Alexa Tomas Demands Your Dick in Fuck Me, or I Tell Your Wife from Virtual Taboo!

Fuck Me Or I Tell Your Wife

Fuck Me, or I Tell Your Wife... Featuring Alexa Tomas from Virtual Taboo!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

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"Fuck Me, or I Tell Your Wife"

Fuck Me, or I Tell Your Wife is a July 22 release from independent VR porn studio Virtual Taboo, featuring  spectacular Alexa Tomas in what is probably her most personal appearance in VR thus far.  It has been a couple of months since Alexa's last VR appearance in VirtualRealPorns Fitness Workout, which was a really cool solo video and I think this movie would mark Alexa's 6th time starring in a VR feature altogether?  So I was excited to see her filmed this time around by Virtual Taboo, and this movie, unlike the BaDoinkVR production earlier this year, did not disappoint in presenting Alexa to us in Virtual Reality!

*A word for CV1 and Godrays:  I viewed this on DK2 and it did occur to me while screenshotting later, that on CV1, the white tile in back and bit of glare that is not bothersome at all in DK2, may provide a source of godrays in CV1, hard to say, but I did think of that while looking at the shots in more detail in stills after running CV1 for a few weeks last month and becoming acquainted with that particular issue.  You guys that know, will be able to spot the area's I am talking about in the screenshots on the tile.  

Alexa Tomas Virtual Taboo

Your care is in Alexa's hands

Laid up

This 30 minute feature finds you lying in the body of Alexa's real life partner Joel Tomas on a hospital gurney with Alexa playing the role of a nurse who has come to tend to her patient who is presumably in a coma.  I personally enjoy watching couples in real life work together in porn like the Tomases or Danny Mountain and Mia Malkova as there tends to be a level of familiarity that is hard to match otherwise, as well as a level of authenticity and chemistry that comes across the camera. 

Sponge Bath

The scenes starts off with a little sponge bath scenario, and other than the sponge being oddly dry..... Alexa does a really awesome job running her lines and setting the scene a bit.  She becomes a bit suspicious of your state of consciousness when your comatose wang starts to spring to life under her gentle cleansing touches however.   

Virtual Taboo Alexa Tomas

Alexa looks really hot in a white bodysuit to start

After removing her labcoat, Alexa then begins to tease your orally and finally by rubbing your cock on her pussy to try to get a response from  you, as she is sure you are faking your condition.

Fuck Me or Tell Your Wife Virtual Taboo

Eye contact from Alexa is strong throughout

Alexa Tomas Fuck Me Tell Wife Virtual Taboo

Some nice pussy rubbing at the start while Alexa tries to rouse you

"Fuck me....or I tell your wife!"

Alexa finally tells you if you don't wake up, she is going to tell your wife, and when you then respond with hand movement she subsequently tells you that if you don't fuck her right there, she is telling her anyway!  As a setup, it's not bad, and Alexa does a really great job with the acting portion here.

Alexa Tomas Virtual Taboo VR Porn

Much of the scene is close up to Alexa like this, with hair hanging in your face, etc

On to the fuckin

Alexa dispenses with the sexy white body suit she is rocking and after taking a second to get oriented on the gurney, gets down to some really nice cowgirl, the way cowgirl in VR should be shot.  Lots of time with Alexa up close to you rather than leaning away, and the position of the camera is positioned well to where the dick and pussy still look close, but not in a camera-in-middle-of-your-chest way like VirtualRealPorn has been doing lately.

Alexa Tomas Virtual Reality

The cowgirl here, takes full advantage of Alexa's long hair, which is frequently hanging down into your space, and her perky little nips look great up close.  The only time she ever leaves your space, are during transitions pretty much.  The audio is also strong here, with Alexa leaning up over your head, enhancing pickup towards one side of the stereo image, and this helps lend extra depth and presence to the action while Alexa sounds hot breathing heavy at close range.

Alexa Tomas Virtual Taboo Movie Review

Alexa's lovely ass

You want make me cum?

Alexa hops off and swaps directions, bringing her ass right up to your face and then allowing you to finger her as she nearly instantaneously squirts for you for 20 seconds or so.  The squirtin is cool, but I can already hear the groans from the anti man hand clan, so some will love this and some will be like, off with his hands!!!  Also...Joel is moaning a bit here, with it, it is only for the quick squirting section and otherwise male is silent in the movie.  

Alexa Tomas virtual Squirting

Hands on for some squirting

Overall, I like watching Alexa squirt of course, and it is pretty much a unique shot for what we normally get to see in VR.  The active male camp will probably be cheering. 

On the man hands tip, there are I think 3 sections, with say, 20 seconds of man hands apiece, and other than the fingering, it is mostly the guided hands type scenario, where Alexa is grabbing your hands and taking them where she wants them. I think it may be mildly distracting for the anti hands guys, it's not one of those scenes where they are smacking ass n shit or a major player.  

Alexa Tomas Virtual Taboo one

Really nice laying back cowgirl gives a great view and VR sense

Lean back reverse cowgirl

The next several minutes feature some sweet reverse cowgirl where Alexa is leaning back, arching over you, instead of the more commonly done, below the waist cowgirl shots studios use, and this is definitely welcome.  There is a bit of leaning forward so the ass guys can get a nice look, but for the most part it is kept close and intimate to Alexa.

Virtual_Taboo Alexa Tomas Fuck Me

Chest licking is a nice touch/element

Hot and sweaty

A little bit of suckin follows the fuckin and when Alexa gets back on for some for more riding she is gettin all hot n sweaty like Alexa Tomas gets, with her toned body and alert nips a treat to behold.  While this scene is solely cowgirl due to the gurney, it never got old for me the entire way due to the fact that Alexa spends so much time in close proximity to you.

Alexa Tomas Virtual Taboo Movie

Alexa finishes you off

Helping Hands

Alexa gets off for a jerkoff finish that is a bit long at around 2 minutes, but it is also the kind of jerkoff where that ain't the first time Alexa has handled that dick, and pretty much knows how to take care of business for her man. The following 2 minutes that end the movie are probably hotter though as Alexa alternates between talking to you and sucking the last drops from your cock, with nothing feeling rushed at the end or any wet blanket effect that so many vr porn movies have with a rapid cut after nutt ending.

Considerable VR offering from Virtual Taboo

So, definitely my favorite Alexa Tomas VR movie so far, and I would say it's my favorite B/G scene from Virtual Taboo also.  The whole thing was "shot for VR", and that is to say with the premise of keeping things where they are most effective, as well as properly scaling the shot so that distance from head to dick feels correct.  There was little wasted time on positioning that did not play well to the camera in VR over 30 minutes, and that is what I want to see personally, as a VR porn consumer.  10/10.  If you love Alexa Tomas, just get Fuck Me or I Tell Your Wife, you will enjoy it.   Pay per clip is available at Virtual Taboo also.

"Fuck Me, Or I Tell Your Wife" from Virtual Taboo!

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