Stereo Kissing, Kneehighs & Anal Creampies…Bang Delta Pi from WankzVR!

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Bang Delta Pi featuring Alison Rey and Nicole Clitman from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"Bang Delta Pi"

Bang Delta Pi is a 30 minute (notice how they are all 30 minutes lately?)  August 5th release from WankzVR starring Alison Rey and Nicole Clitman. lol.  Sorry, but that one is win Nicole!  This movie has everything I have come to expect from a 2-girl WankzVR scene and I sure as shit wish the other VR Porn directors would take some notes from WankzVR production as to how to fill up the usable space in Virtual Reality when you have twice the pussy at hand to work with.  I don't think anyone gets this better than WankzVR direction right now.

Wankz vr anal bang

We pay rent how?

Rent is due

Setting and setup are kinda lean in Bang Delta Pi:  You play the owner of a sorority house who has come to collect... for the month, and you find yourself parked in a chair, in like, a shitty off-white colored back door porch alcove, that is hardly a feast for the VR senses, but will do nicely for some quick sexin'-for-rentin' in a pinch.  Possibly the most blah WankzVR set I can recall but the rest of this is first class ass.  Kind of feels like a the-other-location-didn't-work-out-we-can-shoot-it-on-bros-porch kind of deal, lol.

Bang Delta Pi WankzVR

Nice and close with both girls

Passing the torch

Setup is pretty get to the point and miss Clitman, who is leaving Bang Delta Pi, is ready to pass on the rent paying torch to young miss Rey, who is a little reluctant, but eager to learn the ways of the sorority.

Nicole has a seat on your lap and starts to explain the deal to Alison and you notice right off Nicole has really great eyes. While you can bust her looking off at direction every so often, she spends much of the movie making laser beam eye contact with you and eye contact from both girls in general is solid in this video.

WankzVR Bang Delta Pi

Nicole makes solid eye contact throughout

Alison leans in and you find yourself, much like Fuck Me, I'm Famous, with a virtual lap full of ladies, and I have sat through entire 15 minute HoloGirls productions such as Double your Pleasure, where this level of intimacy or presence is never even close to being achieved , where WankzVR by comparison, just lets you marinade in the girlie goodness from the very start.

Just fill the effective VR space with effective visuals. Derp.  And this goes on for the better part of 30 minutes and one reason I almost always enjoy WankzVR 2 girl scenes, because the 2nd girl is rarely "wasted", standing down by your feet or below your waist where you cannot sense them particularly well.

Alison Rey Nicole Clitman

Great up close kissing from the girls in Bang Delta Pi

Lots of kissing in the movie

Both girls lean in for some kisses next, followed by some super hot making out in front of you, that probably winds up being more visceral for me in effect than some of  the first person kissing attempts proper, and I love this kind of shit that WankzVR did in Stepdaughter & Lawyer Threesome as well with Tali and Kate. 

Bang Delta Pi Alison Rey

Lots of fingers stroking your chest in this movie

Fingers on chest is nice in VR

Both girls have a seat between your legs after pulling your pants down and there is lots of caressing of your chest with fingers that always "feels" good in VR and you get some really tasty stereo blowjob action here before Wankz throws it into overdrive and has each girl get up on the arms of the chair and put their shit in your face while you can see the other one sucking your cock below.

WankzVR Bang Delta Pi Review

Blank space?  Fill it with ASS!  Now that's a shot with some depth!


And that's why WankzVR wins.  Everyone else take notes and try to catch up please.  WankzVR:  take notes and have the girl stay more stationary up close like this as miss Clitman is a bit mobile here 🙂  Great views of both in this position, and all framed in knee highs which personally trips my trigger every time.

Alison Rey Nicole Clitman Bang Delta Pi

The cowgirl section's really hot

Nailing it

Nicole is first to mount your cock and the word for this section is close, with lots of hair and presence from both girls as one rides and the second is never far away.  No one else is nailing this shot quite as well right now I don't think.  Camera distance feels proper on head and everything feels present, as opposed to some VR scenes where the action at your waist feels very far away or you feel like your head is in your chest in order to get that "closeness".

Nicole Clitman Deepthroat

BTW, Nicole has a magic act too

Nicole's deepthroat skillz

This cowgirl section is pretty great, with some nice fucking by both girls and some lick-the-pussy-juice-off-my-fingers action for you from Nicole.  Miss Clitman then follows up with some of the best deepthroat skillz I have seen in VR and would apparently have a bright future in the sideshow if she chose to go that way.

WankzVR Bang Delta Pi One

WankzVR knows how to shoot 2 girl scenes

Some nice reverse cowgirl follows with both girls and fine views are to be had here while one girl ensures the other is spread for your viewing pleasure nicely.

Nicole Clitman Anal

Fucking Nicole's ass

Meet Nicole's other hole

The scene shifts over to an outdoor couch for the final section of the movie and you spend the next 8 minutes plowing Nicole's tight ass while Alison looks on from the side and this was a satisfying amount of time as an anal fan and Alison provides nice commentary on the action.

First position is laying back anal followed up by some more up close kissing from the girls before Nicole tells you to fuck her ass from behind for the final stretch, which is filled with some good hard fucking as Nicole asks for your cum in her ass.

WankzVR Anal Creampie

Anal Creampie...Thankz Wankz!

Anal Creampie...YUSsssss!

A nice anal creampie ends the movie, with some up-close views of Nicole's plundered hole afterward, and a final awesome dose of stereo kissing from the girls before Bang Delta Pi comes to a close.

Bang Delta Creampie WankzVR

Another months rent collected

WankzVR, Bitches!

Overall, another fine example of VR porn in summer 2016 from WankzVR and a great illustration of what to do with 2 girls in terms of keeping the usable space filled with action.  From stereo kissing to armchair pussy shows, this movie and past WankzVR 2 girl offerings such as Fuck Me, I'm Famous or Fuck My Mom and Me make sure you never lose touch with one girl whilst fucking the other, and make optimum use of effective HMD viewing space.  This is also one of WankzVR's best anal scenes yet with Nicole Clitman turning in a very nice backdoor fuck and an awesome creampie ending. 

The only negatives I can pull out of this movie are a lackluster setting by WankzVR standards, and the fact that it feels a bit like a 12 lb sausage stuffed in a 10 lb sock, and that is to say, I feel like this movie, as well as many recent WankzVR titles like Strokémon Go for instance, could have easily benefited from another 10 mins of footage and from less of the edits that were needed to try to trim up to the 30 minute mark that WankzVR has seemed to be sticking at over the last 2 months.  When contrasted to previous productions that ran up to just under 60 minutes in some cases, they felt a bit less speedy or forced in terms of scene rhythm and did not need to incorporate near the number of scene edits as a result.  I tend to enjoy the 40, 45 minute length VR productions, especially when involving 2 girls or anal at some point and feel like that allows time for a nice setup as well as being able to enjoy both women.  Not sure why WankzVR trimmed their scene time down to 30 minutes, but would love to see production return to the less rigid time cap they were previously editing their movies down to. 

All in all, nothing but good here.  If you like what you see with Alison Ray and Nicole Clitman, Bang Delta Pi is yet another no brainer Summer download from Wankz VR.  10/10.  View our full WankzVR Review in our website review section.

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"Bang Delta Pi" from WankzVR!

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