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BadoinkVR Review

Updated for November 2018

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Badoink VR Review

  1. Number of movies:  5/5 - At just over 260 titles at the time of our BaDoinkVR Review update November 2018, BadoinkVR have a nice plump VR porn stash and some classic genre titles spanning over nearly 4 years of adult VR production. 
  2. Sub pricing:  4/5 - With a change to a 2 times a week release schedule in July 2017, the $24.95 monthly looks much better at BaDoinkVR,  with the annual offering substantial value.  If you like what you see after a month, might as well get the one year or cherry pick it every few months on a monthly.  BaDoinkVR have also introduced a 1 dollar trail offer good for one movie.  You can get either a -60% off first months sub or a one dollar/day trial through our links here at 3DPornReviews.  If they had a bit stronger added network like Naughty America VR for instance, I would give BaDoinkVR 5 stars here at roughly the same price point or if they released more content like Czech VR  at $24.95 or WankzVR (runtimes) at 20 bucks a month. 
  3. Update Frequency:  5/5 -  BadoinkVR have moved to a 2 times a week release density in July 2017.  Movies are currently released on Mondays and Thursdays. 
  4. Variety of Pornstars:  5/5 - There is a nice variety of talent over at BadoinkVR, with the emphasis on young, tight n right European girls.   As of June/July 2016, there are now shooting American pornstars, and this could give them one of the most well rounded rosters in VR as they are dipping from both sides of the pond.  We give em 5/5 here with that new blend as no one else can really claim that right now.  Casting has been pretty great in 2017-2018 at BaDoinkVR.
  5. Variety/Kink/Niche:  5/5 - Other than several decent Anal vids, and a trippy basement Harley Quinn video with Blondie Fesser, things are pretty vanilla at Badoink VR on the older content, with some group scenes and girl/girl stuff.  There are some parody and cosplay type shoots as well.  Movies in 2016 saw a JOI with Kylie Page , a sex education type movie with August Ames and Joel and Alexa Tomas shot from both POV's.   There was even an erotic reading video featuring Sienna Knight, so BaDoinkVR began stretching out a bit on content in the Fall of 2016.  A couple of US solo's showed up in Winter 2016 with videos from both Tori Black and Bella Rose.  There was quite a bit of anal focus in Summer 2017. 2018 has seen more straight up the middle content. 
  6. Tech:  4/5 -  Overall tech at BadoinkVR is currently about average for the industry.   From Spring 16 to Spring 17, I would have rated the image quality as 1st or 2nd in the industry.  In spring 2017, BaDoinkVR then moved to similar rigs as many of the other studios and they lost the lead they once had with respect to image clarity.  Audio quality, can be some of the best in VR porn in portions of the back catalog, while on other shoots from 2017, not so much, it varies a bit, but audio is generally a stronger point for BaDoinkVR than most of the other studios over the balance of the entire catalog of scenes.   
    • *Audio has been pretty poor in late Summer/Fall 2017.  Score lowered to a 4 here in Jan 2018 after months of poor audio and an image that is pretty average for the industry atm. 
    • January 2018 finally sees some much needed love in the Audio department, with recent releases sounding much improved in terms of high end detail and image.
  7. VR Production:  2.5/5 - In my mind, VR specific production has generally been the weak point at BaDoinkVR. Things like natural feeling PoV's are often a major problem , with cam views that appear much too close to the dick or other wonky perspectives and production style became downright like watching paint dry in mid 2016 before they decided to shake up the recipe, often resulting in 30 minute cowgirl scenes shot from a flat on back, blind spot PoV. There have been some amazing movies featuring groundbreaking PoV's such as Busting a Nun, that were genre classics, but those unfortunately have been more of the exception than the rule with both the U.S. and Spanish sides of production.  2017 sees BaDoinkVR mixing things up quite a bit from their past scenes, but PoV's continued to be a weak spot for me, if you look at my BaDoinkVR movie reviews from 2017.  One sided eye contact is another thing that you will find in many scenes from 2017 and early 2018.  Production feels like it's on the uptick to me in Summer 2018 at BadoinkVR with releases like Pool Cues with Alina Lopez and the addition of a missionary shot. 
  8. Searchability: 5/5 - After a reskin in 2016, BaDoinkVR have one of the better sites in VR, with a recently added megamenu filter, active niche and talent tags, and a nice amount of information presented on the viewing pages.
  9. Extras/Networks:​ 4/5 - BaDoinkVR have a moderately active discussion forum and have recently added a hands free viewing mode for mobile users that may offer some added value for you, I mainly view on Oculus, so I have not experimented with this feature yet.  There are also around 200 extra 2d movies included via BaDoinkVIP as well as nice looking photo sets for the VR movies.
  10. Download Speed:  5/5 - Download speeds have been typically high for me over the years at BaDoinkVR. with a high quality Oculus file taking about 25 minutes or so on average.  ​
    • Scaling/Distortion: Typically, on an Oculus Rift,  newer Badoink VR vids look pretty good to great for me.  Older movies can suffer from the same type of scaling that many older VR porn shoots suffer from, and some older videos were shot further from the camera than desirable by many for VR, but overall, they have some decent stuff if you like the roster.  By the end of summer 2016, BaDoinkVR's rig/s were performing quite well in terms of both resolution and distortion .  
    • Overall Immersion/ VR Sense:  BaDoinkVR have some quality titles to explore and rank decently well for a VR porn experience.   Movies from the late summer/fall/winter of 2016 were kind of all over the place, both on content, and tech such as camera heights and perspectives as BaDoinkVR finally mixed up the recipe they had remained fairly stagnant with for months after having been one of the early players in VR porn.   My main gripes in 2017 were poor audio in many titles, one sided eye focus and wonky feeling PoV's/tilted shots. 2018 was a bit better with improvements to audio clarity and eye contact. 
    • SUB WARNINGSAs with most porn subs, watch out for pre-ticked trial offers when signing up and as well, be careful clicking on banner popups on the site.  One of the main complaints I see for BaDoinkVR, are on the popups and pre-tickes sales offers that many new to buying porn are not familiar with.   Stow yer boner for a couple minutes and make sure you look at the sign up page carefully and untick the additional offer box!  

