Alice March Wants One in the Two Hole in Backdoor Picnic from WankzVR!

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Backdoor Picnic Featuring Alice March from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 8/10

"Backdoor Picnic"

Backdoor picnic is 29 minute, July 26th release from WankzVR that finds cutie Alice March wanting you to plunder her booty after a bit of backyard picnic action.  Being an anal sex aficionado, I was pretty stoked at the Twitter post on Monday for this one, and was hoping perhaps, this would be the first WankzVR anal offering to really deliver the booty for me.

Past anal offerings

Anal is my niche, and WankzVR is one of  my go to studios for VR Porn right now, so I have been waiting for those 2 things to collide in an asstatic masterpiece from Wankz, but past offerings have had some ....issues that kept them from being great anal vids for me. Stepdaughter & Lawyer threesome, with Tali Dova and Kate England!!!  Love em both,....aaaaand, it was kind of a letdown.  Limp dicks and low time in Kate's butt left me wanting more on that one.  Pool Boy with Marley Brinx, featuring some of the worst man hand action I have seen in VR, I literally fast forward viewed it so that one was out for me. Kagney Linn Karter taking the BBC before that? Not so much, another limp dick and another letdown, which would have been a great one if not for male performance.

Spring Break Anal with Aspen Ora was probably my favorite anal offering from WankzVR up to now but of course it was plagued by the distortion, overexposure, scale and fps issues that the early WankzVR movies had.  Anal Relaxation with Sophia Grace, which was the first WankzVR movie I ever downloaded was nice, but again, shot on WankzVR's initial broken setup. So the history so far at WankzVR for anal movies has been checkered for me, and I was still waiting for that combination of great anal sex, adequate male performance and WankzVR signature style and pussy.

Backdoor Picnic WankzVR

Time for a little ass picnic

Picnic time

This scene starts off with you hangin out in the backyard with Alice March and for a WankzVR outdoor shot, it's not bad.  Brightest areas are overexposed as all WankzVR subs are used to by now, but darker areas look a bit better and the action in front of your face with Alice looks fine.  Audio is crisp and clean and full of detail like bird chirps and background ambiance.  Alice looks great in floral and lace with some sexy red panties underneath and is decent with her one sided dialog delivery in the opening section.

Alice March WankzVR

Alice tells you she really wants you to fuck her ass

"I really want you to fuck my ass"

Alice comes in close and wastes no time laying down her agenda, telling you that you have been dating for awhile and it is about time for you to fuck that ass.  She leans in for some kissing and while Alice is nice and close, eye contact is either left side or right here and the bulk of the kisses in this movie land low, leading to up close eyebrow action.  I would not rate the kissing as very strong in this movie, but if studios don't keep experimenting, we will never find the limits of these shots and I am always happy to see them, as when everything lines up, it's pretty powerful.  On the other hand, when things don't line up, it can be fairly comical.  So off center eye contact and low kisses diminish the strength of the VR in the picnic out back section here a bit but Alice balances this out by giving you a great show.

Alice March Virtual Reality

Up close ass

There is quite a bit of ass focusing in this movie, which I appreciated as a backdoor man, and Alice sticks it in your face for some up close time, that unfortunately finds her off to the left of the camera for a good bit of it, but there are some sweet spots in the shot as well where her positioning is a bit more central.

"You want to see how wet my pussy is?"

Things fair a bit better on positioning in the next close up sequences of Alice's pussy and ass and overall the opening is pretty decent but not terribly remarkable with misses on pussy positioning, eye contact and kissing pulling down the immersion factor a notch or two and for me, it didn't really allow me to get pulled in right away, in the way that say a movie like Fuck Me, I'm Famous did.

Alice March WankzVR Backdoor Picnic

This action winds up a bit cockeyed, but there are some nicely centered sections

"Can't you see my ass is ready for you baby?"

Alice gives you proof of concept here and the action relocates inside to a one leg on, one leg off kneeling/standing couch position for some quick oral before Alice turns around and places your cock inside her in doggie position.  And as an assman, I was pleased with this focus here, instead of the typical cowgirl opening.

Alice March WankzVR Backdoor Picnic one

Focus on ass is maintained throughout

A frequent complaint I have with VR "Anal" movies, is that it can often boil down to just a few minutes of anal out of a 30 minute movie, and I like this approach here, where you go, OK...anal guys like watching ass...give them lots of ass to watch, even in the openings leading up to the booty sex.  It is like for titty guys, give them lots of titties if that is part of the billing.  So I really like that as an ass fan here and feel like that deserves some credit for good scene design.

