The Anna Bell Peaks VR Fucktoy Experience! Ringing Her Bell from MilfVR!

Anna Bell Peaks Featured in Ringing Her Bell from MilfVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  MilfVR
Release date:  6/14/18
Running time: 59:00
Starring:  Anna Bell Peaks
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer/gallery:  Following review or Ringing Her Bell Trailer 
Notables:  Anna Bell Peaks, Solid PoV's, Minimal edits, Strong dialog, Lean back sections
Negatives:  One black edit, lol
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Bell Ringer from MilfVR
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Ringing Her Bell

     It's Monday June 18th and I had finally a chance today after a busy weekend to catch up on the latest Anna Bell Peaks VR release from MilfVR, Ringing Her Bell. I remember thinking Anna Bell was really strong in her Dino Crisis scene for VRCosplayX, which was otherwise kind of lackluster for me on the production side, so I wanted to check her out at MilfVR who can typically point and shoot these types of performers.  And that's pretty much what you get here with Ringing Her Bell: A 1 hour Anna Bell Peaks VR point and shoot scene with nary an edit other than to change positions and an otherwise masterful performance from Miss Peaks. 

Anna Bell Peaks VR

Anna Bell Peaks!


Setup for Ringing Her Bell has you rollin in as the Whole Foods delivery pud and Anna Bell as the horned up, under serviced housewife. 

Ringing Her Bell Anna Bell Peaks

The ole "can't find my wallet" line

Hubs is away, so it's your lucky day as Anna Bell can't find her wallet, and suggests that she pay in you in another way as she enters the frame packing a glass dildo and clit massager.

Anna Bell Peaks at MilfVR


Tech is clean overall with no real issues for me in the scene on the audio or video side of things. ​

Anna Bell Peaks breasts


Anna Bell looks great rocking a complimentary bra n' pantie set, with a taste of black stockings setting things off below.  She sets about makin' her moves on you, leaning in and placing her large breastessess all up in yo virtual face.

Anna Bell Peaks

"Come here....give me a kiss"

Anna does a really nice job at building up a little tension for the first few minutes and when she finally does come in to relieve it by giving you a kiss......WankzVR post production hit the lights and throw in a few frames of blackness just when she's about to seal the deal.

WankzVR black edit

Black edits r so 2014

Black edits blow

Numerous possible reasons for editing aside, a transparent crossfade simply works better for blending 2 pieces of footage like this in VR, and unfortunately, WankzVR continue to utilized these fully tacky black blink edits 2 years later, when most of the industry uses transparents. Get with the times fellas!  Otherwise, there aren't many edits needed in the rest of the scene thanks to Anna other than position transitions and the black edits are fine for those where they help to provide the sense of time elapsing.

Anna Bell Peaks virtual


The kissing's pretty solid in Ringing Her Bell and Anna Bell sells them quite well with a natural and organic approach with her timing. Placement still feels a tiny bit high from the old WankzVR rig, but they seem to be dialing in the golden zone the more they shoot on the new one here. 

Anna Bell Peaks virtual lap

Eye contact

One of the things I enjoyed about Anna Bell Peaks VR performance the last time I watched her was the way she engaged the camera, and that's on full display in this scene where she maintains steady, confident eye focus with you throughout.

Anna Bell Peaks dildo
Anna Bell Peaks glass dildo

"Now this.....this is to warm me up"

A few minutes of dildo warmup action are next where you wield the glass wand before Anna Bell grabs the clit vibrator and works herself up to a slow pulsing quiver on your chest.  

Anna Bell Peaks MilfVR
Anna Bell Peaks works clit
Anna Bell Peaks licks dick
Anna Bell Peaks tit fuck

Oral attention

Oral warmup is more of the cock worship variety than obligatory dick sucking as Anna slowly lavishes your cock with her mouth and tits before finishing things up with a 10 toe grip between her stocking'd feet.

Anna Bell Peaks feet
Anna Bell Peaks cowgirl


Fucking starts around the 21 minute mark with some boobcentric lap cowgirl riding broken up by some nicely positioned profile deepthroat sections with Anna Bell laying sideways to you on the couch.

Anna Bell Peaks virtual fuck
Anna Bell Peaks deepthroat
Anna Bell Peaks reverse cowgirl

Rear view

More sideways deepthroat and Anna Bell sits back down in your lap to treat you the rear view.

Anna Bell Peaks reverse cowgirl
Anna Bell Peaks Ringing Her Bell review
Anna Bell Peaks lean back

Lean back in your lap

There is a nice bit of leanback action  featured during the reverse section as well making for a nicely present feeling VR shot .

Anna Bell Peaks virtual doggie

"You can be my fucktoy anytime"

Action transitions to standing doggy at around 37 minutes in, and I thought it was another strong feeling PoV, being just about plumb-bob-vertical over the 2 hole.

Anna Bell Peaks doggy style

All variations of doggie

The doggy shot hits just about every incarnation, from heads down, ass up to upright, amounting to essentially a nice feeling standing fuck at times.

Anna Bell Peaks virtual sex
Anna Bell Peaks upright doggie
Anna Bell Peaks spreads ass
Anna Bell Peaks fuck from behind
Anna Bell Peaks MilfVR
Anna Bell Peaks virtual missionary

"Climb on top of me baby"

Close up missionary is next and I kept wishing poor Anna Bell had a pillow here to help hold her head up some but, she does a great job at talking out the details of you being on top of her and even managing to pull off a few kisses from this position.

Anna Bell Peaks missionary

Standing missionary

Fucking ends up with perspective missionary and you get some bonus stocking toes in your mouth if that's your flavor.

Anna Bell Peaks
Anna Bell Peaks VR missionary
Anna Bell Peaks cumshot

Eye watering cum shot

"Time for me to make you cum really fuckin' hard"

Oral finish and pretty much a completely internal dump, with Anna mouthing the entire load for some 30 seconds before taking it down like a champ.

Anna Bell Peaks mouthful of cum


A couple of minutes of cum cleanup finishes the scene up and Anna Bell heads off for a shower while telling you to put the groceries away for her.  Another day deliverin the goods for Whole Foods!

Anna Bell Peaks MilfVR

Solid scene from MilfVR and Anna Bell Peaks


All in all, I thought Anna Bell Peaks VR performance in Ringing Her Bell made it look easy and this one's probably going to be your go to blow if you are an Anna Bell Peaks fan with a headset.  From the moment she walks in she takes control of the scene and never seems to lose focus by looking off cam or doing anything but trying to maintain and convey a connection with the viewer at home.

Good stuff: Pretty much a highlight real for me from performance to positioning and PoV's, even the wardrobe was a nice touch.  The fucking was hard, passionate and the scene felt well paced.  Bad stuff: Just that one black edit that stuck out like a sore thumb with poo on it,  smack dab in the middle of the very first kiss where the needle jumped off the record for a few seconds. 

Otherwise, I thought it was another solid scene from MilfVR who really don't turn in many clinkers in my book.  Anna Bell is the perfect example of the type of talent that shines on their sets and Ringing Her Bell should get it done nicely for you if you're an Anna Bell Peaks VR fan. 10/10.   

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​Ringing Her Bell from MilfVR!

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