Another Episode of “What Could Have Been” with “Earning Badges” from Wankz VR

Earning Badges cover from WankzVR

"Earning Badges", Featuring Alaina Dawson and Melissa Moore, from Wankz VR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with MaxVR player.

Review Score 4/10

"Earning Badges" from Wankz VR

Earning Badges is the new release from Wankz VR for April 16, 2016 starring Melissa Moore and newcomer Alaina Dawson in a girl scout themed movie where both young ladies appear more than believable in their roles.  Featuring girl scout outfits, and knee high socks that stay on for the duration, this one could have been pretty fucking hot for sure but we are going to skip the normal play by play due to the technical issues and just discuss the overall merits of this one while we wait for Wankz to debut their improved technology in the future.  Here is hoping they get it right soon.....cause the amount of sizzle left on the floor with the first batch of releases from Wankz is pretty much a crime.

Alaina Dawson Wankz VR

Screenshots will look bad here so we will enjoy some production still for this one!

Melissa Moore Wankz VR

Melissa Moore

The Good

The setup is pretty good, starting off with a nice outdoor shot, that beyond the distortion in early Wankz VR vids, looks really cool, and I for one, like these kind of outdoor setup shots such as the one featured to great effect in Naughty America VR's "Spring Break" opening sequence. The girls both look great, but to are scaled down significantly in size.  With a stereo adjustment tweak, both ladies look really nice, but don't get your hopes up there, the enhanced scale comes at the expense of severe distortion at the edges of the screen, resulting in well scaled heads and clown sized feet.  It is a tease to be sure.

earning badges wankz vr

Melissa gets a taste of Alaina's honey!

The inside action is hot....Melissa is a bit more the dirty one and Alaina is quiet and reserved and both girls look HAF in knee highs, if you like that kind of thing.  They do a bit of a floor show for you and you get some forward and backward cowgirl action with both of them that would be quite good in proper scale and the scene, as all Wankz VR movies I have watched so far, was paced well and never really lost steam.  It was just hard to watch in the VR sense.

The Bad

As with all early Wankz VR releases, with the exception of Slutty Nurses that is largely unwatchable in the second section due to an attempt to "fix" the small scaling, this movie suffers from miniature world scale, peripheral warping and distortion as among the most game breaking flaws.  I did not find the 30fps in this one to be near the issues as many other Wankz VR titles that turn into a slide show during fast fucking or sucking sequences.

alaina dawson melissa moore

Would've been nice in VR!

Scale may be resolved a bit with a robust player such as MaxVR with a stereo separation control, but the edges of your screen are going to be distorted severely, rendering close ups a no go. You can watch the farther action more comfortably, but still at a reduced scale. It is tantalizingly out of reach of being a successfully VR presentation.

wanks vr earning badges review

And we say goodbye to another early technical dud from Wankz VR... /sadface

The Wait for New and Improved Wankz Vids

Right now, we can only wait for Wankz VR to start shooting on the new rig they have reportedly recently acquired, and will likely have to wait a few weeks or more, for them to burn off the content that was already shot in the bad format.  It would be cool really, if Wankz just gave this stuff away for a BETA type thing.  It is really really good porn, on just those merits.  It is just not ready for prime time or billing on the VR side yet.

Gotta give it a 4.  I gave Spring Break Anal a 7.5/10  based on a solid last 3rd of the movie and Aspen Ora's awesome performance.  And My Sister's Friend had a redeemable ending as well, in terms of workable, FAPPABLE scale.  This one, the scale is rough throughout, as is the edge distortion, which makes it pretty hard to watch for the duration.  Would recommend only to early adopters, fans of Alaina and Melissa, knee highs, and those that have a minimum VR player of MaxVR or LiveViewRift with older runtime enabled on your Oculus to allow you to even have a hope of tweaking this into anything serviceable... unless you like mini scale!

Alaina Dawson and Melissa Moore in Earning Badges, a Wankz VR Movie Review

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