BaDoinkVR Releases it’s Best Movie Since Busting with Ball in Hand Featuring Britney Amber and Some BBC!

Ball in Hand Featuring Britney Amber from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  12/8/2016
Running time: 29:18
Starring:  Britney Amber
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Ball in Hand Preview
Notables:  Britney Amber, Nice VR presence, Image
Negatives:  Some phasing during close up audio
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  One of BaDoinkVR's Best

"Ball in Hand"

Checking out some Ball in Hand action featuring Britney Amber tonight from BaDoinkVR. I've been waiting patiently since the seemingly fluke release of Busting a Nun for the American side of BaDoinkVR to put something together that remotely captured the presence and VR power of that scene and this is the first movie from BaDoinkVR since Busting that gave me a little bit of that flavor. Ball in Hand is comprised of but one single PoV, so in that sense it is quite simple as contrasted to Busting but the perspective is a good one and that coupled with some detailed audio and beautiful camera image combined for one of the more present feeling VR scenes I have watched this year.

1 ball in hand

Britney Amber!

Trick shot

The movie finds you starting out in a body-less PoV as Britney Amber pulls a few trick shots on the pool table in front of you....with her tits. She can't shoot pool for shit, but her breastesses are about spilling out of her top and she rapidly dispenses with the pool cue so she can make good with the sexins.

2 ball in hand badoinkvr

Sexy Britney

Now, I had no idea who Britney Amber was until today, but I damn well know who she is now. I kind of liked her at first and kind of really liked her by the end, so I was super stoked on Britney Amber here, both in terms of sex appeal and performance.

3 ball in hand review

Girlfriend is always talking up your BBC

Britney is going off about your bitchy girlfriend, telling you how she is always hearing about your big black dick from her and that she can't get the thought of it out of her head.  And at this point, I kind of did a little cheer for all the brothers with VR sets out there that gotta rock pink cracker dick week in week out not realizing it was an IR scene going in, or however you want to refer to it.  Being all about the diversity, I found it another plus for the scene.

4 britney amber

Britney only takes the tiny Asian dick

Britney fesses to only taking Asian wang and havin a hankering for some big, black, fat cock and hops on up the table to illustrate the point for you.

5 britney amber badoinkvr

Britney feels quite present in this scene

She looks really great both in appearance and in terms of image here, and between some nicely defined audio, her proximity in most of the scene and the visuals, she just feels like she is "there" in the VR sense.

6 britney amber ball in hand

"You wanna see how wet you make my little pussy?"

Britney hikes up her shit and gives you a quick peek before coming up a touch closer and spreading out for a solid fingering section where she teases you up for the next few minutes.

7 ball in hand virtual reality

Britney knows how to lick a dick

Around 5 minutes in, your stunt BBC shows up, and the action gets started with a nice profiled shot with Britney sucking your cock from the side. The perspective feels pretty solid on distance/angle to dick and for a laying on back shot, it is elevated nicely and avoids the straight down the chest shot that many of the European BaDionkVR shoots suffer from.  This is your perspective for the rest of the scene and it never really gets old, as Britney takes good care of you the entire way and feels present throughout in an oddly intangible way.

Britney oral skills are no joke either, and she lavishes every inch of your mandingus looking sexy as hell and taking her time to drive at just the right speed.

8 britney amber vr porn

Really sweet titty fuck in Ball in Hand

Nice titty fuck section

Boob time is next and Britney does a great move where she has you rest your ass on her legs and envelopes that shit all up in titty town for one of the best tit fuck sequences I have seen in VR.

9 britney amber titty fuck

Little bit of phasing or something on close audio

Audio is a bit phasey here up close, but otherwise crisp and clean and that is literally about the only technical shortcoming in this scene to speak of.

10 britney badoinkvr

Lots of close up fingering

Britney brings her ass back next for some close up WankzVR style pussy and ass fingering is and this shit is all pretty hot fellas as she gives you a heated show from both the front and back.

11 ball in hand britney amber

Lookin pretty fuckin hot here

Perhaps a tiny bit long on the pussy rubbin section, but it's all good shit.  Britney finally hops on the dick around the 18 minute mark, and I dunno what else to say but she pretty much looks hot as fuck in front of you here.

12 badoinkvr ball in hand

Nice VR sense

This section feels pretty strong in the VR sense the way Britney brings it and I was getting some Busting type moments in kind of just getting lost looking up at Britney's facial expressions while she was getting fucked.  Some of the action gets quite close and Britney even clips the frame once or twice slightly when coming in over the top of you, but it's captured nicely overall.

13 britney amber bbc

Reverse cowgirl

After a solid forward cowgirl stretch, Britney samples her pussy juices from your cock and mounts up for some sexy reverse action.

14 britney amber vr mandingo
15 britney amber virtual reality porn

Begging for your load

The scene winds up with about a 2 minute jerk n lick where Britney begs you for your cum, and you deposit a nice serving of man gravy into her waiting mouth.  She takes every bit of it, ending with some nice cumplay to wrap things up and keeping the heat on this one even from front to back.

16 britney

One of BaDoinkVR's best feeling movies to date. 10/10

Wrapping Ball in Hand up:  for me, this one grabbed me by the nutz harder than anything BaDoinkVR has put out in months, and after last weeks dreadfully shot Katie Morgan scene I was really starting to question the American side of BaDoinkVR production. However, the Tori Black scene was great on a static shot and in much the same way, this scene with its single PoV— beyond the body-less opening sequence—served to get the job done and was carried along nicely by a strong showing from Britney Amber.  Super sexy on the fuck factor and containing one of the better titty fucks I have come across, Ball in Hand was a decidedly zipper down affair for me and I would totally recommend to anyone who thinks that Britney Amber might be their cup o fuck tea. The scene just had some of that weird can't-put-a-finger on it VR presence that can emphasize the difference between a flat scene and a ringer in virtual reality.  Hope to see more stuff like this from BaDoinkVR and Britney Amber both in the future.  10/10.

"Ball in Hand" from BaDoinkVR

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