Alex Grey Earns an A in Sex For Grades from WankzVR!

Sex For Grades Featuring Alex Grey from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  03/28/17
Running time: 56 min
Starring:  Alex Grey
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review or Sex For Grades Preview
Notables:  Alex Grey, Eye contact/engagement, Nice PoV's
Negatives: Some slightly off center action, audio dips for direction
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Alex Grey gets an A

"Sex For Grades"

Writing up a scene review today for Sex For Grades, the new Alex Grey feature from WankzVR. It's hard to believe it's been almost a year already since Alex first made her WankzVR debut in My Best Friends Girl which proved to have been one of the very first early classics at WankzVR and I was looking forward to another one on one scene with Alex after her return in Paddy's Pub with Trinity St. Clair a couple of weeks back. Sex For Grades offers an amazing hour with Alex Grey in virtual reality, and along with recent movies like Trading Up and Be My Valentine, finds WankzVR further focusing and refining one-on-one intimate experiences in VR with the hottest adult talent available today.

sex for grades

Alex Grey!

​My grades blow!

Setup has you playing Alex Grey's college recruiter, seated on a couch located in a large high ceiling living room in some upscale lookin digs and Alex is walking into the room in a tasty black number carrying a glass of water for you.  Alex is stoked you are there cause she really needs to get into a good school and while Daddy's money is no issue, she confesses her grades may be a slight hiccup, as she basically blew her way through high school and she's a bit concerned about the SAT's as, well....there's no dick to suck!

1 sex for grades wankzvr

​Super engaging performance from Alex Grey

Alex is connected from the start and pretty much rarely, if ever loses focus for the next 50 minutes, effortlessly sweeping you off into this virtual world for an hour and showing why it is she is a fan favorite for many VR porn enthusiast for both her stunning beauty and ability to engage the camera convincingly.

2 sex for grades movie review

"My parents will be gone for a whole hour"

Alex tells you to not to be nervous, the folks will be away for an hour, and this places a little bit of a timeline tension device on the action window and elicits some comical hand acting from stunt bro Damon Dice, who's glass of water begins shaking visibly as Alex lays in thick on the sexy.

3 alex grey

"​I want you to see my body"

Alex says she wants you to see her body and gives you a quick peek under her black dress before relieving you of your glass of water, and letting you know that if you get her in to college, this could be a regular thing.

4 alex grey wankzvr

"​Get comfortable Mister"

Alex next removes her dress, unveiling baby blue lace bra n panties, and comes and has a seat on your lap, telling you to "get comfortable Mister".

5 alex grey sex for grades

​The Alex Grey show

And Alex Grey pretty much takes over at this point!  I am just going to highlight some of the scene elements from here as much of what follows is about the way she interacts with you as much as anything else.

6 alex grey sex for grades wankzvr
7 sex for grades alex grey

VR tinglies

The seated PoV is nice here, giving you this intimate start with Alex in your lap and there's a great section where Damon grabs Alex by the neck and brings her back so you can look over her shoulder for an immediate and visceral VR effect that left me with a touch of those VR tinglies that happens at close proximity, especially when mixed with a pre-movie dab 🙂

8 alex grey virtual reality

Really great shot here

​Nicely place kissing

Alex removes her bra next and comes in for some well placed kisses that land more on the target than the lower kisses we have been seeing from Wankz for the last couple of months and all of the kissing placement in this one is pretty solid.

9 alex grey vr porn

"I wanna pull your dick out"

Alex tells you this can just be your little secret with her and unbuckles your pants to begin rubbing your cock through your boxers before you fully drop trow and she places your cock in her mouth at around 9 and a half minutes into the scene.

10 alex grey wankzvr sex for grades

​Sweet, sexy oral

The excellent oral section that follows is distinguished by constant eye contact from Alex—when she in not in mid dive— a slow and sexy approach with some take-it-as-far-as-you-can-take-it efforts, and a general lack of gag, slobber n drool which I prefer a bit more in VR where a ton of spit can get a bit much at times as well as the whole "gak gak gak thing".  Also, there is some nice tip of the cock, head stroking from Alex mixed in here as well. 

11 alex grey oral
12 alex grey vr blonde
13 sex for grades wankzvr
14 alex grey wankzvr movie

"I really really wanna sit on this cock"

The well paced blowjob section runs about 5 minutes and then Alex tells you she wants to sit on your cock, asking you if you think you can handle her pussy and standing up to pull her little panties off to the side before returning to your lap for some up close and personal seated cowgirl to start things off.

15 alex grey virtual fuck

​Little off center for a bit

Slight technical glitch here, as where Damon was previously well centered in the frame during the initial setup, when Alex joins him on the couch, the thickness of her leg as it comes between his leg and the couch arm winds up cocking things off to the left a schootch here with his lower body, generating a slight twist in your body perspective.

16 alex grey virtual reality sex

​Beautiful action with Alex

Other than the bit of a twist here, this is great seated virtual action with Alex and she is truly beautiful to watch and has plenty to say to add to the picture in a nice, non porny kind of way.

17 alex grey close up

"I want you to lick my pussy"

Alex raises her goods up right in your face at around the 21:00 minute mark for some quick eating action that is placed fairly well, other than a move where Damon comes in over the top for a second to spread her pussy with his bro fingers right in front of your face, which kind of went off like a fart in church for me. My old man used to tell me I made a better door than a window when I would stand in front of the TV 😛

18 alex grey blowjob
19 alex grey ass

"​I want you to see my ass"

A nice bit of off to one side profile sucking follows before Alex tells you she wants you to see her ass and stands up to give you a quick look before sitting back down on your funstick for some tasty reverse cowgirl riding.