There is a camera position drop a few clicks on an edit here and you find yourself laying back on the couch now fucking Alice doggie with your legs in front of you and Alice telling you to....sigh... smack her ass 🙂  Other than this ass smacking section though, and a bit in the next section,  the hands are pretty low key in this movie, compared to some other WankzVR features.   Fans of active males will dig it, others won't.

Alice March WankzVR Buttplug

Pretty sweet shot, other than the hands

Warming up the butthole

Alice next produces a black buttplug and backs her ass up to your face so you can watch her insert it...and again....asks you to spread her cheeks for her, bringing hands back into the picture and for me, diminishing another otherwise awesome shot here.

After gobbling up the plug with her ass, Alice bends over to gobble up your cock while keeping her shit right in your face, but this section finds things a bit too close and I found myself looking more down than up at the goods in my face in contrast to many other WankzVR scenes that rock this shot a little further out.

Alice tells you she thinks she is ready and removes the buttplug, offering it up to your mouth briefly.  She then states that she is definitely ready, but a comical glance down, shows that you are CLEARLY NOT. 

Alice March Anal

Hittin that sexy ass

Hitting that shit

Some efficient jerk and suck from Alice gets you back in working order again and it is time to tap that heart shaped ass, as Alice easily accommodates you.  This position holds for around 3 minutes and Alice is not shy about going ATM on scene transitions.  Let me stop and also observe also that the indoor shots looks really good here, with some brightly colored accents in the room and the scene looks pretty damned nice and clear for WankzVR.

WankzVR Backdoor Picnic Anal

Lighting looks pretty awesome in this movie

"I love it in my ass baby, lets keep doin this"

....says Alice like she is reading the line from a sheet of paper, and it is down to the floor for some more assfucking, where it kind of feels like a good bit of time has elapsed since the last section.   A bit more of Alice's ass in your face and some really sexy chest licking, and it is back on for forward cowgirl anal but at this point, a good 3 mins has passed since you were last in dat ass, resulting in a fairly significant stall for me anyway in momentum.

WankzVR Virtual Anal Alice March

Probably my favorite section

The next few minutes of cowgirl anal are nice, if not terribly present in VR, with scale and depth to dick distance looking really solid.  A bit more ATM here and Alice gets back on for my favorite shot of the movie, reverse inside your legs anal cowgirl.  This section is a great shot for anal sex fans, and the lighting and everything is just popping and crisp here for a WankzVR scene.

Backdoor Picnic movie review

Duck and cover, incoming rope!

"Actually, I want you to come in my mouth"

At around 26 minutes, Alice dismounts and tells you she wants you to cum in her mouth and there is a some more sexy chest licking and kissing before she mouths your meat for the final stretch.   Alice jerks and sucks you to a holy-shit-that's-gonna-hit-me-in-the-face orgasm, which...oddly after her initial request, she does not seem particularly interested in catching with her mouth, but she goes to work with her tongue lappin up all your cum afterward just the same.

Alice March WankzVR anal scene

Lappin up the man gravey

Little bit of an awkward ending

The scene gets a bit awkward after the cum cleanup, with Alice being fed lines to say as she brings her pussy up to your face for one final close up, and a quick, awkward edit is used to cover the off camera coaching.  A second line being fed by a male voice that was not edited out is next, which of course, results in compromising the wall between direction and talent and should result in the WankzVR editor getting a slap on the dick for allowing that in the final product 🙂  No one wants to hear the Wizard, lol.

Overall pretty solid for ass fans, some near misses on VR elements for other fans

So, was Backdoor Picnic the anal masterpiece I have been waiting on from WankzVR?  Not so much, but it was a solid enough scene and Alice is fun to watch fuck for sure.  Strong points: some nice ass focus for entire movie, great lighting for WankzVR inside, and the last anal section.  Low points for me were left and right eye contact, a 3 minute pause in fucking action between the couch and floor setups, off center ass close ups or too close, and run of the mill porno dialog delivery.  

Hands were not bad in this one and edits were kept at a minimum compared to other WankzVR outings.  However, using an edit, to cover up line coaching, is not effective, and in my estimation, you are better off dropping that footage then trying to run one over on peeps in VR.  The final edit is so egregious, you know immediately why it was done, as there is absolutely no other reason for an edit there. They would be better off just spot muting the audio track, the WTF moment there is less striking that way. 8/10. I didn't have any issues throwing rope,  just kind of middle of the road scene for me, nothing wrong with it particularly and Alice is really cute with an amazing ass.   It's definitely worth checking out if you are down for some VR anal, and like Alice March.

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"Backdoor Picnic" from WankzVR

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