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BabeVR Review

4/17/19: BaDoinkVR have announced the end of production At BabeVR

1. Number of Movies: 5/5 - 75 movies at the time of our BabeVR Review update in May 2019 with most titles averaging right around 30 minutes in run time.  

2. Sub Pricing: 4/5 - $19.95/mo, $59.40 Annual, $1.00 trial single movie download.  I feel like subs are probably 5 dollars too high on a monthly rate at BabeVR right now, being that they are on a once a week release schedule and offering solo content.  Say where MilfVR is at with a $15.00/mo, once a week release price point. You can grab our BabeVR lifetime renewing monthly discount to lock in at $14.95. *BabeVR no longer updating, future updates will be titles from the other BaDoinkVR sites I am told.

3. Update Frequency: 3/5 - BabeVR updates once a week with new releases coming out each Wednesday. 

4. Variety of Pornstars: 4/5 - Casting has been pretty great at BabeVR thus far, with some amazing talent being featured such as Charlotte Stokely, Jenna Sativa, Sasha Heart, Darcie Dolce, Lexi Belle, Samantha Bentley and Adriana Chechik. One of the big selling points at BabeVR is just being able to see some of these girls in VR such as 2018 castings with Kenna James and Bailey Rayne. 

5. Variety/Kink/Niche: 1.5/5 - Kinda limited, you gots yer solo action and you gots yer Tommy Torso or yer dildo's with some mild JOI elements.  But, for the solo niche, BabeVR is hitting it really well. BabeVR recently added their first GG and anal scenes to the mix in the later half of 2018.

6. Tech:  3/5 - Tech, I would give the same grade pretty much as BaDoinkVR and VRCosplayX. The camera rig looks very similar and the audio has taken a noticeable upturn in 2018 at all 3 studios.  Camera image is about average for the industry at the moment I would say and sets can be slightly glarey/overlit for the rig in some scenes or more recently in Spring/Summer 2018, poorly color balanced with emphasized red and pink hues.

  • Dropping this score to 3 in August 2018, as the problems with chromatic aberration over the last couple of months has detracted from many shoots and overall, the cam tech is lagging in 2018 at all 3 BaDoinkVR studios in comparison to some of the competition.

7. VR Production:  4/5 - On production, I would give BabeVR a really strong 4, if for no other reason than they are deliberately focusing on delivering virtual intimacy in many of the scenes, which is a strong point in my eyes when it comes to adult VR movies.  As well, utilizing a bodyless PoV is fairly forgiving in contrast to working with a stuntcock and I enjoy what they have been doing with both the torso doll and dildo scenes.  In the VR sense, I actually think it was at times some of the better production out there in 2018 in terms of content focus. 

8. Searchability:  5/5 -  It's a small, clean site at the moment filterable by performer as well as a nice assortment of tags on the movie pages.  Same website layouts as what BaDoinkVR and VRCosplayX use pretty much. 

9. Extras/Networks: 1/5 - Pretty lean on extras, they do have a forum up and running.  

10. Download Speed:  4/5 - Downloads at Babe VR have been on the high side of average for me since BabeVR launched, at around 30 minutes for a 9 gig file in March of 2019.

BabeVR Review Score


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If you have any issues with your BabeVR subscription and 3rd party billing service, I recommend hitting up the BabeVR reddit rep here.

Quick Points

  • Files for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, GearVR, PSVR, Daydream View
  • From BaDoinkVR
  • 67 Movies for download as of March 2019
  • Solo scenes incorporating either Torso Dolls or Dildo's
  • Some exclusive talent for VR like Bailey Rayne, Kenna James and Georgia Jones
  • Nice focus on proximity and intimacy
  • Streaming available
  • My favorite VR solo scenes up to this point
  • Watch out for pre-ticked boxes on billing page
  • BabeVR ceased production in April 2019



*Excellent Solo VR vids

*Some Exclusive Talent

*No Stuntdick

*Bodyless PoV's

*Intimacy & Proximity

*Early 2017 scenes are washed out a bit on lighting

* Summer 2018 scenes were poorly color balanced/oversaturated

*Upsell popups on login on the website

*Audio quality not as good on the earlier scenes

A little expensive in the market for once a week

Studio ceased production in April 2019

BabeVR Site Details

BabeVR Logo

From BaDoinkVR

From BaDoinkVR comes BabeVR, a solo VR site all about all things babe and no things bro!  If solo scenes are your bag, then BabeVR will probably float yer boat nicely offering up some of the best solo presentations I have seen for VR in the last four years.

Launched late in 2017, BabeVR have shot just over 70 scenes in April 2019, with an average run time of around 30 minutes, which feels just about right for a good solo scene with simulated intercourse I feel like. 

Close up and intimate

Perhaps the thing I like the most about all of the movies I have watched thus far at BabeVR is the deliberate emphasis on getting things close up and in your face, in a way that even the homesite BaDoinkVR often fails to do.  This focuses all that womanly goodness all up in your VR shit where the effect is the strongest and plays to the mediums strengths vs. the more distant approach often employed by other studios in the last 4 years.

All the focus is on you

The other thing that occurred to me after a few movies at BabeVR, was that after 4 years of first person BG scenes in VR, I was kind of digging on the very different feeling that the girls are focusing just on "me" instead of them having to kind of split focus between the real life dude and the camera. 

Torso dolls

Many of the scenes at BabeVR incorporate the use of a Tommy Torso type doll, and this actually, from a simulated virtual fucking perspective, works quite well in effect for something like a cowgirl shot.  It is rather easy to just skim up over the doll to focus on the woman, and at that point, the effect starts to get quite similar to a standard type of VR BG cowgirl type feel, sans broski. 

Top notch talent

Another stand out at the moment at BabeVR, is a roster that contains names you are not likely to see elsewhere in VR as many of the ladies only shoot GG scenes/cam/etc so this may be your best bet to catch girls like Charlotte Stokely, Sasha Heart, Jenna Sativa, Lexi Belle and Darcie Dolce in virtual reality for the time being.

Probably a tad overpriced

At 20 bucks a month, and a once a week release schedule I think that BabeVR is likely more of a 15.00/mo sub in the current market and feel they would perhaps sit better at a slightly lower price point for 2 hours of solo content a month.     

Definitely worth a one month

If you are a fan of solo content, burnt out on stunt corpses or a big fan of any of these girls, I think BabeVR is definitely worth a one month cherry picking sub at least.  Some of my favorite scenes in 2018 —surprisingly to myself— came from BabeVR, such as Sasha Heart and Georgia Jones' vids. 

2019, Production Comes to an End at BabeVR

BaDoinkVR announced the shutdown of BabeVR in April of 2019. The site will continue to be updated weekly with titles from the other BaDoinkVR sites for those that might have been holding longer memberships I am told. 


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