vulnerable she is, and when she leans up for some first rate VR schmootching, it caps off a really nice opening 8 minutes to start off the scene.  Let's get a return engagement from Miss Kapri. 

3 khloe kapri wankzvr banging out the dents
4 khloe kapri virtual reality
5 banging out the dents wankzvr

Not the best perspective

"You like me on my knees mister?"

After the solid opening, it's time to get down to business and while Khloe drops to her knees and shines the rest of the way, some of the following PoV's are rather lackluster in terms of feeling genuine in the first person sense. 

6 khloe kapri wankzvr movie

​Not a fan of the leaning tower setup

The first PoV which has you semi upright on a stool has a bit of a distant too tall feel to it as well as having you inclined oddly below with an additional tilt on the rig placing quite a bit of bro in the shot. Nice blowjob action down below, off feeling PoV.

7 khloe kapri virtual reality fuck

"So if I put this in....the bill goes away right?"  Pfffffffffffffffft

Oral wraps up around 14 minutes in and Khloe makes sure the arrangement is clear before easing you inside for some tasty from behind action other than the PoV which, due partly to the tilt, gives the shot a rather gravity defying feeling in front of you.

8 wankzvr banging out the dents

Lacking presence for a standing shot

The incline also makes Khloe feel a good bit farther away from you than she should but still, A-1 Slutsauce from Khloe, just meh on the PoV here. And things got worse for me next.

9 doggie

Really wasn't feeling this PoV with a hard tilt, head out in front in space and a whole-lotta-bro in the frame

​Wasn't feeling the artificial PoV here

It's time to bend Khloe over the Brown hornet next and while this is usually a money shot in VR, and lord knows Khloe has a sweet ass, the call is made to hard tilt the rig to an absurd angle here, making me think of the awful Mia Malkova shoot at Naughty America last year, and producing a shot that makes it feel like your head is well out in front of your body, and presenting a fairly ratty feeling PoV in the VR sense. 

This is shot like a kneeling setup pretty much, where your head would be forward, not a standing shot, where you would be more vertical and it puts a bunch of bro in the frame below, where there is vertical distance that could be employed here to minimize this effect.  WankzVR have been experimenting with tilts the last few months, and putting more bro in the shot below is one thing that should be accounted for in my estimation when doing this and working out the natural sight lines and framing.  

10 khloe kapri bent over hood
11 khloe kapri wankzvr vr porn

​Shame too, cause the legs spread a bit action would have been rockin

Khloe looks great on the hood below, but the shot felt like turd here for me in the virtual sense, which is a shame, because there is a really great section where she spreads her legs out a bit, that would have been absolutely amazing if more vertical and not having an entire dudes body in front of you below.  At least for this fapper. 

"You like this sweet little pussy?"

Action swaps to flat on the floor at around 23 minutes into the scene where you get some choice close ups of Khloe's balloon knot and honey pot at prime airlingus distance.

khloe kapri pussy ass

"Now stick you tongue in both my holes, you dirty fuck"

Some sweet coaching from Khloe to toss her VR salad is followed by some nicely framed mid range profile sucking and this perspective feels alright, though it would be nice to see Wankz start to experiment with a slight up tilt here if shooting nearly flat males like VRCosplayX have been doing on recent shoots.

12 khloe

On a side note: Khloe looks pretty cool reflected back from the silky chocolate depths of the Brown hornet here.

13 khloe kapri virtual

"You like taking advantage of this sweet little pussy?"

Around 4 mins of laying back cowgirl is next, and Khloe looks awesome riding the dick way down there, but it's about as far from her as you can get in VR and this only really improves in this section when she sits up to rub one out at midrange for about a minute or so.

14 banging out the dents wankzvr movie
15 khloe kapri wankzvr banging

Super sexy sidesaddle action next followed up by lean away reverse cowgirl and other than a couple upright breaks, the bulk of the cowgirl in both the forward and rear sections is leaning away from you for a good 10 minutes or more in total run time.

15 khloe kapri wankzvr banging
16 khloe kapri vr
17 khloe

"You like pounding that pussy?"

Action swaps to an upright kneeling missionary shot at around the 40 minute mark, followed up by a close up facial shot with a slice of the action still viewable in the frame below.  Both shots felt decent for me, but perhaps not my favorite WankzVR implementation of either angle, with a super hard tilt on the close up shot that felt a bit close for me, and I'm a fan of the facial close ups in general, just wasn't really feeling this one. 

18 banging out the dents khloe close up
19 wankzvr khloe kapri virtual

​Drain yer scumbag ballbag

The scene ends up with Khloe positioned nicely, poking out from between your legs below for the pop shot, where she busts the follow-up winner "god, your cum even taste like a scumbag" before grabbing the bill and wiping the dirty spunk from her face with it.

20 khloe kapri
21 khloe kapri wankzvr porn
22 khloe kapri wankz vr

"Good thing I didn't fuck up the engine, you'd probably want that asshole too huh"

Khloe tells you to take one last look as you will never be seeing that shit again, before turning around and spitting on you like the scumbag pos you are and signing off with a "seeya 'round fucker".

Nice scene from Khloe, kind of lackluster on the PoVs.


Summing Banging Out the Dents up, the movie overall was decent I thought, with a strong nod to Khloe Kapri, who is sexy as can be and did a great job with her scene here. Some iffy feeling Pov's and a fairly cold feeling laying down on the floor section kind of kept the whole thing from ever really gather steam in the virtual sense and would up being more of a watcher and skimmer for me than a first rate, first person experience with Khloe Kapri.

On the positives, Khloe played the part quite well, helping to elevate things in that department and I may have actually enjoyed the opening 8 minutes of standing close up and kissing more than much that followed in terms of the presence of the various shots. Audio is better than a typical Wankz scene here, still fairly flat in stereo image, but more "enhanced", with a reasonable noise floor, and I enjoyed the bit up front with radio going in the background for that authentic shop vibe.  It made me think of the distant background radios in some of the Borderlands interiors, with just enough audio to provide the effect, but being hard to actually make out what is playing.  Every garage pretty much has the jams on steady, so that was a nice effect that helped set the vibe. 

For negatives, I just found myself fighting most of the PoV's in this movie, from the tad too tall, slightly leaned back opening setups, to a craptacular feeling titled over the hood shot that could have been some VR gold if shot with some verticality, as one would expect that shot to look if you were railin some chick over the hood of a car. The floor cowgirl section featured around 10 minutes or so total of lean-back action making for a pretty disconnected 7th inning stretch that was only marginally relieved by some tasty mid range sidesaddle action and this one just lacked a bit of that spark for me in the end that can make some other WankzVR scenes such ball drainers, no fault of Khloe's. 

In the end, I though Khloe Kapri was pretty awesome in Banging Out the Dents and would love to see her return to WankzVR in the future, she has a great little body and some beautiful eyes that she uses to strong effect, as well as planting one hell of a VR kiss.   If you are not looking for a super intimate or visceral, connected feeling VR scene, this one does nicely, there is certainly nothing wrong with the scenery here, and it's worth checking Khloe Kapri out if nothing else.  I'd give Banging the Dents Out about an 8/10 overall on the Wankz-o-meter.  ​

"Banging Out the Dents" from WankzVR!

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