Bodyless 3rd Person Observer Hardcore with Amirah Adara from Czech VR Casting!

Amirah Adara Hardcore Casting from Czech VR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  Czech VR Review
Release date:  1/3/17
Running time: 20:00
Starring:  Amirah Adara
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Follow review or Amirah Adara Casting Preview
Notables:  3rd person perspective, moving camera, big pie, socks
Negatives:  None
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Love the moving cam

"Amirah Adara Hardcore Casting"

Taking a look at the latest 3rd person PoV movie from Czech VR this week, starring a rather high profile starlet for Czech VR, Amirah Adara. I'm already a fan of Amirah Adarah and she is one of the few early European VR stars that has a fluent level of English and in that sense, can really fill out what are otherwise typically silent scenes for western/English viewers, bringing that little bit of extra tease to a VR porn movie. I also dig these 3rd person PoV movies that Czech VR is doing under the Casting site, as they just offer up a totally different look at VR porn right now, with the moving camera being very effective at bringing the scene to life and putting you in some amazing spectator vantage points. The inclusion of another male in the movie may not do anything or be a putt off to some, but in my case, it just feels like watching normal porn, but you are in the room WATCHING it, instead of behind a window pane, so in that sense, I dig it.  And for those that just like to watch, or like to watch their girls get fucked and pleasured, there is really nothing like this right now in VR porn and I can see those folks being really into this kind of movie.

1 amirah adara czech vr casting

Amirah Adara!

Amirah Adara

Setup finds you in presumably a hotel room and Amirah Adara is before your bodyless observation point telling you how fucking horny she still is from earlier. The image is crisp and clean as is usual for Czech VR and Amirah looks great as she pauses to retrieve a set of knee high socks from one of the nearby end tables.

2 amirah adara casting

Sock lovers rejoice!

Straight to missionary

So Amirah plus knee highs is a good start and Czech VR don't fuck around much with foreplay in these vids: it is right into some simulated missionary fucking, that really, only Czech VR is making an art of right now with their moving rig.  It comes off as a more natural, I-am-climbing-on-top-of-this-person feeling in VR and many of us really enjoy this PoV.

3 amirah adara vr porn

Patented zoom in Czech VR missionary with kiss

Some on point kissing

I should mention there is quite a bit of kissing in this scene, and the ability for the camera to help the girl find the sweet spot is on display with some of the best spot on kissing in VR I have seen, even catching the missionary kiss, which for me, was a first in this movie. 

There is also a bit of simulated head rubbing and Amirah is quite vocal the whole time with color commentary. Missionary goes for a few minutes before you retreat and are joined shortly by another dude, so the entire thing is from a bodyless PoV, but you are being addressed by Amirah as if you were there watching and were just fucking her.

5-amirah adara virtual reality

Some hard oral

Amirah gets to work

The cam moves in for some close up dick sucking and really, if you are a fan of Amirah Adara, and just want to watch her get fucked, this one should not disappoint.

6 amirah adara hardcore czech vr casting

sweet doggy view

Nice doggy views

Some nice hard cocksucking in profile is followed up by some tasty doggy fucking from the same vantage, zooming up to catch Amirah's face and back to catch the action in the rear. (action in the rear being the only thing missing for a hardcore Amirah fan here).

7 amirah adara czech vr casting hardcore

Moving up to the front

Fresh perspectives

And I gotta say, I like the effect in VR. It is just a fucking trippy PoV.  And it can feel every bit as present as a staged body PoV shot. Because as we all know, good VR is about the PoV, not the "shot".  If you want to be in the room, while a couple or your girl gets fucked, this is pretty fucking close!  Or if you just want to break out of the fucking tiny box we live in right now in virtual porn.

8 amirah adara 3rd person pov

Rats eye view

Rear View

Next, the couple rotates 90 degrees for some close up doggy action followed up a couple minutes later by slow approach cowgirl and you get some great views of Amirah riding this guys big dick.

9 czech vr non pov

Moving all around

10 amirah czech vr

Forward cowgirl finish with creampie

Forward facing cowgirl is next, from different vantages before Amirah takes a huge creampie and the cam zooms in while she fingers it back out for you. 

11 amirah adara virtual fuck
12 amirah adara virtual creampie

Amirah takes a big ole' creampie

One last close up with Amirah while she tells you how much she enjoys you watching her fuck someone else and this refreshing 20 minute scene from Czech VR Casting comes to an end.

13 amirah adara

Final look

Nice VR offering for Amirah Adara Fans


So another winner in my book on the 3rd person, non PoV style movies from Czech VR, much the same as the Antonia Sainz scene was for me. I watch a lot of these movies, and it feels really good once every couple weeks to break out of the sandbox and just watch some good ole peeps fucking from decent camera angles, but in VR instead of 2d. The moving camera, makes this possible. This would be very choppy and boring from stationary resets, but the addition of the moving rig makes for a seamless, erotic presentation that never loses perspective.

That was one thing I noticed I loved about it. Say, in 2d, get the cut to the biology class zoom shots right?  They have NO perspective. In this case, you get those same kind of zoom effects, but you are never removed from the room or scene to get them, you know what I mean?  So you never drop, or lose perspective. It is more like, lemme get on my knees and look here, or walk up to this side of the bed, all with ZERO edits, at least that I can recall.  I believe it was one 20 minute shot. 

Recommended to Amirah fans, voyeurs, cuckholds, and those bored with PoV VR or just looking for new VR experiences. This movie will give you one. Hats off to Czech VR for breaking new ground for us all. There always has to be on person go first, and Czech VR are the current proving ground for moving cams in VR. 10/10

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Amirah Adara Harcore Casting from Czech VR!

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