BaDoinkVR Review Score


3DPornReviews BaDoinkVR Discount Available

-60% off First Months Sub = $9.95 —or— One Dollar Trial Offer Also Available

  • Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Carboard, HTC Vive and other headset formats supported.
  • All subs include free VR goggles compatible with any smart phone.  
  • At over 240 movies and counting, BadoinkVR have a large back catalog.  
  • High quality camera setup introduced in March 2016.  BaDoinkVR probably have the 2nd, or best image in VR in January 2017. *This changed in later 2017 where BaDoinkVR have moved to a rig very similar to most of the other studios. 
  • August 2016 sees BaDoinkVR making some very interesting moves and finally mixing up their formula for VR Porn a bit, featuring more American talent and mixing up their production some.
  • Fall into Winter 2016 has been a bit hard to pin down with more experimental shoots coming from BaDoinkVR as they try to mix up their older formula a bit.  The Spanish shoots have been pretty consistent in style, while the American movies have been all over the place on tech style, occasionally spitting out some diamonds.
  • Spring 2017 finds BadoinkVR making some more changes, both in terms of production, and what appears to be a new rig at work in May, that to my eyes, does not look at clear as the industry leading image quality that BaDoinkVR have been known for.   You can see a screenshot comparison of this in my Cumming Home review. 
  • BaDoinkVR have introduced a new hands free theater mode for mobile viewers in May 2017.
  • July 2017:  BaDoinkVR have moved to 2 releases a week upping the value on the sub quite a bit.
  • Casting has been nuts in the late Summer/Fall of 2017 with some great talent being featured at BaDoinkVR. 
  • Production feels like it is trending up in mid 2018
  • BaDoinkVR took 3rd place of my top 3 studios for 2017



* American and European Talent

* Large catalog, number of girls

* Decent focus on intimacy in 18'

* Some genre classics

* Upsell popups on login

* Beware of pre-ticked offers on sign up

* One sided eye contact in many scenes

* Mediocre PoV's at times

*Poor audio in portions of the 17' catalog

*Lighting issues in 2018

BaDoinkVR website review sign up

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badoinkvr dollar discount

3DPornReviews  $1.00 single movie trial also available, click image

*Please watch out for pre-ticked offers during signup! Standard porno sub stuff*

If you have any issues with billing/how to cancel BadoinkVR:  First line billing support has traditionally not been great, the same as many porn studios relying on Epoch or CCBill for processing. The best thing to do is to reach out to the official sub rep on reddit, and they are generally pretty good about handling support issues there from what I have witnessed over the years.  Is BaDoink legit?  Yes, but they have never really had a great reputation for billing support via the 3rd party processor. 

