BaDoinkVR Goes FOTW and Misses with The Girlfriend Experience featuring Amirah Adara

Amirah Adarah The Girlfriend Experience BaDoinkVR cover

The Girlfriend Experience with Amirah Adara from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup:  Oculus Rift CV1 with Steam Whirligig

Review Score 7/10

*Disclaimer:  Right up front!  I fucking LOVE Amirah Adarah.  I think the girl is one of the hottest PERFORMERS in VR today, performer being the key word— Amirah is a fucking pro.  I would give this girl a 10 for washing a dish in an apron...she is hot as Satan's taint as far as fucking on camera, you simply don't find girls with much better sexual camera presence, just in terms of the heat factor. The following critique has nothing whatsoever to do with Amirah or her performance in this movie. This is all on BaDoinkVR.*

"The Girlfriend Experience"

The Girlfriend Experience featuring Amirah Adara is a June 16th release from BaDoinkVR and right away, from the title, you can see that "GFE" is getting to be FOTW pretty quick here in VR Porn land.  The past month has seen the release of some groundbreaking movies from both WankzVR and HoloGirlsVR, and even VirtualRealPorn took a solid swing with Amarna Miller in the last week.  CzechVR is regularly praised for it's current intimacy, if you can take the moving camera setup in some of the solo scenes, and overall, the tide is starting to visibly shift in this direction.  So I wasn't much surprised to see BaDoinkVR bandwagoning it today with this title.

Amirah Adara BaDoinkVR

Amirah looking beautiful as always


TL;DR review: This movie stars smoking hot adult star Amirah Adara in a scene that you have seen time and time again from BaDoinkVR. 30 mins of cowgirl, cowgirl and more cowgirl. That's it.  Great Creampie.  Great performance from Amirah.  Uninspired VR Porn on the production end, tagged with FOTM marketing.  That really is about the nutshell here.

Further Discussion

This movie is tagged as a GFE or the title sure means to imply that.  Now, given that WankzVR and HoloGirlsVR, both had breakthroughs in this area in the last month, it is kind of ballsy right now to tag your VR Porn as that, if you cannot at least approach what others have already done, I mean, at least make an effort to focus the key elements.  And this ain't no GFE.  If this is a GFE, then BaDoinkVR has a dozen or more of them already, as this is pretty much your standard BaDoinkVR cowgirl shoot.

Amirah Adara girlfriend experience

Amirah gives you a nice show here

A quick kiss attempt does not a GFE make

The only thing different in this one?  A missed kiss that lands about a foot out and just a peck, no facial close up time , nothing, just a quick missed kiss,.....that, and you "wake up in bed" with Amirah, rocking perfect hair.  I liked the setup as a plausible intro, but that was about the only thing remotely new here.

Amirah Adara Virtual Girlfreind

Amirah has grrrreat oral skills

This the same scene that BaDoinkVR have filmed time and time again. The only thing new they have added to their bag is the bend-over-ass-in-face sucking shot from the Kesha Ortega movie that others such as WankzVR and Naughty America VR are using to great effect in scenes like Casting Couch VR, My Best Friends Girl and Call Katrina.

I wouldn't slam this this hard if if was not being pimped as a GFE.  As a vanilla VR Porn scene, its fine, its whatever.  Most of us that have been watching VR Porn for more than a year now, are ready for stuff that actually capitalizes on what VR has to offer like this weeks excellent offering from Riley Reid and WankzVR.

If you want a better GFE with Amirah?  Just go get this virtual anal scene from VirtualRealPorn and call it good.  It is hotter on the VR level and you feel 10x more connected to Amirah in that one.  This is just......fucking.  Not that I don't like watching lovely Amirah fuck. That is not the point, or the criticism.

BaDoinkVR Movie Review Amirah Adara

Did I mention there is lean back cowgirl in this one?

If you are going to tag your movies with GFE, you better come correct, or you are simply going to look the fool in front of superior offerings like Get Flix and Chill, that will soon be viewed as like the entry level bar, and WankzVR already sailed past that this month, with multiple releases that capture the girls up close and personal. not a contender, and man I wish it was.  But this pales to even the VRP offering, where Amirah pulls her shorts aside and sits on your lap.  Thats why that one is on my all time list still.

Amirah Adara Rocks Regardless

There are some nice moments for sure, and if you really love Amirah, I mean you gotta watch it ofc, it is still Amirah Adara taking a creampie in VR and that was enough for this sailer to take care of business.  The creampie was the best part of the scene for me probably, that and the bend over and suck portion, that was a bit too far out and off center to be right on the nomnomnom border.  And being as how I love this girls fucking ass, the whole reverse cowgirl was find by me, I could loop that shit and nutt all day long.

Amirah Adara Ass VR

Amirah's class A ass to the rescue!

But Overall.....a huge letdown given the marquee billing.  When I saw AA and GFE my hopes were up, but BaDoinkVR leaves it at stock cowgirl and tags it as a GFE. I was hoping for something different from them, instead I got more of the same with one of my top VR Porn picks, Amirah Adarah.  And after the last couple's kind of pale. It's kind of vanilla.  Its...kind of boring.  Hell, I would say Latina Ass Shake had a more connected feeling than this one, by virtue of being closer.

Amirah Adara Virtual Creampie

If you have ever wanted to cum inside Amirah Adara, this is as close as you are gonna get!

The Bar Has Been Raised

There is more to shooting VR Porn then buying a really expensive camera and pointing it at A-list talent and saying "Action".  Especially if you want to tag it as a GFE.  Download Casting Couch VR, On Set with Riley Reid, Get Flix and Chill and Bondage Girl, and ask yourself how it compares on the merits of getting up close and personal and into the range of what most of us would call approaching a real, visceral, VR Porn GFE.  This is simply not even on the court with the other players.

As a purely vanilla cowgirl scene shot in VR with the lovely Amirah Adarah and a great creampie, I would give it a 9.  As a GFE, a 2.  7/10 overall....all Amirah.


The Girlfriend Experience from BaDoinkVR

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