Alex Grey Stars in My Best Friends Girl from Shrankz…er…WankzVR!

"My Best Friends Girl" with Alex Grey from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus DK2 and HAD to use MaxVR

Review Score 8/10

My Best Friends Girl

My Best Friends Girl is a WankzVR, May 31st release featuring knockout Alex Grey in her 28 minute VR Porn Debut and I have to admit, I have been looking forward to this one since it was announced, finding Alex to be one of the most beautiful starlets out there atm.

So boy was I bummed to fire this one up and find that the good ole Wankz VR mini scale has reared its ugly head again, just in time for none other than Miss Grey.... /wrists.  Let's just talk about the elephant turd in the middle of the room right off the bat here.

Scale is off in Oculus Rift for ME

Scale for me, on Oculus DK2, in both AutoplayVR and Whirligig, was pretty damned close to the scale seen in the first 23 movies from WankzVR.  I threw High Quality version of the file in MaxVR with the hopes of tweaking my IPD but found it to run really bad in Max.  FUCK!!!  /pantsup.

I next grabbed the medium version and updated my K-lite in the meantime, just in case.  Medium version played equally as bad, but it's Alex Grey and I was determined to watch this fucker.  I gave it about as much stereo separation tweak as I needed for old WankzVR videos, and got Alex to at least resemble an adult female rather than a 12 year old.   So there is that issue, at least on Rift, for MY eyes.  I have an average range IPD for the record and know the WankzVR catalog well for comparison between movies.

*June 10th update (In the time since this original posting, I have only seen a few others comment on something being different with the scale in the last several movies.  I don't want to imply this will be the case for you, on YOUR gear, with your eyes, this is just meant as a comparison from me with ALL WankzVR releases up to this point that I have seen, and for me, this, and the chugging in Whirligig are new issues that I have not seen before in the reboot movies.  If in doubt, run a preview in your respective HMD)

On to the Fucking

Let's get to the good stuff... Alex is fine as fuck, and there are some strong points to be mentioned in this movie overall.  You play Alex's boyfriend's friend and Alex has decided to do a little grudge fucking to get back at her cheating ex.  Things get started outside and while Alex looks spectacular, the sunny background appears pretty washed out and bleached, and is typically par for the course with WankzVR outdoor shots so far.

My Best Friends Girl WankzVR

Alex ditches some clothing

Alex slowly removes her clothing and then drops down for some pro dick sucking, with some really good form here, she is soft and sensual and loves every inch of your dick and honestly, you can freeze frame just about any section of this movie and have a great shot of Alex.

Alex Grey Wankz VR

Alex is a stunner

Around 9 minutes in, Alex cues you to follow her inside for a scene change and indoor setup and  the colors, in contrast with outside, look really good.  Color is crisp and exposure is balanced and overall image clarity and quality is excellent, OTHER THAN THE SCALE.

Alex Grey My Best Freinds Girl

Doggie camera height is really good in this one from WankzVR, just a bit off to the left a bit

You get started on the couch behind Alex for some really nice doggie, that incorporates a much needed lowering of camera perspective from WankzVR, which has shot some of the tallest doggie perspectives around in past movies.  This one, the camera feels perfect in height— one of the best for doggie I have seen—but it is also skewed to the left a bit, which keeps it from being a perfect doggie shot and you can see in the screen-shot I have not tried to center above, about how off the perspective is here to the left.  The center line is down your left groin, instead of your Jimmy.

Alex Grey

Coming in for a kiss

Overall, the doggie is pretty great, and Alex is ridiculously hot fucking your shit.  The doggie action wraps up with some kissing and this is not too bad of an attempt at it.  It is not as good as say the Yhivi scene from last week, but it is a much better attempt than the Leah Gotti scene from WankzVR last week, where you got forehead instead of lips!  More of this Wankz, and points for throwing it in.

WankzVR Alex Grey Virtual Fuck

Nice shot here, bit far, but looks hot

Alex next lays back and you get a great view of her fucking your cock.   Perhaps it is not the greatest VR position,... I was wanting her to come up close, not lean back away from me, but still, a great looking shot here.

Alex Grey WankzVR one

Love this angle!

Take in the View

The next camera change finds you laying lengthwise on the couch and Alex gets up for a repeat of the great Leah Gotti shot from Casting Couch VR where Alex bends down to suck your cock while sticking her ass above your face.  This is one of my favorite angles in VR and Alex looks sexy as hell here licking your cock below you.

My Best Freinds Girl VR Porn

Alex's hot little ass

She next climbs on for some reverse cowgirl and looks great here, with her relaxed asshole staring you right in the face.  Scale, in this section, had me laughing out loud at one point, where I happened to look down at my feet, and felt as if I was literally about 8 feet tall, I have never experienced this in VR before and it was fairly comical.  I wound up having to do adjustment to stereo separation on every camera change in this movie in fact to keep things in scale.

Alex Grey two

Alex looking hot n' sweaty

The final position is forward cowgirl, and Alex is getting fucking hot and sweaty by now, and that shit looks great in VR glistening off her chest and face. 

WankzVR Virtual Reality Porn

Really great cumshot!

"You want me to suck your cock so you can cum in my mouth?"

Alex gets down for a fantastic cumshot next, and it is allowed to play out for a couple minutes afterward, which is always welcome in my book and Alex even turns around and puts her sweaty ass back in your face for one more look and fingering before she comes back in for the final and best kiss of the movie, and that really helps to end the scene on some great notes. 

Alex Grey WankzVR 3

Hot, sweaty, ass!

Wrappin up another WankzVR vid

So, Alex Grey was all that and a bag of chips in VR.  She is a really spectacular looking girl, with striking eyes and my kind of natural body, is really hot to watch fuck and I pretty much don't have shit to say there but 10! /golfclap.  

WankzVR and the scale issue......fuuuuuck.  I thought they were over this one, but it has been slipping smaller and smaller it would seem over the last 3 movies, where it was also noticeable, but not to this extreme.   The word from WanksVR is that nothing has changed production wise. 

Great color and image here, much better camera placement in terms of height during doggie, and some pretty nice kisses thrown in make for some really great positives and steps forward for WankzVR.  The scale is a regrettable step back and having to rely on a VR player that specifically allows for stereo separation adjustment when many don't, is not a great solution or workaround to this issue.  I was able to get scale to a human sized proportion, but this came at the expense of using the player that looked and performed worst in all areas.

Alex Grey carry FTW.

So WankzVR...7/10 for scale, points for kissing, color indoors, doggie height and extended ending. I really feel like a lower score here on small scale again, but there are some pluses as well as the scale minus, and who knows, maybe it is not as big an issue on GearVR?  So 10/10 talent and a generous 7/10 tech.  8/10 overall.

"My Best Friends Girl" from WankzVR!

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