20 alex grey cowgirl virtual

​Back on center

The shot has been reset here also, so the twist from the previous position has been fixed, and the reverse section is excellent here, offering great views of Alex's long frame and tight little ass.

21 vr porn alex grey
22 sex for grades wankzvr


One of my favorite PoVs of the movie is in this section when Alex leans back close to you while riding, placing her arm behind your head, and between the weed and the proximity to Alex here, I just about expected to smell her armpit, in the best way possible. That and some body heat is about all that is missing from the illusion essentially in this ultra present VR shot.

23 virtual fuck alex grey

There is also some midrange riding here that works really well.

24 alex
25 alex grey ass

"Don't you wanna fuck me from behind?"

A quick bit of oral is next before Alex asks you if you want to fuck her from behind, getting up onto the couch to stick her ass in your face this time for a bit of ass licking action accompanied by a fair amount of audio dipping for direction cues.

26 sex for grades wankzvr

Nice transition shot

Doggie time

Alex walks off next to the padded fuck furniture that has been looming in the background to assume a doggie position and after a scene cut, you find yourself in a bodyless perspective for a minute admiring Alex from the back up close for some simulated chow-from-behind action before warping back into your body on a scene cut for a kneeling PoV.

27 alex grey virtual doggie

​Back off center...but who cares, lol

The doggie shot is super tasty, but also suffers from some alignment problems, which are further accentuated by the visible + in the furniture seams below. The male's balls are aligned with the vertical center of the + but Alex winds off to the left of it a bit, and the lines serve as a bit of a visual reminder that things are off center some here for the otherwise great looking doggie section.

29 alex grey pussy

Unique shot

​Raised up chow shot

A unique shot follows where you hoist Alex up from doggie position to eat her freshly fucked box for a few before going back to town on that shit from behind for a few more minutes.

30 alex grey sex for grades

Thanks, Wankz!

​Holy fuck...dat ass

A sexy ass up suck section is next with Alex laying on her stomach while servicing your cock, ass beautifully framed in the background.

31 alex grey vr porn movie

​Mid range missionary (sorry crackheads)

Around 45 minutes into the scene, the action changes to a kneeling missionary shot that sees Alex raised up off the surface some with an additional foam pad being added below her for a nice feeling perspective.

32 alex grey virtual missionary
33 alex wankz

​Scene peaks with some intensity

The intensity picks up for the final section of fucking here with Alex propelling things along verbally before you self jerk a load onto her stomach and get to return your missile to the silo for a nice bit of post blow afterglow while Alex cleans up and tastes your cum from her belly. The stuntcock then makes an exit and you get a last couple of bodyless PoV cooldown minutes with Alex sealed with a parting kiss before she says daddy is due home any minute and runs off upstairs ending the scene.

35 alex grey virtual reality porn

Alex Grey gets an A


Summing up Sex For Grades, it's going to be hard to be let down by this one if you are a fan of Alex Grey and have been waiting for another movie along the lines of Best Friends Girl or You Can't Sit with Us and for me, this would be my top pick of the 3 as the defining one-on-one Alex Grey VR experience up to this point.  Sex For Grades finds both WankzVR production and Alex Grey with almost another year of experience under their garters and this movie displays the advances both sides have made, with Alex exuding a whole new level of confidence and ease with the camera, making this seem a fairly effortless performance for her.  As well, Wankz designed a great scene for her to shine in, and did not really have to put a lot of extra mustard on the bun here, this was more about simply spotlighting Alex Grey in virtual reality.

On the positives, I am liking the little GFE alcove WankzVR are carving out within their repertoire of VR production styles with scenes like this one and Trading Up recently, that allow the girls presence to come forward and really gives you the sense of spending a virtual hour with them without the need for much artiface or pornyness and this contrasts nicely the other wiley side of WankzVR that loves to conjure up fun scenarios to play off of, and add further entertainment value that way.  It starts to serve up a full spectrum of VR porn, keeping things interesting and fresh as a viewer as each movie is released, as it becomes hard to predict what type of style Wankz will be serving on any given video.  While other studios can be blandly formulaic in approach to VR porn production, Wankz is continuing to blossom and stretch into new areas and approaches, building and focusing on past strengths while continuing to explore new ground.

On the negatives for this movie, really nothing beyond some slight alignment issues in the early seated and doggy action for me.  This was a pretty quiet set, so audio dips for direction ques were audible, but I loved the lack of telegraphing from direction from Alex, and she never lost her focus in this scene.  When taking direction, she would often take some time to implement it, rather than audio dip being followed immediately with a corresponding action and it is a credit to her ability as a performer to maintain her focus on what she was doing the whole time and staying in the moment with her performance.

Would recommend this to any fan of Alex's.....derp, as well as fans of intimate, visceral, natural paced scenes that feel less on the porno side and more on the virtual experience side of things.   Sex For Grades is just yet another top notch scene from WankzVR in the month of March and I was thinking to myself while watching this movie, that no one else is bringing it like this in VR right now. Not this many styles and this many different ways of approaching the art of VR porn production. It is a 3D creative approach when most others are still thinking in 2D by comparison.   10/10.  Again. 

"Sex For Grades" from WankzVR!

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