Shakin’ Things Up at BaDoinkVR with Alina Lopez in Pool Cues!

Pool Cues background from BaDoinkVR

Alina Lopez in Pool Cues from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  July 30, 2018
Running time: 36:00
Starring:  Alina Lopez
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2(for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Pool Cues Preview
Notables:  Intimate scene for BaDoinkVR, Missionary shot  
Negatives:  Outdoor shoot/overexposed
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Alina Lopez rocks it

Pool Cues

Sup dickslappers!

Just got done checkin out Alina Lopez in Pool Cues at BaDoinkVR and shit godamm, it was a good one! I've been stoked on Alina and that tongue of hers since Lick That Stick at WankzVR earlier this year so I hit the download button on this one pretty quick this morning. Alina was fire and BaDoinkVR actually surprised me with Pool Cues by mixin up the fuck flow for a change and finally incorporating a missionary shot for the first time that I can recall at BaDoink (it's been a couple months for me for BaDoink.)

Alina Lopez

Alina Lopez!


Setup for Pool Cues has you tannin yer meat missle poolside under the brightass oncoming sunshine. The outdoor lighting conditions would be about the only negative I would highlight with this movie as it's kind of the standard Go-Pro overexposed outdoor image that looks a lot like a 2016 WankzVR outdoor shoot. Nice location, but kind of set to fail on those cams to have bright light oncoming at them.

Alina Lopez BaDoinkVR

"You told me there was gonna be other people here!"

Seems Alina was expecting a pool party but finds just you and your sunbathing salamander to greet her.

Alina Lopez in Pool Cues

"OK......guess I'm down for a little one on one party"

Alina takes all of about a whole hot minute to decide a fuck sounds good to her and quickly moves in to wrap her hands around your gland.

Alina Lopez handjob

Gonna be a lot of these close up face shots.....cause there are a lot of these close up face shots!

Alina rocks it

Miss Lopez rocks it from jump, armed with a confident delivery, solid eye contact, natural feeling dialog and often moving up very close to the cam throughout the scene to give you a nice proximity effect. This is one of those VR scenes where it's easy to get caught up in the girls vibe quickly up front and I thought it was really strong performance from Alina Lopez. 

Alina Lopez virtual reality

"I can feel it getting harder and harder!"

Starting off with the handy serves as a nice slow intro with the focus being less going right to work on the dick, and more soaking up Alina's close-by-your-side vibe making for a more intimate opening than many BadoinkVR features. There's a couple lean in whispering moments incorporated here but the BaDoinkVR audio setup is not really up to the task of capturing a solid, hot-breathy-in-your-ear whisper effect that you might find at say Czech VR or VirtualRealPorn.

Alina Lopez tongue

Dat tongue!

"Can I lick you up and down?"

Alina loses her clothes and gets down to business on your business with one of the sexiest tongues in porn.

Alina Lopez licks cock
Alina Lopez removes panties
Alina Lopez
Alina Lopez VR

Constantly coming back to the rig through the entire scene, which is a good thing

Alina Lopez pussy

"You wanna see what I taste like?"

There's a couple of close up minutes next on Alina's sweet meat where the serving distance is quite good for viewing without double vision but not quite within no-one's-looking-what-the-fuck tongue waggling airlingus distance.

"I think it's time to get you inside me"

Fuckins' get goin around the 12 minute mark with some nice feeling forward cowgirl action and Alina kind of supporting herself by her arms on your legs/knees.

Alina Lopez cowgirl

"You wanna watch my ass bounce up and down on you now?"

Super sexy reverse cowgirl's next with an out in front of you mount that makes the most of Alinas beautiful rear lines as she sits back and spreads her ass on your virtual fuckpole.

Alina Lopez reverse cowgirl

"Can you feel my pussy hugging your cock?"

Cowgirl swaps back around for more forward facing action and this section is more of the up-in-your-face variety featuring lots of long hair falling down by the cam and a more lean-in overhanging stance from Alina.

"I want you to fuck me from behind now"

Action moves to a solid feeling doggie setup at around the 22 minute mark, with a nice compressed bent leg setup from the couple and a solid hip grip from homebro.  I should add Alina kills all the transition dialog, effortlessly steering the scene from one natural feeling transition to the next.

Alina Lopez doggie

"I want you to lay me on my back and keep fucking me till I cum again"

Alina moves to her back next and I figured it would remain an upright shot, but I'll be damned if BaDoinkVR didn't whip out the missionary shot for us here, which is the first time I can recall seeing BadoinkVR try the setup.

Kind of that above the tits view you want to go a bit higher

It's a little different feeling of a mish shot with the guys arms anchoring him and kind of suggesting a virtual head location, but if you peep up at Alina, you get kind of an above her tits vantage point, that lines up pretty nicely when she raises her head up to match the tilt on the rig enabling you to get some great looks into her eyes.

Alina Lopez missionary

"Want me to look at you in the eyes while I cum?"

Overall, the missionary's pretty decent for that mid range penetration still visible type of mish shot, and it makes for a nice final position to set up the impending cumshot.

Alina Lopez cumshot

"I want you to cum all over me so I can taste it"

Cumshot goes on Alina's stomach and the final minutes of the scene cool down with some cumplay and talk from Alina of heading off for a post fuck shower.

"Wanna come take a shower with me? Maybe you can fuck me again"

Alina Lopez rocks it for BadoinkVR


Wrapping up Pool Cues, Alina Lopez was a sweet treat in the heat and I would say that this was probably my favorite BaDoinkVR scene in awhile. Alina killed the scene from front to back and it was good to see BaDoinkVR mix in both the missionary shot, as well as a healthy dose of proximity/intimacy, with Alina making a concerted effort to never stray far from the cam for too long, without coming back in and reestablishing that up in your face presence.

On the good stuff, beyond Alina's easy and natural vibes, all the PoV's felt good for me and the scene pacing/development felt organic and unforced. I personally prefer a more face level missionary shot where you can dump the penetration altogether and just focus the girls face, but some guys like this further out shot where you can still see some penetration visible below as well. 

Negatives, just the overblown lighting conditions resulting from all the bright oncoming sunlight really would be my only nitpick, and it generally just affects the background image without costing too much from the close up image in this case.  It grabbed my attention up front and then I pretty much quickly forgot about it as Alina took over.

All in all, I'd say Pool Cues is a must have if you're an Alina Lopez fan and I might have to give this one the nod when put up against Lick That Stick from WankzVR earlier this year. This one just had a nice and intimate vibe to it and I thought it was a pretty awesome 35 minutes in VR with Alina. 10/10. 


Pool Cues from BaDoinkVR!

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