Amirah Adara Returns to VirtualRealPorn in Private Casting!

Amirah Adara VirtualRealPorn Private Casting

Amirah Adara in "Private Casting" from VirtualRealPorn | Movie Review

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup:  Oculus Rift CV1 with BaDoinkVR free player

Review Score 8/10

"Private Casting"

Our review today will be for the June 21st, 23 minute release Private Casting from VirtualRealPorn , starring VRP/ personal favorite, Amirah Adara.  I have been sprung on Amirah since I saw her in Personal Trainer and always look forward to new releases with this Hungarian goddess.  When I saw pro VR stuntcock Juan Lucho was also on board for this one, AND it was anal....pfffft.... I was happy to hit the download button. 

Amirah Adara Private Casting

Amirah Adara, looking lovely as always

Casting Call Scenario

The setup here is a private casting call, and the typical porno scenario ensues, so nothing too elaborate on that front and this scene gets right to the point with Amirah doing the standard casting call type of stuff like, "you want me to do what? well.....ok", and she runs her lines naturally and I love her accent.

Private Casting Review VirtualRealPorn

I mean, seriously...Amirah /sigh

This is a pretty straightforward scene, with some oral and some front and back cowgirl from a seated position on a couch, followed up by a camera change to standing kitchen table with Amirah on her back for some anal action.  The final position sees you fucking Amirah in the ass while bending her over the table and there is one last camera change we will save till last.  All the fucking is solid and no complaints in that department, Amirah Adara is sexy as fuck.

Private Casting Amirah Adara Virtual

Amirah's marvelous rear view

Some Recent Changes at VirtualRealPorn

Fundamentally, as a fuck scene, nothing wrong here, so I want to spend a few on some points that did detract from the scene for me, that seem to be present in some of the more recent VirtualRealPorn releases.

It would appear to me that they are going for a closer experience at VirtualRealPorn, probably due to the overwhelming feedback from VR Porn consumers urging studios to move closer then they have typically been shooting their scenes.  The result of this with the last couple of VirtualRealPorn movies I have watched, this one and Bondage Girl, is that the camera appears to have moved closer to the girl, and seems to be about male nipple height on the male body in an HMD.

Amirah Adara Virtual Anal Private Casting

Fucking Amirah's sweet ass

This has the effects of: 1. making the girl appear larger in scale than what VirtualRealPorn usually shoots at, and 2. it moves your POV from head to chest, much closer to the dick.  And this does not particularly enhance fact, it diminishes it.  You cannot reconcile the fact that your head is now on your chest and the scene begins to take on a 3rd person feel to it.

While the dick going in the pussy, looks up close and personal, it is out of perspective, so the VR experience is not powerful, at all.  It starts to become a standard porn zoom shot, where you lose overall scale and perspective, that is important to retain in VR.

I had heard folks complaining about recent VirtualRealPorn scale, as was a bit surprised to hear that it was on the larger side recently, as I have never experienced that at VRP in a year and a half, but I would also concur, this movie looks a bit more Naughty America in scale than past VirtualRealPorn releases.

Amirah Adara VR Anal VirtualRealPorn

Deep inside Amirah

The Verdict on New Camera Positioning

So you get this mid chest, slightly over scaled view, where the girls like Amirah, and Amarna, who are very small girls— neither is tall— begin to appear to tower over you from your position on the chest,  and I would say this is a step in the wrong direction from VirtualRealPorn, and one that I hope they get away from in future releases.

The lighting in this one, I would rate as flat out bad, with a distracting white glare that did not enhance or flatter the scene at all in most of the seated position. The stand up fuck over the table looked a bit better, with more dark color taking up the real estate on screen. Overall, not a great one from VRP in the color and contrast department.  I also felt audio to be fairly flat in this one and not particularly adding to the VR environment or scene the way great positional audio can in VR.

Special Ending

This scene does have a notable ending in the cum-shot, where for the first time I can remember, the camera moves to RIGHT ON TOP OF THE DICK, while Amirah jacks you off and takes your cum, and this was both, a whole lotta dick, and VERY sexy to stare into Amirah's eyes while she waits for you cum.  It was are used to viewing the cum-shot in VR from some 3 feet away from the girls face, so this was a new one on me.  Guys hung up on a close up dick, may not dig this, those that can focus on Amirah may love it.  I do have to give VirtualRealPorn credit here for trying this innovative shot.

Amirah Adara virtual cumshot

New take on a VR cum-shot!


Overall, it is a solid scene barring the issues I mention above that detracted a bit from it for me personally.  While decent, I would point anyone looking for a great Amirah Adara Anal experience to VirtualRealPorn's Personal Trainer, that, in my estimation, outdoes this on the intimacy factor by a solid margin.  I found Personal Trainer incredibly intimate, where this scene just felt like more close ups...I felt more like I was WITH Amirah in Personal Trainer.  It depends what you are looking for in your VR Porn.  This one features pretty awesome talent, Amirah Adara and Juan Lucho, in a pretty Average VR scene, other than the cum-shot.  If you are an Amirah Adara fan, you will most likely want to check this one out, she is always great to watch.  Fans of anal sex will probably dig this as well.  Fans looking for a more intimate scene will probably want to skip this one in the other hand.  8/10

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