Anna Rose Virtual Girlfriend Experience from SexBabesVR!

Anna Rose Virtual Girlfriend Experience from SexBabesVR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  SexBabesVR
Release date:  2/3/18
Running time: 21 minutes
Starring:  Anna Rose
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig : I still use a DK2 over CV1 for comfort. 
Trailer:  Following review
Notables:   No dude.... dude, Basic moving cam, Sideways position
Negatives:  Doggie PoV is pretty funny, Air kisses
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less: Nice solo scene from SexBabesVR

Anna Rose Virtual Girlfriend

Sup guys! Doing a rare solo movie review today on the new Anna Rose Virtual Girlfriend Experience from SexBabesVR. I know there's a segment of bros that enjoy maleless virtual porn movies, and I haven't written up a review as of yet for SexBabesVR's take on these types of scenes, so I decided to mix it up today and roll on a solo.

Anna Rose at SexBabesVR

Anna Rose!


Setup finds Anna Rose chillin, readin a book in her undies in a cleanly furnished and lit room.  She looks up to acknowledge "you" as if you have just come home and it's a bodyless PoV situation with Anna interacting with the cam as if it were a person.

Anna Rose Virtual Girlfriend

Kisses are misses

She leans in to give you a kiss, and most of the kisses in the movie—of which there are quite a few— kind of have that goldfish gulping for air kind of feel to them, where they are out in front of you a bit too far to hit that sweet spot in virtual space.  This kind of goes the same for the ample simulated head stroking from Anna, that often feels as if you have a giant helmet on, as her hand seems quite far from where your head would actually be. 

Anna Rose Virtual Girlfriend from SexBabesVR

Moving camera

Anna motions for you to come closer and the cam pulls a slow vertical descent that brings you into a lower perspective. The moving tech that SexBabesVR utilizes, has the basic ability to move on the vertical axis, and is typically quite smooth and works well in use.

The good thing about the lack of bro in the show is that the cam can typically exploit proximity that much easier and they do a nice job with this here, keeping Anna close and present feeling, and creating that virtual intimacy that fans of scenes like this will want to see in VR.

Anna Rose tits


Anna busts out the boobies and there is a nice bit of nipple sucking that comes off well in terms of distance in space before Anna sits back and motions you in once again whilst losing her panties.

Anna Rose Virtual Reality

Virtual Pussy Eating

The rig pulls another smooth descent and serves up a really nice virtual pussy eating PoV, where you can look up and see Anna fully in the frame, while having the honey pot stuck right to your nose.

Anna Rose virtual pussy eating

Nice distance and framing here

Anna Rose Virtual Girlfriend movie review
Anna Rose ass

Ass Eating Too

After a couple of minutes, Anna flips around and it's virtual ass eating time.  The serving distance varies a bit on this section however and does not quite hit the on the mark placement of the previous section.

Anna Rose virtual missionary


More guppy kissing and Anna motions you over to the bed where you join her in simulated missionary position. Her naughty bits are just out of frame, and the shot starts out fairly present feeling when she is raised up on her elbows.

Anna Rose VR fuck

"Come inside me"

Anna gives you the green light go and simulated missionary is underway with the initial PoV feeling about right in space. For me, faked scenes always have a faked vibe to them, but something like this illustrates there is still a lot of power left in the virtual effect if you get the PoV and presence correct and overall the missionary simulation is pretty nice.

Anna Rose virtual doggy

"And now fuck me from behind"

Anna flips over for simulated doggy next at around the 12 minute mark, and the effect here is pretty comical, as the cam essentially stays in the same vantage point as the missionary shot. So when Anna backs dat ass up, the effect is your face being located on top of her bum pretty much while the simulated doggy is goin down. 

Anna Rose

Nice VR shot

Great Setup

So the doggy is a little bunk but the following shot at 14 minutes was a really nice one, featuring Anna laying on her side gazing up at you.

Anna Rose at SexBabesVR

Liked This One

The PoV here is not quite in the money zone, but I really loved the positioning and it is close enough to where you can kind of go with it. Dialed in, this is really a fantastic VR shot I think. You can get a sense for the cutoff zone in the screenshot above where I just tag the bottom border that barely clips her buns.

Anna Rose fake cumshot

"Honey, cum on my boobs"

The cumshot's fairly funny as Anna assumes the position in front of you for some virtual jerking that is a fair bit off the mark in space. A crew member hits her with a couple of fake jizz squirts from a spray bottle and fake cum in any capacity is pretty comical for this viewer so perhaps trying to complete the illusion a little too hard here, where a simulated creampie would have likely played better in effect.

Anna Rose VR porn SexBabesVR

"You are the best honey"

Around a minute of cooldown footage follows the squirting and Anna decides to go finish her book, exiting the frame.

Nice one for solo fans


Overall, I like what SexBabesVR is attempting to do with these solo vids in terms of catering to fans of broless content, and I enjoyed Anna Rose's performance and scene here today.  There was a nice focus placed on virtual intimacy and some of the framing and positioning was quite thoughtful in that regard I felt. 

On the positives, the addition of a basic, smooth action moving camera rig adds some fluidity and progression to the scene and the transition down to the first pussy eating shot for instance plays very well.  I liked the attempts at intimacy in the movie, with lots of kissing thrown in and the virtual head stroking.  They miss in effect some in terms of placement, but it is good to see these tools thought about and thrown in the mix. It just boils down to dialing in the distances at that point.  And I also really enjoyed the on her side perspective towards the end, feeling like that position is kind of a no brainer for VR porn. 

On the negatives, really not much beyond the funny feeling doggy section PoV for me.  The lack of penetration perhaps could be a drawback for some, but I would say, for essentially a fully softcore scene, this is a pretty great way to go about it, where  you still get some of the virtual effects of say pussy eating or missionary, which can easily be done without a stunt male and still provide much of the same stimulus in the mask.  

All in all a nice solo scene, one that should please fans of Anna Rose and this type of presentation beyond a couple of hiccups with things like kissing distance and some sections of the bed action in terms of the feel of the PoV distance in virtual space. 9/10

Anna Rose Virtual Girlfriend from SexBabesVR!

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