Angel ‘n Danger Tag Team You with Their Balloon Knots in this HoloGirlsVR Movie Review!

Angel n' Danger cover

Joanna Angel and Abella Danger star in "Angel n' Danger" from HoloGirlsVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with MaxVR player.

Review Score 9/10

"Angel 'n Danger"

Today we will be taking a look at the April 2016 release from HoloGirlsVR, Angel n' Danger, starring a couple of my personal favorites, Abella Danger and Joanna Angel.  We get to fuck both these tasty treats in the ass in this one, so I was pleased as punch and couldn't wait to check this flick out.

This vid is around 18 minutes long and is set in a large, bright white bedroom, that is full of big pink balloons, which is odd, but textural things like that look cool in VR and help enhance the depth of the scene.  The girls are in front of you as you lie on a bed and the clarity is awesome, with Joanna's heavy outlined tattoos looking amazing in VR in particular.

"We're gonna be your little toys today"

​...says Abella before the two start kissing and spitting in each others mouths and in short time, Joanna is pushing Abella's sexy mouth down onto your cock, asking her how deep she can take it.  Next it is Joanna's turn to bob on your rod, while Abella encourages her to take your big cock and both girls are soon working on every inch of your cock n balls with tongues and spit.

angel n danger

Joanna gives Abella a bit of encouragement

"This giant fucking cock...I want it to destroy me"

Abella questions how Joanna will ever fit your huge cock in that tiny cunt of hers, before forcing her head down and pinching off her nose for a few seconds.  Joanna next unzips her black latex getup and exposes her amazing natural rack and alabaster skin and Abella joins her in stripping off her top also, before they both go back to sucking your cock for a bit longer.

joanna helps abella

Joanna guides things into place

"I want to see you stretch your pussy open with that fucking cock!"

Abella is the first to climb onto your cock in reverse cowgirl, under leg position, and her phat ass looks marvelous indeed while Joanna gives a hand guiding your cock into her.  After a quick cowgirl session, Abella turns around and tells you she is going to take it deep in her fucking ass, and holy fuck, Abella is a knockout here with her thick ass framed by tight black shiny leggings when she mounts up on your cock.

abella danger anal

Abella takes you in her ass!

"Choke me so I can cum all over his dick, please"

​Abella rides you with her sexy ass while Joanna chokes her out a bit, and this segment is fucking hot, with Abella bouncing on your cock and a really nice view of Joanna's awesome tattoo work off to the side.

Joanna next pulls your cock out of Abella's ass and starts to suck it, and Abella comes up for a nice close up to describe Joanna eating her dirty asshole off your cock to you before Joanna herself swings around for some nice ass fingering in your face!

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joanna angel fingers asshole

Joanna gets her hole ready for you.

"Look how wet I got this dick for you"

​...says Abella before Joanna gets on for her own anal workout, and I have to say, I have fapped to a bunch of Joanna Angel anal clips over the years, and to be able to see her in VR like this now, is a bit of a fantasy come true.

joanna angel rides anal

Up Joanna's ass while Abella helps out

Lots of nice hot anal action here, with Abella talking up a blue streak and Joanna looking HAF stretching her asshole on your cock. It is pretty fucking steamy and you will probably have little trouble getting worked up here.

abella danger sidesaddle anal

Side saddle mount from Abella

"Taste my fuckin ass,.. put it in your mouth"

Joanna dismounts and Abella is on your cock in a heartbeat, sucking Joanna's ass from your dick before she hops back on for another ride.  In a bit of hot comedy, Abella pauses for a second, to generate some spit to lube your cock with, before planning to get back on, and Joanna greedily grabs your cock and puts in it her own ass before Abella can even gag herself!

joanna angel anal sex

Joanna's amazingly bold tattoo work!

You get a grand look at Joanna's hot hole and vibrant body art, and after a bit of nice fucking, she backs her asshole up in your face while Abella spreads it open for you.

joanna angel gapes

Joanna gapes her ass for you

Abella finally gets her shot back on your cock and gives you some more anal love while Joanna begins to ask you if that is going to make you cum.

"Please cum for your cumbuckets"

Abella hops off and both girls get to jerking you off while coaching you to bust your nut, and it is not long before a huge load of jizz comes lobbing through the air and the girls make busy cleaning up what they can find, before coming in close for some nice parting cum sharing and kissing.

abella and joanna clean up

The girls lick up your cum!

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Angel n Danger to the rescue!

Overall, this was an awesome scene and another step in the right direction from HoloGirlsVR in terms of technical improvements. There are some stitching area's in this movie, but they are not largely a detriment, as the girls only rarely break the seam with their heads, and otherwise frames, scale and clarity were all spot on. I would say that the clarity in the new HoloGirls stuff is rivaling BaDoinks new level of crispness, and I cannot wait to see this stuff on CV1. Recommended strongly to fans of Abella Danger and Joanna Angel alike, anal, ass to mouth, tattooed girls and thick juicy asses!

9/10. Bit short at 18 mins for 2 girls would be my only real gripe, would have loved another camera swap somewhere in there and another 10 minutes!  View our complete HoloGirlsVR website review.

"Angel 'n Danger" from HoloGirlsVR

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