You Like That Tight Teen Pussy Baby? Aubrey Sinclair at Real Teens VR!

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Aubrey Sinclair Featured at Real Teens VR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  Real Teens VR
Release date:  10/14/2016
Running time: 36:00
Starring:  Aubrey Sinclair
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Found at end of review or Aubrey Sinclair Trailer
Notables:  Solid Perspectives, Clean Tech, Hot Performance
Negatives:  Manboob in Doggie, Off Cam Looks, Porno Talk
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less:  Solid Choice from RTVR!

Aubrey Sinclair from Real Teens VR!

Checking out the new Aubrey Sinclair feature from Real Teens VR today.  The last couple Real Teens VR movies I have watched, Alyssa Cole and Ariel Grace, displayed the wonky camera positioning that has been popping up in various Real Teens VR and Naughty America releases recently such as last weeks Megan Sage and Mia Malkova disasters as well as the Violet Starr shoot from Real Teens a few weeks back.  So I was happy to find myself in a vertical position as this one fired off, and all in all, felt like this was another solid movie from Real Teens VR, much more in line with say the excellent Lily Jordan offering. 

Cute opening

Aubrey enters the scene and introduces herself and her lollipop and she kills the opening section pretty well.  The rest of the movie features pretty vacant porno talk but the opening section shows off a bit of Aubrey's nature, and she is super fucking cute.

Fun with candy

Aubrey removes her bra followed by her jean shorts while giving you some looks while playing with the lollipop which had my sticky aversion at full attention, but the whole section is pretty sexy and Aubrey is fun to watch.

Some off camera looks....errr...lots

If there is a negative here in the opening section it would be that Aubrey spends quite a bit of time looking off camera for direction prompts, and changes in the scene can often be telegraphed with her first looking and then reacting to direction.  While a bit of a distraction, it also lends to the new teen vibe and you get the impression Aubrey has probably not been doing videos for long which is totally fine and so is she for that matter. 

Decent on your back perspective

The intro runs about 7.5 minutes in this movie and dude warps in in a nice transition that finds Aubrey ready to suck your cock.  The perspective is laying down, but a bit more raised than normal, so a better laying down shot than what we have been getting lately from Naughty America/ Real Teens production.

Nice cowgirl section

Oral is followed up by some nice cowgirl where Aubrey fully buries your shit for a good bit.  The cowgirl section features a ballanced mix of closer action with some lean away segments and all of it feels pretty solid from your perspective.

"You hear how wet my pussy is"?

Some reverse cowgirl is next with Aubrey's wet pussy glistening up your cock and adding some detailed audio highlights into the mix.  The fucking is hot but you are going to bust Audrey looking off at direction a lot.

Decent doggie action, bit of manboobs

Next up is a transition to a pretty decent feeling doggie perspective. The height on the shot seems good, making Aubrey take up a fair bit of the screen in front of you, and the slight tilt on the cam is focused perfectly for the angle. My only gripe with the shot is it is a little close to the guys chest yet, and you wind up with some man tit encroaching.

"OMG, that feels so good in my pussy"

There is a slight shift in position that yields less torso later on in the scene that felt better to me, and overall, it's a pretty rockin Real Teens VR doggie shot, with Aubrey filling up a good portion of the field of view, which really seems to be a key to better feeling doggie vantages in VR.

Good missionary fuck

Last shot is another good one with some missionary featuring Aubrey slightly raised up on a pillow, and putting in a good hard fuck for that cum. You get some great face time with Aubrey here and the fucking gets pretty hard by the end as you watch the sweat trickle down her stomach and you start to eyeball the finish line.

"I love your cum all over me"

Aubrey finishes you off with a sexy quick jerk when the time cums and spends a couple of minutes after, rubbing the cum over her stomach and giving some cute looks to the camera before the scene winds to a close.

Best Real Teens VR on Tech Since Iris Rose. 9/10

Wrapping Aubrey Sinclair's Real Teens VR feature up, I felt like this was a bit back on stride from RTVR and more along the lines of the type of production I like in their catalog and less along the lines of the movies I don't care for produciton-wise.  All of the perspectives felt pretty decent in this movie, and Aubrey turned in a sexy performance in her VR debut.  A tilt was only used on the rig when appropriate for perspectives that benefited from it and this was a welcome change of pace with some of the weird NA/RTVR shoots over the last few weeks.   A bit too much manboob in the doggie shot and Aubrey's tendency to be focused on direction off camera as well as some fairly repetitive emotives were the only detractions for me really.  Aubrey certainly makes up for it the time she is looking at you, as she gives some killer looks in this one and a Pink sheet and dark floors make for a great backdrop with the color balance of the scene looking pretty sweet for VR.  Overall, quite enjoyable and no problems gettin work done, Aubrey is great to look at and this was a likeable, early VR performance from her. 9/10

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Aubrey Sinclair from RealTeensVR!

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