Ashley Lane’s Fired Up at Lethal Hardcore VR!

Ashley Lane is a Desperate Housewife from Lethal Hardcore VR

*Review footage taken from early masters, not from the final versions that are being served on the server currently where there are still problems from Adult Empire on the encoding side it sounds like in December 2018. 

Ashley Lane is a Desperate Housewife at Lethal Hardcore VR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Lethal Hardcore VR / WhorecraftVR
Release date: November 12, 2018
Running time: 43:52 minutes
Starring:  Ashley Lane
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:'s ONE GIG, so.....ya! Go download it yourself, lol
Notables:  Ashley Lane, Present feeling scene
Negatives: Some cockeyed doggie for a few 
Review Score: 10/10 
5 words or less:  Great performance from Ashley Lane
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Ashley Lane is a Desperate Housewife!

Sup yall! Been busy working on some other businesses ventures the last few weeks as well as playing a bunch of Red Dead 2 and haven't had much time to watch the prons, but put aside some time yesterday to check out the latest release from Lethal Hardcore VR, featuring a fiery performance from Ashley Lane, as well as taking a look at their upcoming Danni Rivers scene. Both were pretty much bangers as far as the performances went, so I wanted to throw a quick review up. 

Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane is a Desperate Housewife features a strong natural performance from Ashley that is sure to please her fans and would likely win over some converts. Ashley was not real high on my radar prior to this, but I certainly left with an "I'd smash" vibe after watching her scream and quiver her way through this steamy scene.

Fiery performance

Ashley pretty much kills it from jump, setting the stage nicely with an intimate face to face opening and offering up a sexually charged performance throughout.

Nice flow

What I like about both this scene and Danni's was the heat comes across really well from both the girls, and the flow is more natural than staged feeling, consisting of long one-shots with most of the edits occurring on the position changes for the most part.

Improved audio

On the tech stuff, audio is improved from the Elena Koshka scene a few weeks ago and you can really hear Ashley's juicy wet pussy in fine detail during segments like the deeply embedded cowgirl sections.

Present feeling

The scene offers a nice balance of perspective and tighter shots and overall comes off with a more intimate and connected vibe.

Action gets cocked off to the left here for a couple of minutes

Leg shaking doggie

The section with Ashley bent over the back of the couch, screaming, legs visibly shaking below her was probably my favorite action of the scene and overall I enjoyed all of the PoV's other than some cockeyed doggie for a bit, and a couple shots where I might have titled the rig a few more degrees or less, such as the doggie shot which is a little brocentric for my tastes in terms of homies location in frame below.

All internal pop

Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane 10/10

Wrappin it up, I though Ashley Lane is a Desperate Housewife was a really strong scene for Ashley Lane fans and another solid starter scene from freshly sprouted Lethal Hardcore VR.  Ashley's fire here and I wouldn't have too much to nitpick other than some man hands action that may cross the line for some at times, nothing too terrible, and a bit of offcenter doggie action. 

The scene felt both intimate and hot at the same time and there was nice use of both proximity and perspective shots making for an effective balance visually and a solid rhythm. It's cool to see each Lethal feature getting a little bit more polished and so far I have been diggin on the early sauce they are slingin. 

Ashley Lane is a Desperate Housewife from Lethal Hardcore VR!

Danni Rivers

Danni Rivers

Taking a quick look ahead to Danni River's upcoming scene, pretty much about the same grade from me really. Solid, sexy performance from Danni and technically proficient on the shot selection and scene construction, making for another enjoyable 45 minute scene for me and one that Danni Rivers fans will certainly want to check out at some point.  

Add this to the Elena Koshka, Jade Kush and Emma hix scenes and the first few movies from Lethal Hardcore VR are shaping up pretty nicely when compared to some of the older studios that have had a few years to figure it out already. 

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