BadoinkVR Site Details

BadoinkVR are one of the original players in VR Porn, having started up their VR division shortly after VirtualRealPorn got rocking in 2014.  With some 225 movies for download as of July 2018, BadoinkVR have built up a nice sized catalog, and there are definitely some classic titles in there.  A move in July 2017 to a more competitive 2 times a week release schedule was a long overdue and welcome change at BaDoinkVR.

Earlier standouts

Some of my favorites from early 2016 at BadoinkVR were movies such as Heart Shaped Ass that introduced a higher resolution camera, Getting Lucky, Stepdaughters Favorite Workout, and Latin Ass Shake for the Spring period of 2016.

One of my all time favorites

The  August 2016 release,  Busting a Nun with Blake Eden was in my top 5 movies for 2016, (It took my number 2 spot) featuring a complete shift in BaDoinkVR's standard camera setup and some amazingly present VR perspectives.  If nothing else, it is well worth the dollar trail to get Busting a Nun alone, if you find Blake Eden even remotely attractive and love close up feeling VR porn, it was a bit of an anomaly in virtual porn in 2016.   

Nice Settings

Production values and sets are on the higher side, and there are some amazing looking girls in the library and the site itself is beautiful.  

Check out our BaDoinkVR Movie Reviews!

Early Catalog: European Girls

BadoinkVR, the same as many other early VR porn companies were European based, (while a US company) so expect lots of hot Spanish girls and other European ethnicities talking broken English in the early catalog.  The BadoinkVR girls are really all shapes and sizes, and you can find popular VR stars such as Blondie Fesser, Silvia Rubi,  Julia Roca, Zoe Doll, Lilyan Red, Alexa Tomas, Apolonia Lapiedra  and Carolina Abril among the many attractive women on the site.  BaDoinkVR added a movie with Spanish Goddess Nekane in September and porn legend Tori Black (solo) in November of 2016!   

American Girls Have Been the Focus Since mid 2016

BaDoinkVR began shooting more US talent in the late Summer and Fall of 2016 seeing releases featuring popular US stars like Katrina Jade, Aidra Fox, Kagney Linn Karter, and Blake Eden to name a few.  Having continued this casting into 2018 gives BaDoinkVR a nicely rounded catalog in terms of talent right now from both Europe and the U.S. 

Solid VR Porn Option

As with other early VR studios, there may be some issues with scaling with some of the older BadoinkVR titles from 2015.  Most older issues can be helped some by using robust VR players such as older MaxVR or  DEOPlayer that allow for the adjustment of stereo separation or other tweaks but you won't be able to adjust for distortion.  


New cam in Spring 2016

BaDoinkVR moved to a new camera system in Spring 2016 and the content that was produced with it looked awesome in terms of clarity at the time!  You can see the debut of this new tech in the "Heart Shaped Ass" and "Getting Lucky" videos.   This same setup also initially had some issues with distortion when filming close up however, and some of the movies that were released in April 2016 such as Lez-be-Friends had this present in close up footage.  


On the other hand, titles like Latina Ass Shake later in 2016 looked very good up close.  Just expect that you may find some scale issues or close up distortion in the back catalog pre 2016. 


2017 titles overall, looked nice, not as crisp as 2016, with the main technical issues being poor audio and camera framing in 2017, as well as one sided eye contact.  Light My Fire with Alex Grey was likely my favorite scene from 2017 at BaDoinkVR.


January 2018 got cracking nicely at BaDoinkVR with some much needed improvements on the audio front, as well as some banging early releases such as New Years Lay with Angela White and Riley Reid and the VR squirtfest, Grangerous Liaisons featuring Adriana Chechik and Kimmy Granger.  Later releases in 2018 featured the introduction of a missionary shot for BaDoinkVR and their fall scene featuring Alina Lopez was a personal favorite of mine this year. 

Worth a one month for sure

There are some really solid videos to download there, (as well as many generic flat feeling movies) so if you are looking for a new VR site to try out, BaDoink VR is not a bad option for a one month check-it-out sub if you like what you see in the preview pix on the site and the trailers .  

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